The Comprehensive Enfp Survival Guide

The Comprehensive Enfp Survival Guide Author Heidi Priebe
ISBN-10 0692532501
Year 2015-09-29
Pages 258
Language en

Life as an ENFP is no walk in the park. Despite the happy-go-lucky attitude they exude, only those who share the specific preference for extroversion, intuition, feeling and perceiving on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator can truly understand the unique form of chaos that governs this type's restless mind. Embodying a profoundly strange stack of cognitive functions, ENFPs approach the world with both the enthusiasm of a child and the wisdom of an old soul. In this detailed, type-based survival guide, seasoned MBTI author and shameless ENFP Heidi Priebe explains how to manage the ups, downs and inside-outs of everyday life as one of the most passionate yet self-contradictory types.

The Comprehensive INFP Survival Guide

The Comprehensive INFP Survival Guide Author Heidi Priebe
ISBN-10 1945796154
Year 2016-09-27
Pages 276
Language en

Despite their agreeable demeanor, INFPs represent one of the most passionate and complex personality types within the Myers-Briggs Inventory. Employing a wholly unique stack of cognitive functions, this type sees the world around them not just as it is but also as it could be-making them a deeply imaginative and highly idealistic personality. In this detailed, type-based survival guide, seasoned MBTI author Heidi Priebe explains the strengths and struggles INFPs face as they navigate the world around them as one of the most creative and emotionally intense personality types.

How You ll Do Everything Based on Your Personality Type

How You ll Do Everything Based on Your Personality Type Author Heidi Priebe
ISBN-10 0692597549
Year 2015-12-10
Pages 228
Language en

So you know your four-letter personality type. You know what some of your strengths and weaknesses are. You know which career you ought to pursue and which situations you shine in. But now it's time to explore everything the research won't tell you. In this entertaining collection, Heidi Priebe, author of The Comprehensive ENFP Survival Guide and prominent writer of all things Myers-Briggs, explains how you'll grow up, hook up, break up and everything else in between, based on your personality type.

Gifts Differing

Gifts Differing Author Isabel Myers
ISBN-10 9780891063001
Year 2010-12-15
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher Nicholas Brealey Publishing

The definitive guide to understanding the world-renowned Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® personality test.

This Is Me Letting You Go

This Is Me Letting You Go Author Heidi Priebe
ISBN-10 1530896657
Year 2016-04-12
Pages 134
Language en
Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Letting go is not a process that comes naturally to us. In a world that teaches us to cling to what we love at all costs, there is an undeniable art to moving on - and it's one that we are constantly relearning. In this series of honest and poignant essays, Heidi Priebe explores the harsh reality of what it means to let go of the people and situations we love most - often before we are ready to - and how to embrace what comes next.

What Type Am I

What Type Am I Author Renee Baron
ISBN-10 9781101199510
Year 1998-08-01
Pages 192
Language en
Publisher Penguin

Do you enjoy being the center of attention? Are you more interested in facts and figures than in theories? Do you make to-do lists? Would you rather be truthful or tactful? Do you have a few close friends rather than a wide range of acquaintances? Are you more empathetic and compassionate than logical and rational? These are just a few of the questions about yourself that you can answer with What Type Am I? Based on the classic personality test taken by millions annually, this book will help you to assess your individual preferences in four basic areas: how you relate to the world, take in information, make decisions, and manage your life. Now a family therapist explains this fascinating system in a way that is entertaining and easy to absorb. Renee Baron takes on the complexity of the sixteen personality types and makes them accessible, so you can comprehend them, find your own type, and use the knowledge to enrich your own life. Here is information about individual strengths and weaknesses along with suggestions for personal growth and awareness. Whether you are a duty seeker or an action seeker, a knowledge seeker or an ideal seeker, What Type Am I is insightful, helpful, encouraging, and an eminently useful step in helping you appreciate your strengths and apply them to work, love, and life.

Breaking The Jewish Code

Breaking The Jewish Code Author Perry Stone
ISBN-10 9781599798424
Year 2010-09-24
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher Charisma Media

The Jewish people have thrived for more than four thousand years under both good and unthinkable circumstances. In Breaking The Jewish Code, Perry Stone helps readers unlock the amazing secrets to this success. Anyone can apply these time-honored principles in their life to create wealth, live in health, build faith, raise successful children, and pass on generational blessings! Topics include: Understanding the Hebrew Covenant with God and why it works The feasts, Sabbaths and celebrations: why success is also about family and having fun The significance in the names you give your children o The spiritual principles of wealth and prosperity How to leave a legacy and pass on the blessing to future generations And much more!

