The Contemporary Woman s Guide to Midlife

The Contemporary Woman s Guide to Midlife Author Carla Herrera
ISBN-10 9781413745610
Year 2005-03-01
Pages 63
Language en
Publisher Carla Herrera

The Contemporary Womans Guide to Midlife is an autobiographical tour through midlife. The author takes the reader through her transformation in early midlife and allows a brief, but intimate, glimpse of one womans perspective on the process. Essay topics include the empty nest, menopause, values and relationships. A must read for anyone approaching or knowing someone who is approaching midlife or major life transitions.

The Smart Woman s Guide to Midlife and Beyond

The Smart Woman s Guide to Midlife and Beyond Author Janet Horn (M.D.)
ISBN-10 9781572245563
Year 2008
Pages 280
Language en
Publisher New Harbinger Publications

Smart women understand that taking care of their health is essential to maintaining an active lifestyle. This comprehensive guide shows you how to work with your body instead of against it to stay healthy and happy through menopause and beyond. Written by two practicing doctors who have been close girlfriends since they met during medical training at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, The Smart Woman's Guide to Midlife and Beyond includes the doctors' own personal experiences, patient stories from their medical practices, and all the information you need to age with good health, grace, and humor. Includes the information you need to: Care for your whole body to prevent common diseases Learn which health issues are normal, which are serious, and what to do about them Overcome memory loss, depression, and anxiety Understand menopause and hormone replacement therapy Nourish and protect your skin and hair Choose the right vitamin supplements for you Find out whether or not treatments like massage and acupuncture will work for you Know when to share your concerns with your doctor or healthcare practitioner Create a personal Health Maintenance Schedule to keep your health on track The Smart Woman's Guide to Midlife and Beyond is a complete, holistic, and state-of-the-art road map for any woman who is motivated to become a more effective steward of her health. The authors' relaxed, personal, and insightful style makes critical health information accessible. This book is a must-have for any woman inspired to improve her health trajectory. -Mark C. Pettus MD, FACP, medical director of the Kripalu Institute for Integrated Healing and author of It's All in Your Head There is no doubt that women past the age of fifty have different health issues than younger women-a fact often overlooked by many physicians. These women need to know how to care for their maturing bodies. Drs. Horn and Miller explore the full spectrum of mature women's health issues in a candid, conversational manner that integrates the body, mind, and spirit. A much-needed book. -Kevin Soden, MD, host of Healthline on Retirement Living Television I have often wished that there were a doctor in my family I could ask for health advice. If you have shared this desire, you'll love this book. It's a practical insider's guide to what maturing women need to be thinking about, and it's written as though the authors were concerned friends talking with you. Drs. Horn and Miller have superb training and years of practical experience caring for women patients. It shows on every page of this excellent book. -Judge Glenda Hatchett, star of the nationally syndicated television program Judge Hatchett The authors' approach is accessible and entertaining. These are the doctor girlfriends you want to call because they know everything about the area of your concern-not only from their medical practices, but also from their own personal experiences. -Robin Wolaner, founder of Parenting magazine and founder and CEO of TeeBeeDee (, an online network for people over forty This is the girlfriends' guide to taking charge of your health. And these girlfriends are doctors. A winning combination! -Ari Brown, MD, pediatrician and author of Baby 411

Young at Heart

Young at Heart Author Rachelle Zukerman
ISBN-10 0809297663
Year 2001-01-01
Pages 257
Language en
Publisher McGraw-Hill Companies

This insightful guide is written for mature women who are having trouble finding a compatible man to date or who are already in relationships but have burning questions. Dr. Zukerman offers refreshingly honest advice based on her clinical, academic, and personal experience, accompanied by true stories. In a practical and realistic way, the book answers all the questions mature women have about the contemporary dating scene. It covers issues such as meeting people on-line and though personal ads, safety concerns, where to go on your dates, how to attract men and how to protect yourself and your assets. It includes a few true cautionary stories as well as many more true success stories of people who found fulfilling relationships after age 50.

