The Men with the Pink Triangle

The Men with the Pink Triangle Author Heinz Heger
ISBN-10 9781459608399
Year 2010-11-26
Pages 180
Language en

The first, and still the best known, testimony by a gay survivor of the Nazi concentration camps translated into English, this harrowing autobiography opened new doors onto the understanding of homosexuality and the Holocaust when it was first published in 1980 by Gay Men's Press. THE MEN WITH THE PINK TRIANGLE has been translated into several languages, with a second edition published in 1994 by Alyson Books. Heger's book also inspired the 1979 play Bent by Martin Sherman which was filmed as the 1997 movie of the same name, directed by Sean Mathias.

The Men with the Pink Triangle

The Men with the Pink Triangle Author Heinz Heger
ISBN-10 1593501781
Year 2010-06-01
Pages 140
Language en
Publisher Alyson Publications

The thirtieth-anniversary edition of the groundbreaking text that brought to the attention of the world Nazi persecution of homosexuals.

Branded by the Pink Triangle

Branded by the Pink Triangle Author Ken Setterington
ISBN-10 9781926920979
Year 13-04-15
Pages 196
Language en
Publisher Second Story Press

Before the rise of the Nazi party, Germany, especially Berlin, was one of the most tolerant places for homosexuals in the world. Activists, including Thomas Mann and Albert Einstein, campaigned openly for the rights of gay men and women, and tried to repeal the old existing law against homosexuality. But all that would change when the Nazis came to power and existence for gay people turned into one of fear. Raids, arrests, prison sentences and expulsions became the daily reality. When the concentration camps were built, homosexuals were imprisoned along with Jews and any other groups the Nazis wanted to suppress. The pink triangle, sewn onto prison uniforms, became the symbol of the persecution of homosexuals, a persecution that would continue for many years after the war. A mix of historical research, first person accounts, and individual stories bring this time to life for readers. Stories of bravery in the face of inhuman cruelty, friendship found in the depths of despair in the camps, and the perseverance of the human spirit will both educate and inspire.

On Trauma and Traumatic Memory

On Trauma and Traumatic Memory Author Bootheina Majoul
ISBN-10 9781443874830
Year 2017-06-23
Pages 170
Language en
Publisher Cambridge Scholars Publishing

On Trauma and Traumatic Memory focuses on the role of writing to preserve memories, to excavate traumas and to heal the ever-present scars of the past. The first part of the book focuses on trauma recalled through films, fiction and documentaries. The second chapter is devoted to analysing trauma in fiction, while the third deals with trauma in poetry. The topic of trauma is of interest to scholars across the globe, both students and professors, and is taught in almost all universities. This volume gathers research papers from different universities around the world, including the India, Italy, Tunisia and USA.

The Pink Triangle

The Pink Triangle Author Richard Plant
ISBN-10 1429936932
Year 2011-04-01
Pages 272
Language en
Publisher Holt Paperbacks

This is the first comprehensive book in English on the fate of the homosexuals in Nazi Germany. The author, a German refugee, examines the climate and conditions that gave rise to a vicious campaign against Germany's gays, as directed by Himmler and his SS--persecution that resulted in tens of thousands of arrests and thousands of deaths. In this Nazi crusade, homosexual prisoners were confined to death camps where, forced to wear pink triangles, they constituted the lowest rung in the camp hierarchy. The horror of camp life is described through diaries, previously untranslated documents, and interviews with and letters from survivors, revealing how the anti-homosexual campaign was conducted, the crackpot homophobic fantasies that fueled it, the men who made it possible, and those who were its victims, this chilling book sheds light on a corner of twentieth-century history that has been hidden in the shadows much too long.

Why God Doesn t Hate You

Why God Doesn t Hate You Author Tia Michelle Pesando
ISBN-10 9781452593661
Year 2014-04
Pages 322
Language en
Publisher Balboa Press

Due to the supposedly losing war that Christianity has fought against the decline of its values for the last one hundred years, Christians seem to have entered a sort of "siege mode"; they are afraid that acceptance of "liberal ideas" about women, homosexuals, and the transgender community are a part of the increasing moral decadence of our society. As a result, they have defensively shut their gates against such perceptions, leaving many of us out in the cold. Is this God's will? No. Why God Doesn't Hate You is the result of transgender Roman Catholic consecrated maiden Tia Michelle Pesando's extensive theological research, and it brings to light several startling truths. No longer should we feel the need to choose between science and faith, or between religion and our own understanding of what is right and wrong. The knowledge contained herein both reassures and provides an excellent defense for those minorities previously persecuted by Christians, as Tia Michelle knows from her own experience coming out after thirty years in the guise of a man. Recently, she walked into a Roman Catholic church just before mass dressed as a woman, wearing the veil of the consecrated maiden, and approached the priest with the statement, "I have assembled a rock-solid argument in favour of homosexuality." The positive response she received alone shows that there is hope.

Lost Intimacies

Lost Intimacies Author William J. Spurlin
ISBN-10 082047892X
Year 2009
Pages 152
Language en
Publisher Peter Lang

"Lost Intimacies: Rethinking Homosexuality under National Socialism" uses queer theory as a hermeneutic tool with which to read against the grain of heterotextual narratives of the Holocaust and as a way of locating alternative pathways of meaning in dominant Holocaust research. Specifically addressing the racialization of sexuality, the book asks how the politics of sexuality can be more explicitly and systematically theorized, along with state-sanctioned homophobia under Nazism, with a clear recognition that homophobia seldom operated alone, but worked in conjunction with other axes of power, including race, gender, eugenics, and population politics. In theorizing gender and sexuality as entangled axes of analysis, the book allows the specificity of lesbian difference to emerge and challenges the received wisdom that lesbians were not as systematically persecuted under National Socialism. William J. Spurlin questions the wisdom of received scholarship that reduces Nazi fascism to latent homosexuality, and examines the possible implications of Nazi homophobia, and its imbrication with other deployments of power, for the study of contemporary culture where the homophobic impulse continues to reverberate, thereby challenging understandings of history steeped in notions of progressive modernity.

