Who Was Louis Armstrong

Who Was Louis Armstrong Author Yona Zeldis McDonough
ISBN-10 9781101639962
Year 2004-12-29
Pages 112
Language en
Publisher Penguin

If not for a stint in reform school, young Louis Armstrong might never have become a musician. It was a teacher at the Colored Waifs? Home who gave him a cornet, promoted him to band leader, and saw talent in the tough kid from the even tougher New Orleans neighborhood called Storyville. But it was Louis Armstrong?s own passion and genius that pushed jazz into new and exciting realms with his amazing, improvisational trumpet playing. His seventy-year life spanned a critical time in American music as well as black history.

Louis Armstrong Master of Modernism

Louis Armstrong  Master of Modernism Author Thomas Brothers
ISBN-10 9780393065824
Year 2014-02-03
Pages 594
Language en
Publisher W. W. Norton & Company

Picking up where Louis Armstrong's New Orleans left off, this biographical account of the legendary jazz trumpet virtuoso highlights the historical role Armstrong played in the creation of modern music and also his encounters with racism.


Satchmo Author Louis Armstrong
ISBN-10 9780306802768
Year 1986
Pages 234
Language en

”In all my whole career the Brick House was one of the toughest joints I ever played in. It was the honky-tonk where levee workers would congregate every Saturday night and trade with the gals who'd stroll up and down the floor and the bar. Those guys would drink and fight one another like circle saws. Bottles would come flying over the bandstand like crazy, and there was lots of just plain common shooting and cutting. But somehow all that jive didn't faze me at all, I was so happy to have some place to blow my horn.” So says Louis Armstrong, a tough kid who just happened to be a musical genius, about one of the places where he performed and grew up. This raucous, rich tale of his early days in New Orleans concludes with his departure to Chicago at twenty-one to play with his boyhood idol King Oliver, and tells the story of a life that began, mythically, on July 4, 1900, in the city that sowed the seeds of jazz.


Pops Author Terry Teachout
ISBN-10 0151010897
Year 2009
Pages 475
Language en
Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Draws on previously unavailable sources including hundreds of private recordings made throughout the second half of the jazz master's life to assess his artistic achievements and personal arenas, sharing authoritative coverage of such topics as Armstrong's decision to break up his band and his quarrel with Eisenhower.

Louis Armstrong in His Own Words

Louis Armstrong  in His Own Words Author Louis Armstrong
ISBN-10 019514046X
Year 2001
Pages 304
Language en
Publisher Oxford University Press, USA

Louis Armstrong has been the subject of countless biographies and music histories. Yet scant attention has been paid to the remarkable array of writings he left behind. Louis Armstrong: In His Own Words introduces readers to a little-known facet of this master trumpeter, band leader, and entertainer. Based on extensive research through the Armstrong archives, this important volume includes some of his earliest letters, personal correspondence with one of his first biographers in 1943-44, autobiographical writings, magazine articles, and essays. Here are Armstrong's own thoughts on his life and career - from poverty in New Orleans to playing in the famous cafes, cabarets, and saloons of Storyville, from his big break in 1922 with the King Oliver band to his storming of New York, from his breaking of color barriers in Hollywood to the infamous King of the Zulus incident in 1949, and finally, to his last days in Queens, New York. Along the way Armstrong recorded touching portraits of his times and offered candid, often controversial, opinions about racism, marijuana, bebop, and other jazz artists such as Jelly Roll Morton and Coleman Hawkins. Indeed, these writings provide a balanced portrait of his life as a musician, entertainer, civil rights activist, and cultural icon. Armstrong's idiosyncratic use of language and punctuation have been preserved to give the reader an unvarnished portrayal of this compelling artist. This volume also includes introductions to the writings, as well as an annotated index of names and places significant to Armstrong's life.

Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong Author Laurence Bergreen
ISBN-10 9780307828309
Year 2012-08-08
Pages 576
Language en
Publisher Broadway Books

Louis Armstrong was the founding father of jazz and one of this century's towering cultural figures, yet the full story of his extravagant life has never been told. Born in 1901 to the sixteen-year-old daughter of a slave, he came of age among the prostitutes, pimps, and rag-and-bone merchants of New Orleans. He married four times and enjoyed countless romantic involvements in and around his marriages. A believer in marijuana for the head and laxatives for the bowels, he was also a prolific diarist and correspondent, a devoted friend to celebrities from Bing Crosby to Ella Fitzgerald, a perceptive social observer, and, in his later years, an international goodwill ambassador. And, of course, he was a dazzling musician. From the bordellos and honky-tonks of Storyville--New Orleans's red light district--to the upscale nightclubs in Chicago, New York, and Hollywood, Armstrong's stunning playing, gravelly voice, and irrepressible personality captivated audiences and critics alike. Recognized and beloved wherever he went, he nonetheless managed to remain vigorously himself. Now Laurence Bergreen's remarkable book brings to life the passionate, courageous, and charismatic figure who forever changed the face of American music.