Syndrome W

Syndrome W Author Harriette D. P. H. R. Mogul
ISBN-10 1590771621
Year 2010-09-25
Pages 304
Language en
Publisher Government Institutes

As seen on The Rachael Ray Show! If you’re a woman of a “certain age,” you know what we’re talking about: that unexplained weight gain that creeps up no matter what you try to do to stop it. Enter Syndrome W, the book named for the metabolic condition caused by abnormal insulin levels commonly found in women aged 30 to 60. Dr. Harriette R. Mogul, the physician who discovered the condition, shows how it can be reversed when properly diagnosed and treated so you can regain your waistline! From understanding the symptoms, to finding a doctor who can help, to creating a food and exercise plan, and beyond, Dr. Mogul provides the practical tips that will help you reverse Syndrome W. In addition to providing the tools you need to understand and fix Syndrome W, Dr. Mogul provides mouth-watering recipes, including Tailgate Turkey Chili, Wildflower Crab Cake with Vanilla Mango-Chutney and Lemon Thyme Vinaigrette, Wild Mushroom Sauté, and Concord Grape and Burgundy Poached Pears with Quinoa Crisp Cookies, each specially designed to complement the treatment for correcting Syndrome W—forever!

Midlife Mamas on the Moon

Midlife Mamas on the Moon Author Sunny Hersh
ISBN-10 0974309370
Year 2004-01-01
Pages 324
Language en
Publisher Fast Forward Publications

A fun, inspirational guide to positive choices for women over 40! Packed with useful checklists, honest personal stories, and no-nonsense resources, this book has the latest information on health, sex, and hormones and shows how to transform relationships, finances, and careers.

Women Aging

Women   Aging Author Helen Rippier Wheeler
ISBN-10 1555876617
Year 1997
Pages 259
Language en
Publisher Lynne Rienner Publishers

More than 2000 bibliographic entries and extensive cross-references are included in this resource on women and ageing. It contains journal articles, book chapters, essays and doctoral dissertations, as well as complete books. All book entries are annotated.

A woman s guide to prime time dating

A woman s guide to prime time dating Author Gloria Bledsoe Goodman
ISBN-10 0818405317
Year 1990-08
Pages 227
Language en
Publisher Lyle Stuart

A guide to dating for middle aged women who find themselves single again after divoce or the death of a spouse includes interviews with nearly 100 women from various walks of life

A Modern Woman s Guide to Aging

A Modern Woman s Guide to Aging Author Claire Haye
ISBN-10 1631101609
Year 2015-07-15
Language en

The Guide explores the many challenges and problems that every woman today faces in her aging process. With insight and humor the Guide weaves together ideas, research, personal stories and thought provoking question to aid in the process of self evaluation, self-understanding and creating a positive direction. With generous space to journal, the book is useful in dealing with the entire process of aging, dying and death.

The Woman s Guide to Second Adulthood

The Woman s Guide to Second Adulthood Author Suzanne Braun Levine
ISBN-10 9781408828564
Year 2011-12-05
Pages 272
Language en
Publisher A&C Black

Second Adulthood is a new stage of life for women over fifty. The first generation of socially emancipated women have reached an important frontier; they have fulfilled all their roles - daughter, wife, mother, career woman. Yet with longer life expectancy and better health they have no intention of retiring from the world. At the same time these women are experiencing an often bewildering array of physical readjustments: their brains experience a growth very similar to that in adolescence, they enter menopause, their sexual and emotional rhythms change. Such momentous challenges raise three crucial questions that each woman must answer for herself: What matters? What works? What's next? Drawing on interviews, science, trend analysis and her own struggles, Levine explores all the issues and offers countless stories of how others have answered those three questions. This is the inspiring handbook and companion for every woman entering these uncharted waters.

Without This Ring A Woman s Guide to Successfully Living Through and Beyond Midlife Divorce

Without This Ring  A Woman s Guide to Successfully Living Through and Beyond Midlife Divorce Author Abby Rodman
ISBN-10 1312594020
Year 2014-11-11
Pages 244
Language en

Midlife divorce is skyrocketing and women are initiating divorce in higher numbers than ever before in history. Psychotherapist and relationship expert Abby Rodman surveyed hundreds of women who divorced in midlife to find out the whys, whats and hows of their experiences. Packed with personal stories, fascinating statistics, helpful checklists, expert advice and practical tips, Without This Ring is a necessary and critical read at any stage of midlife divorce - whether you're just starting to consider it or you've already come out the other side. Abby Rodman is a psychotherapist, relationship expert, author and speaker, renowned for her focus on midlife dating, marriage and divorce. Abby is regularly sought out by print, broadcast and online media outlets for her expertise. She has also successfully lived through and beyond her own midlife divorce.

