U S Armed Forces Nuclear Biological And Chemical Survival Manual

U S  Armed Forces Nuclear  Biological And Chemical Survival Manual Author George Captain Galdorisi
ISBN-10 9780786725762
Year 2008-08-06
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher Hachette UK

Military experts teach you how to survive a terrorist attack If a dirty bomb explodes three miles from your home, will you know what to do? If a nerve agent is released into a train or building, can you be safe? The U.S. Armed Forces Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Survival Manual gives you the information you need to survive a terrorist attack. It contains the best practices of all the United States' military services, adopted for the first time for civilian use. With this manual, you will be able to take action to protect your family and loved ones, whether you are just beginning to think about the possibility of attack, or are well along the path of equipping yourself against a nuclear, biological, or chemical strike. This manual will show you how to: Protect yourself during a chemical or biological attack Guard against the radiological effects of a "dirty bomb" Assist victims of nuclear, chemical or biological agents Recognize the indicators of nuclear, chemical and biological attack Develop a simple and effective family action plan Assemble and store the everyday materials that could save your life Help first responders and local authorities in the event of a terrorist attack

U S Army Survival Manual

U  S  Army Survival Manual Author The Department of the Army
ISBN-10 1626544808
Year 2015-12-31
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher Seven Star Publishing

This is the official US Army guide to surviving all manner of extreme, life-threatening situations. Field-tested and time-honored, the strategies and techniques within have been recorded by the US Army and are used regularly for official training. Topics covered include:* Psychology of Survival* Survival Planning and Preparation* Basic Medicine* Shelters and Firecraft* Procurement of Food and Water* Edible and Medicinal Plants* Poisonous Plants and Dangerous Animals* Weapons and Tools* Water Crossings and Obstacles* Direction Finding and Signaling* Survival and Escape of Hostile AreasThis guide also contains chapters on survival in specific climates like the desert, tropics, cold weather, and the sea, and dangerous man-made conditions including nuclear, chemical, and biological hazards. This is important information for soldiers, hikers, backpackers, hunters, and climbers. If you want to be prepared when things get real, this is the book you need.

U S Armed Forces Survival Guide

U S  Armed Forces Survival Guide Author John Boswell
ISBN-10 0312331223
Year 2004-08-01
Pages 352
Language en
Publisher St. Martin's Griffin

Get the same survival training that the U.S. military uses for its troops. The U.S. Armed Forces Survival Guide is the only source hikers, campers, explorers or families focused on emergency preparedness will ever need. The U.S. Armed Forces Survial Guide covers everything a modern outdoorsperson needs to know to make it in tough terrain and tense situations, from the psychology of survial and overcoming fear to building a shelter and making it through a natural disaster, such as a hurricane or earthquake. Every kind of environment--from tropical to desert, aquatic to arctic--is covered. Topics include: --how to orienteer with or without a map and a compass --how to cross quicksand, bogs and quagmires --how to signal for help --how to set a fracture and tend a burn --how to forecast weather --how to trap, fish and set snares --how to indentify poisonous plants, insects and animals --how to survive unusual conditions, such as plane crashes and nuclear attacks The U.S. Armed Forces Survival Guide is the most comprehensive and thoroughly tested survival manual ever published.

Life After Doomsday

Life After Doomsday Author Bruce D. Clayton
ISBN-10 UVA:X000370658
Year 1980
Pages 185
Language en

This unique manual shows you how to survive a nuclear nightmare by providing an exhaustive investigation of survival strategies and of the problems that will face those who survive. The author outlines step-by-step procedures for preparing and defending shelters, storing food, treating illnesses and injuries and understanding the psychology of survival. With its dozens of useful charts, lists, drawings and photos, this book also serves as an excellent reference on surviving any major disaster.

Principles of Protection

Principles of Protection Author Walton W. McCarthy
ISBN-10 1612541143
Year 2013-12-01
Pages 727
Language en
Publisher Brown Books

Principles of Protection sets forth the definitive design standards for underground shelter engineering. This is the book the U.S. government should have written for the protection of its citizens. Walton McCarthy's research started in 1978 when he was privately funded for the educational research that formed the basis of his first book, The Nuclear Shelterist. He thereafter wrote Principles of Protection: The U.S. Handbook of NBC Weapon Fundamentals and Shelter Engineering Design Standards, known in the industry as POP. This book is now in its sixth edition for 2013. McCarthy has designed and built over 1,400 shelters using steel, concrete, wood, fiberglass, and plastic composites.

