The Morality of Marriage

The Morality of Marriage Author Mona Caird
ISBN-10 9781108021999
Year 2010-10-28
Pages 258
Language en
Publisher Cambridge University Press

A collection of controversial late Victorian radical feminist essays criticising contemporary ideals of marriage and motherhood, first published in 1897.

Marriage and Morals

Marriage and Morals Author Bertrand Russell
ISBN-10 9780203875346
Year 2009-03-02
Pages 195
Language en
Publisher Taylor & Francis

Marriage and Morals is a compelling cross-cultural examination of individual, familial and societal attitudes towards sex and marriage. By exploring the codes by which we live our sexual lives and conventional morality, Russell daringly sets out a new morality, shaped and influenced by dramatic changes in society such as the emancipation of women and the wide-spread use of contraceptives. From the origin of marriage to the influence of religion, Russell explores the changing role of marriage and codes of sexual ethics. The influence of this great work has turned it into a worthy classic.

The Morality of Adoption

The Morality of Adoption Author Timothy Patrick Jackson
ISBN-10 0802829791
Year 2005
Pages 337
Language en
Publisher Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

The Religion, Marriage, and Family Series investigates marriage and family as major theological and cultural issues. Given that both society and the church have debated these topics intensely but have actually studied them very little, this series attempts to correct recent theological neglect of these important matters.

Sex and the Marriage Covenant

Sex and the Marriage Covenant Author John F. Kippley
ISBN-10 0898709733
Year 2005
Pages 432
Language en
Publisher Ignatius Press

The thesis of this book is that God intends that sexual intercourse should be at least implicitly a renewal of the marriage covenant. From this it follows that the marriage covenant provides the criterion to evaluate the morality of every sexual act. Thus the title, Sex and the Marriage Covenant, is an appropriate description of the book's contents. Marriage comes into being by a couple unreservedly entering God's covenant of marriage; contraceptive intercourse contradicts the very essence of the marriage covenant. From these considerations, Kippley developed the covenant theology of sexuality described in this book.

Minimizing Marriage

Minimizing Marriage Author Elizabeth Brake
ISBN-10 9780199911974
Year 2012-03-16
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher Oxford University Press

Even in secular and civil contexts, marriage retains sacramental connotations. Yet what moral significance does it have? This book examines its morally salient features -- promise, commitment, care, and contract -- with surprising results. In Part One, "De-Moralizing Marriage," essays on promise and commitment argue that we cannot promise to love and so wedding vows are (mostly) failed promises, and that marriage may be a poor commitment strategy. The book contends with the most influential philosophical accounts of the moral value of marriage to argue that marriage has no inherent moral significance. Further, the special value accorded marriage sustains amatonormative discrimination - discrimination against non-amorous or non-exclusive caring relationships such as friendships, adult care networks, polyamorous groups, or urban tribes. The discussion raises issues of independent interest for the moral philosopher such as the possibilities and bounds of interpersonal moral obligations and the nature of commitment. The central argument of Part Two, "Democratizing Marriage," is that liberal reasons for recognizing same-sex marriage also require recognition of groups, polyamorists, polygamists, friends, urban tribes, and adult care networks. Political liberalism requires the disestablishment of monogamous amatonormative marriage. Under the constraints of public reason, a liberal state must refrain from basing law solely on moral or religious doctrines; but only such doctrines could furnish reason for restricting marriage to male-female couples or romantic love dyads. Restrictions on marriage should thus be minimized. But public reason can provide a strong rationale for minimal marriage: care, and social supports for care, are a matter of fundamental justice. Part Two also responds to challenges posed by property division on divorce, polygyny, and supporting parenting, and builds on critiques of marriage drawn from feminism, queer theory, and race theory. It argues, using the example of minimal marriage, for the compatibility of liberalism and feminism.

Marriage and Morals Islam

Marriage and Morals Islam Author Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi
ISBN-10 9781312532304
Year 2014-09-18
Language en
Publisher Lulu Press, Inc

Useful guide including discussions on Western sexual morality, Islamic sexual morality, Islamic view of marriage and women, beginning of sexual life, rules of marriage and the wedding night, contraceptives abortion, and human reproduction. An essential guide for every bride and groom.

The Morality of Gay Rights

The Morality of Gay Rights Author Carlos Ball
ISBN-10 9781135317362
Year 2014-04-08
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher Routledge

In The Morality of Gay Rights, Ball presents a comprehensive exploration of the connection between gay rights and political philosophy. He discusses the writing of contemporary political and legal philosophers-including Rawls, Walzer, Nussbaum, Sandel, Rorty and Dworkin-to evaluate how their theoretical frameworks fit the specific gay rights controversies, such as same-sex marriage and parenting by lesbians and gay men, that are part of our nation's political and legal debates.

