Beyond the Final Score

Beyond the Final Score Author Victor D. Cha
ISBN-10 0231154909
Year 2009
Pages 182
Language en
Publisher Columbia University Press

The Beijing Olympics will be remembered as the largest, most expensive, and most widely watched event of the modern Olympic era. But did China present itself as a responsible host and an emergent international power, much like Japan during the 1964 Tokyo Games and South Korea during the 1988 Seoul Games? Or was Beijing in 2008 more like Berlin in 1936, when Germany took advantage of the global spotlight to promote its political ideology at home and abroad? Beyond the Final Score takes an original look at the 2008 Beijing games within the context of the politics of sport in Asia. Asian athletics are bound up with notions of national identity and nationalism, refracting political intent and the processes of globalization. For China, the Beijing Games introduced a liberalizing ethos that its authoritative regime could ignore only at its peril. Victor D. Cha-former director of Asian affairs for the White House-evaluates Beijing's contention with this pressure, considering the intense scrutiny China already faced on issues of counterproliferation, global warming, and free trade.

The Final Score

The Final Score Author Jaci Burton
ISBN-10 9780399585159
Year 2017-09-12
Pages 352
Language en
Publisher Penguin

In the new Play-by-Play novel by the New York Times bestselling author of Rules of Contact, a star quarterback is torn between his love of the game—and the woman who may be the love of his life. Nathan Riley is ready to follow in the footsteps of his famous football player father. He’s been drafted as quarterback for his dad’s former team, and his future is bright. When his friend Mia Cassidy moves to the same city, their years-long friendship suddenly sparks hot, reminding him of the one night they had together in college that he can never forget. Like Nathan, Mia is from a sports dynasty family and embarking on an incredible new career—as founder of her own sports management company. Her friendship with Nathan means everything to her, and tossing sex into the mix again could jeopardize it. But the chemistry between them has always sizzled, and it isn’t long before Mia realizes she wants more with Nathan than just late-night talks and pizza. Passion has a funny way of changing the rules, and soon Nathan and Mia discover that to win it all, they’ll have to make an unexpected play for love.

Brian Moore The Final Score

Brian Moore  The Final Score Author Brian Moore
ISBN-10 0340748303
Year 1999
Pages 239
Language en

The modest autobiography of Moore's success story. Moore has commentated on all the major football games since the World Cup in 1966 through to the England-Argentina match in the 1998 World Cup. This book of anecdotes takes in scrapes and magical moments in the commentary box and amusing stories of top names in sports broadcasting.

Final Score

Final Score Author Michelle Betham
ISBN-10 9780007596553
Year 2014-08-07
Pages 510
Language en
Publisher HarperCollins UK

The third and final book in Michelle Betham’s seductively wicked bonkbuster.

Final Score

Final Score Author Nancy Warren
ISBN-10 9780373798063
Year 2014-05-20
Pages 218
Language en
Publisher Harlequin

Welcome to Last Bachelor Standing! How long can three sexy single men hold out? The last man holding out is firefighter Dylan Cross—strong, tantalizingly hot, with a reckless streak a mile long. He's also Mr. June in the firefighter calendar. But while Dylan will risk his life without a moment's thought, he would never risk his bachelorhood…. Dylan made a deal to help Cassie Price renovate her new home. But having a mouthwatering Mr. June fixing up her place is more temptation than Cassie can resist. And really, doesn't she deserve a little fiery fun now and then? But keeping her cool with this sexy confirmed bachelor is almost impossible…and if she's not careful, she'll find herself playing for keeps!

Final Score

Final Score Author George Douglas
ISBN-10 1843954605
Year 2004
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher Ulverscroft Large Print

Benfield United's home match ends with a bang - when a bomb explodes in the goalkeeper's car and hurls the manager to his death. Who had it in for Edward Jenner - or was it for David Price - and why? And who was the mystery man who was present at the time of the explosion and then disappeared? Lenny Kirk, one of United's most devoted fans, saw something, though he isn't sure what. Then Lenny's body is taken out of a canal and the Regional Homicide Squad has a double-barrelled case on its hands.


ISBN-10 9781463490867
Year 2005-11-23
Pages 88
Language en
Publisher Author House

"FINAL SCORE: BOYS 8 GIRLS 3" is about a family. The story of this family encompasses a period of more than forty years. The family is larger than most, having a Mom, Dad and eleven children. The book consists of a series of short stories, anecdotes and lessons learned. Dave (Dad) writes most as he remembers the various experiences and adventures. Other inputs come from Carol (Mom) and still others from the children as they recall from the memory of their youth. Some of the stories are amusing while others are more serious ... and all are written to make the reader feel good. Read about romance, babies, diapers, lost kids, spilled milk, the family zoo, going to war, and a multitude of other happenings as Dave and Carol experience the trials, tribulations, and absolute joys of raising a family of eleven children. The bottom line is that there is no substitute for the love of each other and faith in GOD.