Essentials of Sea Survival

Essentials of Sea Survival Author Frank Golden
ISBN-10 9780736002158
Year 2002
Pages 320
Language en
Publisher Human Kinetics

Essentials of Sea Survival contains original scientific research and investigations from two internationally recognized experts on cold-water survival. In addition to having practical personal experience with cold water immersion, Frank Golden and Michael Tipton regularly lecture at various international conferences about water survival, and they are frequently called on for expert commentary on television and radio. The majority of books on this subject are personal survival accounts; few relate to scientific studies. This book is different: Using reader-friendly language, two leading environmental physiologists present the facts and dispel the myths of surviving a sea accident. The book, thanks to the real-life stories and easy-to-read format, will appeal primarily to the layperson who works or plays on or near the water. The text will also be of interest to an academic audience, who will appreciate the original research and up-to-date physiological and medical information Essentials of Sea Survival is a compelling, informative, and comprehensive guide to open-water survival. Drawing from classic maritime disasters and personal accounts of near-miraculous survival, as well as carefully controlled laboratory experiments, it offers practical advice for avoiding as well as surviving a cold-water accident. It’s an important reference for anyone associated with open-air aquatic activities, such as members of the Coast Guard, Navy, and Marines; offshore oil rig employees; fishermen; divers; amateur and professional sailors; water safety instructors and life guards; water rescue personnel; boaters; water skiers; outdoor survival course instructors; and other recreational water sports enthusiasts.

The Warrior Elite

The Warrior Elite Author Dick Couch
ISBN-10 9780307566232
Year 2009-02-19
Pages 384
Language en
Publisher Three Rivers Press

With a postscript describing SEAL efforts in Afghanistan, The Warrior Elite takes you into the toughest, longest, and most relentless military training in the world. What does it take to become a Navy SEAL? What makes talented, intelligent young men volunteer for physical punishment, cold water, and days without sleep? In The Warrior Elite, former Navy SEAL Dick Couch documents the process that transforms young men into warriors. SEAL training is the distillation of the human spirit, a tradition-bound ordeal that seeks to find men with character, courage, and the burning desire to win at all costs, men who would rather die than quit. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Gods of Metal

Gods of Metal Author Eric Schlosser
ISBN-10 9780141982274
Year 2015-08-06
Pages 128
Language en
Publisher Penguin UK

'Sitting not far below my feet, there was a thermonuclear warhead about twenty times more powerful than the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima, all set and ready to go. The only sound was the sound of the wind.' Seventy years after the bombing of Hiroshima, Eric Schlosser's powerful, chilling piece of journalism exposes today's deadly nuclear age. Originally published in the New Yorker and now expanded, this terrifying true account of the 2012 break-in at a high-security weapons complex in Tennessee is a masterly work of reportage. 'Schlosser's reportage is as good as it gets' GQ

Toxico terrorism Emergency Response and Clinical Approach to Chemical Biological and Radiological Agents

Toxico terrorism  Emergency Response and Clinical Approach to Chemical  Biological  and Radiological Agents Author Robin McFee
ISBN-10 9780071471862
Year 2007-08-13
Pages 622
Language en
Publisher McGraw Hill Professional

The emergency medicine expertise you need to prepare for--and manage--any type of bioterrorist attack! Written by emergency room physicians for emergency room physicians, Toxico-terrorism covers every essential aspect of the emergency medical response to microbial, radiological, and chemical agents of terrorism. Turn to any page, and you'll find lifesaving clinical strategies for the management of patients who have been exposed to a biologic, chemical, or nuclear agent. Features A logical, building-block organization filled with key tables and synoptic boxes Important coverage of pre-hospital and EMS issues Insights into the means of transmission, the modes of dispersal, and how secondary infection and/or contamination can occur Overview of bioterror-specific signs and symptoms A section on emergency department preparedness that reviews critical topics such as nursing triage, hospital/facility security, pharmacy preparedness, and hospital staff issues Up-to-date information on labs, microscopy, and radiology Key diagnostic criteria for all agents Thorough coverage of treatment strategies for all agents discussed in the book Infection control modalities Survey of prophylaxis strategies Valuable section on public health considerations

Intelligence Interrogation

Intelligence Interrogation Author U S Army
ISBN-10 1410224813
Year 2005-01-01
Pages 188
Language en

This manual is about interrogation operations. The purpose of this chapter is to define the interrogation mission and its critical elements; describe battlefield operations, IEW operations, and the intelligence processes, disciplines and the mission, enemy, troops, terrain and time available (METT-T) factors that shape and drive the interrogation process. It also addresses the personal qualities and special areas of knowledge of the interrogator and the capabilities and limitations of interrogation. It includes information on the various levels of conflict, interrogation missions, intelligence preparation of the battlefield (IPB) and the intelligence cycle. The level of detail is structured to assist you in understanding the interrogation tactics, techniques and procedures described in the remainder of the manual.