Love and Eugenics in the Late Nineteenth Century

Love and Eugenics in the Late Nineteenth Century Author Angelique Richardson
ISBN-10 0198187009
Year 2003
Pages 250
Language en
Publisher Oxford University Press on Demand

The idea of eugenics - human selective breeding - originated in Victorian Britain in response to the problem of the urban poor. It was championed by New Woman writers, who sought to restore the health of the nation, arguing that through rational reproduction middle-class women could regenerate the British imperial race. Exploring the pervasiveness of eugenic ideas in fin-de-siècle Britain, and recontextualizing New Woman fiction, Love and Eugenics in the Late Nineteenth Century makes a radical contribution to nineteenth-century studies, establishing the intimate relations between early feminism and eugenics.

Victorian Morality and Conduct Jane Austen s Representation

Victorian Morality and Conduct  Jane Austen   s Representation Author Svenja Strohmeier
ISBN-10 9783954896141
Year 2014-02-01
Pages 50
Language en
Publisher Anchor Academic Publishing (aap_verlag)

In 1753, the earl of Chesterfield writes to his son that in his whole life, he was never able to meet a woman possessing reason or consideration, or behaving consequently for twenty-four hours. In his view, sensible men do only dally with women as they in truth do only possess two passions: love and vanity.This study examines Jane Austen ́s representation of morality and conduct in her two novels ‘Mansfield Park’ (1814) and ‘Persuasion’ (1818) by the use of the conduct books read and used by the people of the Victorian time.

The Late Victorian Marriage Question

The Late Victorian Marriage Question Author Ann Heilmann
ISBN-10 0415179432
Year 1998-03-19
Pages 3278
Language en
Publisher Psychology Press

This anthology contextualizes key feminist texts and ideas by linking them with the transformation of public opinion brought about by the late Victorian debate on marriage, motherhood and women's right to an independent life. Included are Mona Caird's controversial The Morality of Marriage; debates between feminists, traditionalists and anti-feminists on marriage, divorce and the New Woman, and selected reading from New Woman fiction, both feminist and anti-feminist, which reproduces the media debate on morality in literature.

After Marriage Equality

After Marriage Equality Author Carlos A. Ball
ISBN-10 9781479809059
Year 2016-06-14
Pages 368
Language en
Publisher NYU Press

In persuading the Supreme Court that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry, the LGBT rights movement has achieved its most important objective of the last few decades. Throughout its history, the marriage equality movement has been criticized by those who believe marriage rights were a conservative cause overshadowing a host of more important issues. Now that nationwide marriage equality is a reality, everyone who cares about LGBT rights must grapple with how best to promote the interests of sexual and gender identity minorities in a society that permits same-sex couples to marry. This book brings together 12 original essays by leading scholars of law, politics, and society to address the most important question facing the LGBT movement today: What does marriage equality mean for the future of LGBT rights? After Marriage Equality explores crucial and wide-ranging social, political, and legal issues confronting the LGBT movement, including the impact of marriage equality on political activism and mobilization, antidiscrimination laws, transgender rights, LGBT elders, parenting laws and policies, religious liberty, sexual autonomy, and gender and race differences. The book also looks at how LGBT movements in other nations have responded to the recognition of same-sex marriages, and what we might emulate or adjust in our own advocacy. Aiming to spark discussion and further debate regarding the challenges and possibilities of the LGBT movement’s future, After Marriage Equality will be of interest to anyone who cares about the future of sexual equality.

Men and Marriage

Men and Marriage Author George Gilder
ISBN-10 0882899465
Year 1992
Pages 219
Language en
Publisher Pelican Publishing

"Timely when originally published, Men and Marriage is essential now given the the warlike climate ofmale-female relationships, unfortunately fostered by radical feminism."Rush Limbaugh Men and Marriage is a critical commentary that asks theburning question, How can society survive the pervasive disintegration of thefamily? A profound crisis faces modern social order as traditional familyrelationships become almost unrecognizable.George Gilder's Men and Marriage is a revised and expandededition of his 1973 landmark work, Sexual Suicide . He examinesthe deterioration of the family, the well-defined sex roles it offered, and howthis change has shifted the focus of our society. Poverty, for instance, stemsfrom the destruction of the family when unmarried parents are abandoned bytheir lovers or older women are divorced because society approves of theirhusbands' younger girlfriends. Gilder claims that men will only fulfill theirpaternal obligations when women lead them to do so, and that this civilizinginfluence, balanced with proper economic support, is the most important part ofmaintaining a productive, healthy, loving society. He offers a concrete planfor rebuilding the family in America. His solutions challenge readers to returnto these roles and reestablish the family values that were once so crucial instaving off the ills that plague our country.Gilder insists that it is time to reexamine what "liberation" haswrought and at what cost. Only a return to traditional family values, hecontends, can stem the tide of disaster.George Gilder is the author of Wealth and Poverty, thebest-selling critique of Reaganomics, The Spirit of Enterprise, Visible Man, Naked Nomads, and The Party ThatLost Its Head . He was a speechwriter for Ronald Reagan and now writesregularly for The Wall Street Journal and National Review aboutmaterial advances and their effect on society. His most recent books includetwo other well-known social commentaries, Microcosm and Life AfterTelevision.