Please Understand Me

Please Understand Me Author David Keirsey
ISBN-10 1417667400
Year 1984-01-01
Pages 207
Language en
Publisher Turtleback Books

Describes sixteen basic personality types, argues that people try to reshape their spouses, children, friends, and coworkers into models of themselves, and discusses different styles of leadership

Personality Type

Personality Type Author Lenore Thomson
ISBN-10 9780834826564
Year 1998-10-27
Pages 432
Language en
Publisher Shambhala Publications

The type test inside will tell you about the choices you've made and the direction you're taking—according to C. G. Jung's theory of psychological types. For Jung, knowing your type was essential to understanding yourself: a way to measure personal growth and change. But his ideas have been applied largely in the areas of career and marital counseling, so type has come to seem predictive: a way to determine your job skills and social abilities. This book reclaims type as a way to talk about people's inner potential and the choices they make in order to honor it. Using everyday examples from popular culture—films, "Star Trek," soap operas, comic strips—it describes the sixteen basic ways people come to terms with their gifts and values. In this book you will find tools to understand: • How your personality takes shape • How your type reflects not only your current priorities, but your hidden potential • How unlived possibilities are trying to get your attention • How relationships at home and at work can help you to tap your unrealized gifts Whether you're trying to figure out who you are and what you need to do in life, or recognizing that deeper meaning lies beyond what you've already accomplished, this book will help you to become aware of your greatest strengths, your opportunities to live them out, and your ability to make the most of your unique potential.

Enfp Personality

Enfp Personality Author Dan Johnston
ISBN-10 1500329843
Year 2014-06-29
Pages 86
Language en
Publisher CreateSpace

This Book Is For The Millions of ENFPs Who Know They're Capable Of Amazing Achievements and Want An Upper Hand In Living An Extraordinary Life This book is for all the ENFPs who want to squeeze every last drop from their lives. It's also for friends, family, dates and bosses who want to understand ENFPs in a new way. If you're someone who wants to make the most of every day (and yourself), then you must learn more about thriving as an ENFP. ENFPs are known as the "Champions" and the "Inspirers." ...and for good reason. When they are anywhere close to their full potential, ENFPs have an incredible ability to move people, change thinking and literally reshape political landscapes. When you buy this book you'll discover the most comprehensive guide in existence to succeeding as an ENFP. Sex, Love and Relationships For The ENFP -How To Find Your Perfect Mate and Build a Relationship That Works -Discover how to overcome the most common relationship challenges as an ENFP -Are you dating an ENFP? Learn how avoid the most common ENFP "traps," minimize fights, maximize love and avoid heartbreak. Discover Your Perfect Career It's not enough to know what careers an ENFP could do. You want to know where an ENFP will thrive and be able to achieve financial success, happiness and fulfillment. That's what you'll find here. Thrive At Work and Reap The Financial Rewards Discover the strategies used by successful ENFPs to thrive at work and answer questions like: -What career is right? -Why do I hate this job? -Why am I so bored at work? -How can I earn more money? -How can I be happier at work? ENFP Secret Weapons Revealed (aka Your Strengths) -Discover your natural gifts and how to apply them to work and social situations. -Learn what an ENFP can do that no other type is as capable of. -How to harness your strengths and make yourself priceless to friends, lovers and bosses. ENFP Kryptonite(aka Your Weak Spots) -Discover why many ENFPs falter and fail to reach their full potential. -Understand where your weaknesses come from and how to easily overcome them. -Why so many ENFPs suffer from "Shiny Object Syndrome," and how to cure yourself of it. Also Inside: -10 Strategies For Achieving Health, Wealth and Happiness as an ENFP -Following Giants: Discover what famous ENFPs have in common and what you can learn from them. -An Introduction To Myers-Briggs and Personality Psychology: Finally understand what those 4 letters ENFP mean and how different types relate. -The Four Groups - There are 16 personality types but these types can actually be broken down into just 4 groups. Understanding these groups can save you hours and allow you to quickly understand the core personality of those around you and how the two of you will relate. The Difference Between "Getting By" and Thriving As An ENFP Abraham Maslow put the desire for "self-actualization" at the top of his famous pyramid of human needs. Maslow taught us that we will never really be complete, happy, or satisfied unless we are striving for our full potential. That is why I wrote this book. This book is about thriving as your best self. It's about thriving in a world where so many people settle for average. Other books on personality types include brief descriptions of each type, sometimes with a few tips. This book goes deeper than any other book, website or guide and includes the reasoning behind the strategies so you can truly understand the ENFP.

The INFJ Writer

The INFJ Writer Author Lauren Sapala
ISBN-10 0692766693
Year 2016
Pages 209
Language en

INFJ writers don't think like anyone else, and their highly creative brains take a toll on them that they rarely share with the outside world. Using the insights gleaned from years of coaching writers that were an INFJ or INFP personality, as well as her own personal story, the author shows us how the experience of this type of writer can be radically different from the norm, and how those writers can find their own magic and build the creative life they've always been searching for.