Encyclopedia of Lesbian and Gay Histories and Cultures

Encyclopedia of Lesbian and Gay Histories and Cultures Author George Haggerty
ISBN-10 9781135578718
Year 2003-09-02
Pages 800
Language en
Publisher Garland Science

Beginning in 1869, when the study of homosexuality can be said to have begun with the establishment of sexology, this Encyclopedia offers accounts of the most important international developments in an area that now occupies a critical place in many fields of academic endeavours. While gays and lesbians have shared many aspects of life, their histories and cultures developed in profoundly different ways. To reflect this crucial fact, the Encyclopedia has been prepared in two separate volumes assuring that both histories receive full, unbiased attention and that a broad range of human experience is covered. Written by some of the most famous names in the field, as well as new researchers this is intended as a reference for students and scholars in all areas of study, as well as the general public.

Historical Dictionary of the 1940s

Historical Dictionary of the 1940s Author James Gilbert Ryan
ISBN-10 9780765621078
Year 2006
Pages 612
Language en
Publisher M.E. Sharpe

Contains entries for individuals, institutions, and events, focusing mostly on the U.S. Entries cover topics in science, history, literature, theater and entertainment, and many other areas.

Writing Intimacy Into Feminist Geography

Writing Intimacy Into Feminist Geography Author Pamela Moss
ISBN-10 9781134787241
Year 2017-02-24
Pages 258
Language en
Publisher Taylor & Francis

Intimacy, expressed through the feelings and sensations of the researcher, is bound up in the work of a feminist geographer. Tapping into this intimacy and including it in academic writing facilitates?a?grasping of the effects of power in particular places and initiates a discussion about how to access and tease out what constitutes the intimate?both ethically and politically throughout the research process. This collection?provides valuable reflections about intimacy in the research process -?from encounters?in the?field,?through data analysis,?to the various pieces?of written work.?A?global and heterogeneous pool of scholars and?researchers?introduce?personal?ways of?writing intimacy into feminist geography. ??As authors?expand?existing?conceptualizations of intimacy?and?include?their?own?stories, chapters?explore the methodological challenges of using intimacy in research as an approach, a topic and a site of interaction.? The book is valuable reading for students and researchers of Geography, as well as anyone interested in the ethics and practicalities of feminist, critical?and emotional research methodologies.

Societal Peace and Ideal Citizenship for Turkey

Societal Peace and Ideal Citizenship for Turkey Author Rasim Ösgür Dönmez
ISBN-10 9780739149225
Year 2011-08-16
Pages 326
Language en
Publisher Lexington Books

Globalisation and neo-liberalism have been impacting the nation-state and leading the full citizenship concept into crisis, not only in Turkey but also in the world. While one reason for this crisis is the decline of the welfare state, another reason stems from the fluidity of borders that distorts the classical patterns of the nation-state such as meta-identity. The existing Turkish citizenship inherited a strong state idea with passive citizenship tradition from the Ottoman Empire. However, this understanding is no longer sustainable for Turkish society. The definition of citizenship through state-led nationalism, secularism, and a free market economy creates societal crises in politics and society. The aim of this book is to find out the answer of what should be the ideal citizenship regime for Turkey. Various scholars dealing with Turkish socio-politics analyze different aspects and problems of Turkish citizenship regime that should be tackled for finding a recipe for ideal citizenship in Turkey.

Essentials of Holocaust Education

Essentials of Holocaust Education Author Samuel Totten
ISBN-10 9781317648086
Year 2016-03-17
Pages 246
Language en
Publisher Routledge

Essentials of Holocaust Education: Fundamental Issues and Approaches is a comprehensive guide for pre- and in-service educators preparing to teach about this watershed event in human history. An original collection of essays by Holocaust scholars, teacher educators, and classroom teachers, it covers a full range of issues relating to Holocaust education, with the goal of helping teachers to help students gain a deep and thorough understanding of why and how the Holocaust was perpetrated. Both conceptual and pragmatic, it delineates key rationales for teaching the Holocaust, provides useful historical background information for teachers, and offers a wide array of practical approaches for teaching about the Holocaust. Various chapters address teaching with film and literature, incorporating the use of primary accounts into a study of the Holocaust, using technology to teach the Holocaust, and gearing the content and instructional approaches and strategies to age-appropriate audiences. A ground-breaking and highly original book, Essentials of Holocaust Education will help teachers engage students in a study of the Holocaust that is compelling, thought-provoking, and reflective

Women and Gender in Central and Eastern Europe Russia and Eurasia

Women and Gender in Central and Eastern Europe  Russia  and Eurasia Author Mary Zirin
ISBN-10 9781317451976
Year 2015-03-26
Pages 2120
Language en
Publisher Routledge

This is the first comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and multilingual bibliography on "Women and Gender in East Central Europe and the Balkans (Vol. 1)" and "The Lands of the Former Soviet Union (Vol. 2)" over the past millennium. The coverage encompasses the relevant territories of the Russian, Hapsburg, and Ottoman empires, Germany and Greece, and the Jewish and Roma diasporas. Topics range from legal status and marital customs to economic participation and gender roles, plus unparalleled documentation of women writers and artists, and autobiographical works of all kinds. The volumes include approximately 30,000 bibliographic entries on works published through the end of 2000, as well as web sites and unpublished dissertations. Many of the individual entries are annotated with brief descriptions of major works and the tables of contents for collections and anthologies. The entries are cross-referenced and each volume includes indexes.