A Horn for Louis

A Horn for Louis Author Eric A. Kimmel
ISBN-10 0307530957
Year 2009-09-09
Pages 96
Language en
Publisher Random House Books for Young Readers

How did famous New Orleans jazz trumpet player Louis Armstrong get his first horn? Seven-year-old Louis Armstrong was too poor to buy a real instrument. He didn’t even go to school. To help his mother pay the rent, every day he rode a junk wagon through the streets of New Orleans, playing a tin horn and collecting stuff people didn’t want. Then one day, the junk wagon passed a pawn shop with a gleaming brass trumpet in the window. . . . With messages about hard work, persistence, hope, tolerance, cooperation, trust, and friendship, A Horn for Louis is perfect for aspiring young musicians and nonfiction fans alike! History Stepping Stones now feature updated content that emphasizes Common Core and today’s renewed interest in nonfiction. Perfect for home, school, and library bookshelves!

Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong Author James Lincoln Collier
ISBN-10 0195365070
Year 1985-10-10
Language en
Publisher Oxford University Press

Louis Armstrong. "Satchmo." To millions of fans, he was just a great entertainer. But to jazz aficionados, he was one of the most important musicians of our times--not only a key figure in the history of jazz but a formative influence on all of 20th-century popular music. Set against the backdrop of New Orleans, Chicago, and New York during the "jazz age", Collier re-creates the saga of an old-fashioned black man making it in a white world. He chronicles Armstrong's rise as a musician, his scrapes with the law, his relationships with four wives, and his frequent feuds with fellow musicians Earl Hines and Zutty Singleton. He also sheds new light on Armstrong's endless need for approval, his streak of jealousy, and perhaps most important, what some consider his betrayal of his gift as he opted for commercial success and stardom. A unique biography, knowledgeable, insightful, and packed with information, it ends with Armstrong's death in 1971 as one of the best-known figures in American entertainment.

Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong Author Michael Cogswell
ISBN-10 UOM:39015060844639
Year 2003
Pages 192
Language en

A collection of photos, transcripts, and writings offer an inside look into the life of the jazz musician known as Satchmo.

If I Only Had a Horn

If I Only Had a Horn Author Roxane Orgill
ISBN-10 061825076X
Year 2002-08
Pages 32
Language en
Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Relates how the famous jazz trumpeter began his musical career, as a poor boy in New Orleans, by singing songs on street corners and playing a battered cornet in a marching band.

The Original Hot Five Recordings of Louis Armstrong

The Original Hot Five Recordings of Louis Armstrong Author Gene Henry Anderson
ISBN-10 1576471209
Year 2007
Pages 258
Language en
Publisher Pendragon Press

"Between 1925 and 1928 the Hot Five - the incomparable Louis Armstrong and four seasoned practitioners of the burgeoning jazz style - recorded thirty-three performances in Chicago for the OKeh label. Oddly enough, the quintet immortalized on vinyl with recent technology rarely performed as a unit in local nightspots. And yet, like other music now regarded as especially historic, their work in the studio summarized approaches of the past and set standards for the future. Remarkable both for popularity among the members of the public and for influence on contemporary musicians, these recordings helped make "Satchmo" a household name and ultimately its bearer an adored public figure. They showcased Armstrong's genius, notably his leadership in transforming the practice of jazz as ensemble improvisation into jazz as the art of the improvising soloist. In his study Professor Anderson - for the first time - provides a detailed account of the origins of this pioneering enterprise, relates individual pieces to existing copyright deposits, and contextualizes the music by offering a reliable timeline of Armstrong's professional activities during these years. All thirty-three pieces, moreover, are described in informed detail."--BOOK JACKET.

Louis Armstrong s New Orleans

Louis Armstrong s New Orleans Author Thomas Brothers
ISBN-10 039333001X
Year 2007-04-01
Pages 386
Language en
Publisher W. W. Norton

A rags-to-riches narrative of the eminent jazz artist's early life describes how his childhood was marked by such challenges as poverty, Jim Crow legislation, and vigilante terrorism but how his musical prowess was shaped by the culturally rich African-American traditions of New Orleans. Reprint.

All of Me

All of Me Author Jos Willems
ISBN-10 0810857308
Year 2006
Pages 447
Language en
Publisher Scarecrow Press

Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong was not only jazz's greatest musician and innovator but also the frontal figure in the development of contemporary popular music. Overcoming social and political obstacles, he established a long and impressive career with an enormous musical output, which is amassed and detailed in this discography-from professional commercial releases to amateur and unissued recordings.

Saint Louis Armstrong Beach

Saint Louis Armstrong Beach Author Brenda Woods
ISBN-10 9781101547700
Year 2011-09-01
Pages 160
Language en
Publisher Penguin

The gripping story of a boy, a dog and a hurricane Saint is a boy with confidence as big as his name is long. A budding musician, he earns money playing clarinet for the New Orleans tourists. His best friend is a stray dog named Shadow, and it's because of Shadow that Saint's still in town when Hurricane Katrina hits. Saint's not worried about the hurricane at first--he plans to live to be a hundred just to defy his palm-reader friend Jupi, who told him he had a short life line. But now the city has been ordered to evacuate and Saint won't leave without Shadow. His search brings him to his elderly neighbor's home and the three of them flee to her attic when the waters rise. But when Miz Moran's medication runs out, it's up to Saint to save her life--and his beloved Shadow's.