The Contemporary Thesaurus of Search Terms and Synonyms

The Contemporary Thesaurus of Search Terms and Synonyms Author Sara D. Knapp
ISBN-10 157356107X
Year 2000
Pages 682
Language en
Publisher Greenwood Publishing Group

Whether your search is limited to a single database or is as expansive as all of cyberspace, you won't find the intended results unless you use the words that work. Now in its second edition, Sara Knapp has updated and expanded this invaluable resource. Unlike any other thesaurus available, this popular guide offers a wealth of natural language options in a convenient, A-to-Z format. It's ideal for helping users find the appropriate word or words for computer searches in the humanities, social sciences, and business. The second edition has added more than 9,000 entries to the first edition's extensive list. Now, the Thesaurus contains almost 21,000 search entries! New or expanded areas include broader coverage of business terms and humanities-including arts literature, philosophy, religion, and music.

A Nurse s Guide to Women s Mental Health

A Nurse s Guide to Women s Mental Health Author Michele R. Davidson, PhD, CNM, CFN, RN
ISBN-10 9780826171146
Year 2012-05-22
Pages 376
Language en
Publisher Springer Publishing Company

Named a 2013 Doody's Core Title! 2012 Third Place AJN Book of the Year Award Winner in Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing! "This is a great resource for any nurse working with women."--Score: 94, 4 Stars. Doody's Medical Reviews This is a quick-access clinical guide to the range of mental health issues and diagnoses that commonly affect women across the life span. It focuses on the unique biopsychosocial factors that make women especially vulnerable to psychological disorders and emphasizes key stressors specific to women that are precursors to mental illness. Frequent headings and bulleted, concise presentation of information facilitates reading. In addition to discussing mental health issues specific to women, the guide covers unique populations such as disabled women, lesbian and transgendered women, female veterans, women with forensic health concerns, and women who have been the object of violence. Chapters also address childbearing issues, including menstruation-related problems, infertility and its psychological implications, and antepartum, intrapartum, and postpartum psychological disorders. Developmental milestones, the impact of culture on mental illness, and global health issues are covered as well. Tables and charts present key facts in an easy-to-read format. Key Features: Provides a concise, easy-to-use guide to womenís mental health issues across the life span for new and seasoned nurse practitioners Focuses on stressors unique to women as precursors of mental illness Delivers commonly occurring DSM-IV disorders in women, using a consistent format that includes etiology, assessment, and drug and behavioral therapeutic approaches Discusses preconception and childbearing issues, the impact of violence, female veterans, disabled women, lesbian women, and transgendered women

A Clinical Guide to the Treatment of the Human Stress Response

A Clinical Guide to the Treatment of the Human Stress Response Author George S. Everly Jr.
ISBN-10 9781461307419
Year 2012-12-06
Pages 406
Language en
Publisher Springer Science & Business Media

In 1981, Plenum Press published a text entitled The Nature and Treatment of the Stress Response by Robert Rosenfeld, M. D. , and me. That text attempted to do what no other text from a major publisher had previously attempted, that is, to create a clinically practical guide for the treatment of excessive stress and its arousal-related syndromes-this to be captured between the same covers in combination with a detailed, clinically relevant pedagogy on the neurological and endocrinological foundations of the stress re sponse itself. That volume has enjoyed considerable success having found markets among practicing professionals and clinical students as well. The fields of psychosomatic medicine, health psychology, behavioral medicine, and applied stress research have appreciably expanded their boundaries since the publication of the aforementioned volume. Although remarkably little of the clinical utility of that volume has been eroded with time, it was felt that an updated and more integrative clinical textbook needed to be offered to practicing clinicians and students within clinical rather than simply create a second edition of training programs. Therefore, was made to create a significantly revised the original volume, the decision and expanded volume that would cover many of the same topics as the original volume but would provide a primary emphasis on the treatment of excessive stress and that would employ an integrative phenomenological model to facilitate that end. This present volume entitled A Clinical Guide to the Treatment of the Human Stress Response is the result.