The Elephant with Small Ears

The Elephant with Small Ears Author Cindy R. Lee
ISBN-10 1534650024
Year 2016-06-18
Pages 32
Language en
Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Elly's ears won't grow because she is so scared! Little elephants with small ears can get into all kinds of trouble when they can't hear their parents instructions. Find out how Elly's parents learn to help her feel safe so her ears can grow. The Elephant with Small Ears teaches the concept of "listening and minding" to your child while reminding parents about the importance of connecting with children to help them feel safe. Reading The Elephant with Small Ears with your child will help you and your child understand the importance of how traditional parenting techniques are not effective with children from hard places. This story is one of eight children's books written by Cindy R. Lee and is designed to teach concepts developed by Dr. Karyn Purvis and Dr. David Cross at the Institute of Child Development. Proceeds are being donated to HALO Project and the Institute of Child Development.

Perspectives on Writing

Perspectives on Writing Author Roselmina Indrisano
ISBN-10 0872072681
Year 2000
Pages 368
Language en
Publisher Taylor & Francis

Providing a foundation in which researchers may build future research and theory and in which teachers may design more effective classroom practice, this book presents 12 essays that bring together the contributions of researchers and teacher-scholars to present the significant theory and research related to the writing process. The book is divided into 5 sections: Part One focuses on the development of writing; Part Two addresses the relationship of writing to reading and the ways to which readers effectively respond to informational prose; Part Three discusses the need for development of vocabulary and the technical aspects of writing; Part Four describes the research and theory that inform classroom instruction; and Part Five examines three aspects of a portfolio approach to writing assessment. Essays in the book are: (1) "A New Framework for Understanding Cognition and Affect in Writing" (John R. Hayes); (2) "Writing and the Sea of Voices: Oral Language in, around, and about Writing" (Anne Haas Dyson); (3) "Emergent Writing: A Discussion of the Sources of Our Knowledge" (Judith A. Schickedanz); (4) "Alternative Models of Writing Development" (Arthur N. Applebee); (5) "Writing and Reading Relationships: Constructive Tasks" (Judith A. Langer and Sheila Flihan); (6) "Responding to Informative Prose" (Bonnie B. Armbruster); (7) "Just the Right Word: Vocabulary and Writing" (Dale D. Johnson); (8) "Mental Processes and the Conventions of Writing: Spelling, Punctuation, Handwriting" (Richard E. Hodges); (9) "Writing across the Curriculum" (Richard T. Vacca and Jo Anne L. Vacca); (10) "Teaching Writing in Urban Schools: Cognitive Processes, Curriculum Resources, and the Missing Links--Management and Grouping" (James Flood and Diane Lapp); (11) "Writing and Communication Technologies" (Colette Daiute); and (12) "Writing Portfolios: Activity, Assessment, Authenticity (Robert C. Calfee). Appendixes contain "Rhetoric and Research on Class Size" (Edmund J. Farrell and Juli.

The elephants ears

The elephants  ears Author Catherine Chambers
ISBN-10 0439254051
Year 2001
Language en

Although elephants Palo and Mala are brother and sister, they are very different.

Elephantoms Tracking the Elephant

Elephantoms  Tracking the Elephant Author Lyall Watson
ISBN-10 9780393244915
Year 2003-07-17
Pages 272
Language en
Publisher W. W. Norton & Company

A scientific safari and personal memoir celebrating the enigmatic dignity of the world's largest land animal. As a child in South Africa, spending summers exploring the wild with his boyhood friends, Lyall Watson came face to face with his first elephant. This "entertaining and enchanting" work (Washington Post Book World) chronicles how Watson's fascination grew into a lifelong quest to understand the nature and behavior of this impressive creature. From that moment on, Watson's fascination grew into a lifelong obsession with understanding the nature and behavior of this impressive creature. Around the world, the elephant—at once a symbol of spiritual power and physical endurance—has been worshipped as a god and hunted for sport. "Watson's insights and speculations are dazzling, but what lends them power is his extraordinary knowledge of evolutionary biology and animal behavior, ethnography and South African history" (Wade Davis, National Geographic Society). "Like a shaman, Watson conjures up the spirit of the massive beast" (Publishers Weekly), documents the animal's wide-ranging capabilities to remember and to mourn, and reminds us of its rich mythic origins, its evolution, and its devastation in recent history. Part meditation on an elusive animal, part evocation of the power of place, Elephantoms presents an alluring mix of the mysteries of nature and the wonders of childhood.

