Rumble the Dragon s Cave

Rumble the Dragon s Cave Author Felicia Law
ISBN-10 1404813535
Year 2005-06-23
Pages 32
Language en
Publisher Capstone

When his grandmother leaves Rumble her run-down cave, he decides to turn it into a hotel, but an inspector tells him he has a lot of work to do first.

Tales from the dragon s cave

Tales from the dragon s cave Author Arlene Williams
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105062250498
Year 1995
Pages 160
Language en
Publisher Waking Light Pr

Each of these twelve original fairy tales illustrates an aspect of conflict resolution.

Tales from the Dragon s Cave

Tales from the Dragon s Cave Author Arlene Williams
ISBN-10 0960544488
Year 2002-01-01
Pages 160
Language en

Each story in this magical collection of tales is filled with wonderful fairy tale characters and exciting adventures as well as wise lessons in the art of peacemaking.

A Boy Named Will the Dragon Cave

A Boy Named Will   the Dragon Cave Author Diana Wygren
ISBN-10 1630000523
Year 2013-08
Pages 28
Language en
Publisher America Star Books

The cave was so dark... Will only had his trusty flashlight and BB gun. The flashlight barely shone through the darkness. Will was a little nervous and excited. Will did not know that he was about to be on the journey of a lifetime. This is an exciting story about children and their journeys in life and having lifetime friends and best buddies.

Dealing with Dragons

Dealing with Dragons Author Patricia C. Wrede
ISBN-10 9780547538648
Year 2015-09-15
Pages 224
Language en
Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Princess Cimorene, the daughter of a very proper king, runs away to live with a very powerful dragon, Kazul. This updated edition features a new introduction by the author and fantastic new packaging.

The Dragons Den and Other Stories

The Dragons Den and Other Stories Author J Bregazzi
ISBN-10 9781462865598
Year 2011-06-21
Language en
Publisher Xlibris Corporation

'THE DRAGONS DEN and OTHER STORIES', is asmall collection of quite diversified tales. The verity and subject matter come from a quality of experience, some from real life with authentic backgrounds and others generated in the mind of the myth. There are several adventure stories and yet others were pushed by an unseen influence of transformations and miracles, with amoral behind them. Here is something for everybody in twelve very different stories, a touch of romance and many with a twist in the tail, also a scattering of poems thrown in for good measure..._________________________________________________________

An Anthology of Russian Folk Epics

An Anthology of Russian Folk Epics Author James Bailey
ISBN-10 9781317476931
Year 2015-05-20
Pages 463
Language en
Publisher Routledge

An extensive introduction provides basic information about Russian epics, their historical background, their poetics, the history of their collection, their performance context, and their main interpretations. In addition, their is a short introduction to each song, explaining its plot, allusions, and interpretations. A glossary of common terms and a selected bibliography of studies about the Russian epic in English and Russian are also included in the volume.

Dragons Serpents and Slayers in the Classical and Early Christian Worlds

Dragons  Serpents  and Slayers in the Classical and Early Christian Worlds Author Daniel Ogden
ISBN-10 9780199323746
Year 2013-04-08
Pages 360
Language en
Publisher Oxford University Press

Stories about dragons, serpents, and their slayers make up a rich and varied tradition within ancient mythology and folklore. In this sourcebook, Daniel Ogden presents a comprehensive and easily accessible collection of dragon myths from Greek, Roman, and early Christian sources. Some of the dragons featured are well known: the Hydra, slain by Heracles; the Dragon of Colchis, the guardian of the golden fleece overcome by Jason and Medea; and the great sea-serpent from which Perseus rescues Andromeda. But the less well known dragons are often equally enthralling, like the Dragon of Thespiae, which Menestratus slays by feeding himself to it in armor covered in fish-hooks, or the lamias of Libya, who entice young men into their striking-range by wiggling their tails, shaped like beautiful women, at them. The texts are arranged in such a way as to allow readers to witness the continuity of and evolution in dragon stories between the Classical and Christian worlds, and to understand the genesis of saintly dragon-slaying stories of the sort now characteristically associated with St George, whose earliest dragon-fight concludes the volume. All texts, a considerable number of which have not previously been available in English, are offered in new translations and accompanied by lucid commentaries that place the source-passages into their mythical, folkloric, literary, and cultural contexts. A sampling of the ancient iconography of dragons and an appendix on dragon slaying myths from the ancient Near East and India, particularly those with a bearing upon the Greco-Roman material, are also included. This volume promises to be the most authoritative sourcebook on this perennially fascinating and influential body of ancient myth.

The Dragons Mantle

The Dragons  Mantle Author Tracy Doherty
ISBN-10 9781462874187
Year 2011-05-19
Pages 56
Language en
Publisher Xlibris Corporation

Into our world comes a much-needed story. Our world is such, that all of our futures depend on all of the children in it. In this world, the fear and hate of the past are the biggest stumbling blocks to a future that we can’t yet see. Here comes a story that shows that by choosing life over death, and trust over fear we can create a new future that we all can live in together. A little girl and a purple dragon come to realize that the future is alive and that the past is dead. To survive, they will have to trust in each other. This story is for all those in our world who know that only by choosing life for everyone will there be a future for anyone.

Dragon s Cave

Dragon s Cave Author Clyde B. Clason
ISBN-10 1601870116
Year 2007-08-15
Pages 189
Language en
Publisher Rue Morgue

When Jonas Wright, a print shop owner and collector of antique weapons, is found slain by his own Gothic halberd in the locked weapons room of his Chicago mansion, Lt. Mack knows it's a case that is right up his best friend's alley. So he calls upon Lucrius Theocritis Westborough to help him investigate. The culprit could well be a member of the dead man's household, and Mack favors his lovely daughter, Madeleine, who's hopelessly in love with her father's partner, suave and sophisticated Julian Carr. But Julian is already married, to a selfish heiress who refuses to live with him, and Madeleine is being pursued by artist Tony Corveau, who was recently fired by her father. Westborough suspects the case is far more complicated than his friend believes it to be and that the solution is to be found in the dead man's notebooks, if only he can find the key to the sophisticated cipher in which they are written. Without it, the killer's motives will continue to elude Westborough and his police colleagues.

Shedding the Dragon s Skin

Shedding the Dragon s Skin Author Celeste Simons
ISBN-10 9780595345786
Year 2005-03
Pages 92
Language en
Publisher iUniverse

"Perhaps it is good for the soul to stare blankly at itself in the mirror and think of nothing for awhile." An eclectic mix of poetry and prose, Shedding the Dragon's Skin examines the restorative benefits of exposing your "inner scars" to give rebirth to your spirit. Subjects like motherhood, God, love, and desire all combine to create a poignant account of how author Celeste DC Simons has struggled to understand herself. Lighthearted at times and deeply introspective at others, this book will cause you to rethink your own life. Join with Simons in the journey to spiritual rebirth. Let your soul stir to the echoes of the past and listen for the possibility of the future. Shedding the Dragon's Skin is an awakening; an open, vulnerable offering of the poet's soul in the hopes that others may find the way toward renewal. Awake! Arise To joy behold The trials of this sphere. -Encouragement