Teaching Assessing 21st Century Skills

Teaching   Assessing 21st Century Skills Author Robert J. Marzano
ISBN-10 9780983351221
Year 2012-09-15
Pages 128
Language en
Publisher Solution Tree Press

As the 21st century unfolds, the pace of change in the world is accelerating. The authors believe a combination of cognitive skills (skills students will need to succeed academically) and conative skills (skills students will need to succeed interpersonally) is necessary for the 21st century. This clear, practical guide presents a model of instruction and assessment based on these skills.

James Newton Howard s Signs

James Newton Howard s Signs Author Erik Heine
ISBN-10 9781442256040
Year 2016-01-14
Pages 228
Language en
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield

Released in 2002, M. Night Shyamalan’s Signs was the director’s follow-up to The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable, and his third collaboration with composer James Newton Howard. Well received by audiences and critics alike, the film was often cited by reviewers for its music. With its dependence on a single motive, the score is unique in Howard’s career, and one of his most effective and haunting works. In James Newton Howard’s Signs: A Film Score Guide, Erik Heine provides the first close reading of the composer’s work. Heine discusses Howard’s musical style and influences, as well as his ability to compose for a variety of genres, acknowledging him as one of the most versatile composers working today. The book shows how early sketches of cues for Signs were developed into the final score, allowing the reader insight into Howard’s compositional process. The book also demonstrates how Howard’s style is difficult to pigeonhole, since his focus is on serving the needs of the film. Drawing on completed orchestrated scores, as well as other material from the James Newton Howard Archive at the University of Southern California, the level of musical detail provided in this volume is unsurpassed. As a book that addresses Howard’s compositional style—and the only volume that significantly examines the music in any Shyamalan film—James Newton Howard’s Signs: A Film Score Guide will be of interest to music scholars, film scholars, and fans of the composer’s work.

Handbook of Automated Essay Evaluation

Handbook of Automated Essay Evaluation Author Mark D. Shermis
ISBN-10 9781136334795
Year 2013-07-18
Pages 384
Language en
Publisher Routledge

This comprehensive, interdisciplinary handbook reviews the latest methods and technologies used in automated essay evaluation (AEE) methods and technologies. Highlights include the latest in the evaluation of performance-based writing assessments and recent advances in the teaching of writing, language testing, cognitive psychology, and computational linguistics. This greatly expanded follow-up to Automated Essay Scoring reflects the numerous advances that have taken place in the field since 2003 including automated essay scoring and diagnostic feedback. Each chapter features a common structure including an introduction and a conclusion. Ideas for diagnostic and evaluative feedback are sprinkled throughout the book. Highlights of the book’s coverage include: The latest research on automated essay evaluation. Descriptions of the major scoring engines including the E-rater®, the Intelligent Essay Assessor, the IntellimetricTM Engine, c-raterTM, and LightSIDE. Applications of the uses of the technology including a large scale system used in West Virginia. A systematic framework for evaluating research and technological results. Descriptions of AEE methods that can be replicated for languages other than English as seen in the example from China. Chapters from key researchers in the field. The book opens with an introduction to AEEs and a review of the "best practices" of teaching writing along with tips on the use of automated analysis in the classroom. Next the book highlights the capabilities and applications of several scoring engines including the E-rater®, the Intelligent Essay Assessor, the IntellimetricTM engine, c-raterTM, and LightSIDE. Here readers will find an actual application of the use of an AEE in West Virginia, psychometric issues related to AEEs such as validity, reliability, and scaling, and the use of automated scoring to detect reader drift, grammatical errors, discourse coherence quality, and the impact of human rating on AEEs. A review of the cognitive foundations underlying methods used in AEE is also provided. The book concludes with a comparison of the various AEE systems and speculation about the future of the field in light of current educational policy. Ideal for educators, professionals, curriculum specialists, and administrators responsible for developing writing programs or distance learning curricula, those who teach using AEE technologies, policy makers, and researchers in education, writing, psychometrics, cognitive psychology, and computational linguistics, this book also serves as a reference for graduate courses on automated essay evaluation taught in education, computer science, language, linguistics, and cognitive psychology.