CIO Survival Guide

CIO Survival Guide Author Karl D. Schubert
ISBN-10 9780471663515
Year 2005-10-03
Pages 304
Language en
Publisher John Wiley & Sons

CIO Survival Guide is a leadership manual for the emerging role of the Chief Information Officer. This book supports and guides CIOs in acquiring or enhancing their technical skills and leadership competencies to be a full and respected member of the Executive Team. It includes exposition and practice of the skills and competencies required to be a successful CIO.

Decision Making For Dummies

Decision Making For Dummies Author Dawna Jones
ISBN-10 9781118847534
Year 2014-09-11
Pages 384
Language en
Publisher John Wiley & Sons

Discover the best approaches for making business decisions Today's business leaders have to face the facts—you can't separate leadership from decision making. The importance of making decisions, no matter how big or small, cannot be overstated. Decision Making For Dummies is a candid resource that helps leaders understand the impact of their choices, not only on business, but also on their credibility and reputation. Designed for managers, business owners, and anyone else who makes tough decisions on a daily basis, this guide helps you figure out if the decisions you're making are the right ones. In addition to helping you explore how to evaluate your choices, Decision Making For Dummies covers ways to receive support for decision making, delves into various decision-making styles, reviews the importance of sifting through data and information, and includes information on ways to engage others and make decisions collectively. Being in charge can be challenging, but with this guide, you don't have to go it alone. Discusses the effects of decision making and outlines the considerations that must be made to gain trust and confidence Demonstrates ways to communicate particularly sensitive decisions, and offers approaches for making bold decisions that challenge the status quo Delves into the risks and benefits of certain decisions, and shows readers the best ways to evaluate choices Outlines smart strategies for engaging others and drawing them into the decision-making process Crucial decisions need to be made every day in the business world, so there's no time to waste. Make Decision Making For Dummies your primary resource for learning to choose your actions wisely and confidently.


Borderlines Author Caroline Kraus
ISBN-10 9780307418852
Year 2007-12-18
Pages 368
Language en
Publisher Broadway Books

What would you do if your best friend was also your worst enemy? When Caroline Kraus leaves behind her sheltered, upper-middle-class home in St. Louis for San Francisco following the death of her mother, she is searching for clarity and a fresh perspective to help her escape her mother’s ghost. Instead, in a dreamlike city of beatnik bookstores and coffeehouses, she meets Jane. Bewitching and free-spirited, Jane offers Caroline the warmth, intuitive understanding, and female companionship she craves, and soon the two women are inseparable. But gradually, Caroline discovers that behind the intensity that makes the friendship so intoxicating lies a dangerous, symbiotic stranglehold. As their lives and psyches become evermore intertwined, Jane begins to reveal some disturbing qualities and pulls Caroline further into her troubled depths. And as her subtle manipulations blossom into emotional blackmail, financial ruin, alarming promiscuity, and ultimately, physical aggression, Caroline must fight to regain her sense of self, and her understanding of where Jane ends and she begins. Gripping and unforgettable, Borderlines distills the author’s terrifying experience into a mesmerizing memoir that will hold you captive until the last page. At its heart lies an unflinching look at the potent, hidden dynamics beneath the surface of any intimate relationship—and the dangerous blurring of individual boundaries that can occur when these dynamics are unleashed. An extraordinary tale that illuminates the power of love, loss, loyalty, and grief, Borderlines is an unprecedented account of the dark side of friendships between women, and marks a striking literary debut. From the Hardcover edition.


Meternity Author Meghann Foye
ISBN-10 9780778319306
Year 2016-04-26
Pages 368
Language en
Publisher Harlequin

Not quite knocked up... Like everyone in New York media, editor Liz Buckley runs on cupcakes, caffeine and cocktails. But at thirty-one, she's plateaued at Paddy Cakes, a glossy baby magazine that flogs thousand-dollar strollers to entitled, hypercompetitive spawn-havers. Liz has spent years working a gazillion hours a week picking up the slack for coworkers with kids, and she's tired of it. So one day when her stress-related nausea is mistaken for morning sickness by her bosses--boom! Liz is promoted to the mommy track. She decides to run with it and plans to use her paid time off to figure out her life: work, love and otherwise. It'll be her "meternity" leave. By day, Liz rocks a foam-rubber belly under fab maternity outfits. By night, she dumps the bump for karaoke nights and boozy dinners out. But how long can she keep up her charade...and hide it from the guy who might just be The One? As her "due date" approaches, Liz is exhausted--and exhilarated--by the ruse, the guilt and the feelings brought on by a totally fictional belly-tenant...about happiness, success, family and the nature of love.