Alexandria Real and Imagined

Alexandria  Real and Imagined Author Anthony Hirst
ISBN-10 9781351959599
Year 2017-05-15
Pages 431
Language en
Publisher Routledge

Alexandria, Real and Imagined offers a complex portrait of an extraordinary city, from its foundation in the fourth century BC up to the present day: a city notable for its history of ethnic diversity, for the legacies of its past imperial grandeur - Ottoman and Arab, Byzantine, Roman and Greek - and, not least, for the memorable images of 'Alexandria' constructed both by outsiders and by inhabitants of the city. In this volume of new essays, Alexandria and its many images - the real and the imagined - are illuminated from a rich variety of perspectives. These range from art history to epidemiology, from social and cultural analysis to re-readings of Cavafy and Callimachus, from the impressions of foreign visitors to the evidence of police records, from the constructions of Alexandria in Durrell and Forster to those in the twentieth-century Arabic novel.

The Universal and the Particular in Legal Reasoning

The Universal and the Particular in Legal Reasoning Author Zenon Bankowski
ISBN-10 075462546X
Year 2006
Pages 272
Language en
Publisher Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

It is twenty-five years since the publication of Neil MacCormick's book Legal Reasoning and Legal Theory, a book that has been in print continuously since its first publication. This book looks at how examining legal reasoning can bring up important theoretical and ethical issues, as MacCormick revisits the issues anew in his current work.

Battle for the President s Elephants

Battle for the President s Elephants Author Sharon Pincott
ISBN-10 9781431403592
Year 2012
Pages 208
Language en
Publisher Jacana Media

Searching for something more than her high-flying life as an information technology executive, Sharon Pincott traded her privileged first world existence to start a new life with the Presidential Elephants of Zimbabwe: the country’s flagship clan of over 450 wild elephants. This biography follows the passionate wildlife conservationist from her home in Australia to the new one she discovers in Africa and chronicles her daily life, from cherishing incredibly intimate encounters with these gentle giants to coping with accusations of being a spy. Written with engaging humor, warmth, and a deep, tangible love of Africa’s wildlife, this captivating collection of bush tales offers a further glimpse into the wonders, and grim realities, of choosing a life less ordinary.

Mammal Anatomy

Mammal Anatomy Author Marshall Cavendish Corporation
ISBN-10 0761478825
Year 2010
Pages 287
Language en
Publisher Marshall Cavendish

Provides details on the anatomy of fourteen mammals, including dolphins, chimpanzees, squirrels, and humans, and describes the musculoskeletal, circulatory, nervous, digestive, and reproductive systems of each animal.

SF Voices

SF Voices Author Darrell Schweitzer
ISBN-10 9781434409102
Year 2009-10
Pages 124
Language en
Publisher Wildside Press LLC

Included in this volume are historic interviews with Alfred Bester, Robert Silverberg, Brian Aldiss, James Gunn, Gardner Dozois, Norman Spinrad, Gordon R. Dickson, Ben Bova, Ted White, Jack Williamson, L. Sprague de Camp, Frank Belknap Long, Gahan Wilson, and Jerry Pournelle.

Eighteen Inches on a Mattress

Eighteen Inches on a Mattress Author Jannie Wilbrink
ISBN-10 9781770677487
Year 2011-11
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher FriesenPress

JAVA LOST, A Child Imprisoned, Part II, Eighteen Inches on a Mattress: As a tomboy and daughter of Lady Emilie, life growing up on the coffee and rubber plantation was heaven for Jannie. She had many adventures that she relished. But there was unrest spreading around the world that would soon land on her doorstep, changing her tropical paradise into a dark world where her family is torn apart. World War II was well under way, yet life on Java, Indonesia remained isolated and separate. Until, that is, the Japanese military invaded the island. Quickly life changed, never to return to its previous tranquility. Here the Dutch who once owned and managed plantations and ran local governments suddenly became the oppressed and were mercilessly imprisoned. Not even their Nobility could spare them now. Be sure to read Book 1, JAVA LOST, A Child Imprisoned, Part I, The Belt of Emeralds, setting the stage of this amazing trilogy. And don't miss the third and final book coming in 2012! JAVA LOST, A Child Imprisoned, containing Part III, The Aftermath, and Part IV, On to a New Country.

Three Cheers for No Ears

Three Cheers for No Ears Author Kyle Mewburn
ISBN-10 1869439783
Year 2011
Pages 32
Language en

Once there was an elephant whose ears were so small, all the other elephants called him No-Ears. No-Ears is not a happy elephant. Constantly teased for being different, it's not until the old grand-daddy bull elephant finds himself in a spot of bother that No-Ears discovers that being different can be an advantage!