The Aiki Singularity

The Aiki Singularity Author S. E. Meredith
ISBN-10 1541122313
Year 2016-12-17
Pages 154
Language en
Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

The commanding heights of genius in any field seem remote, but it is written: What man has done, man can do. THE AIKI SINGULARITY is an analytical probe into the common foundation of internal power conditioning that connects the unearthly martial skills of peerless Japanese martial arts phenomenon Sagawa Yukiyoshi (1902-1998) to the legendary internal masters of 19th century China. THE AIKI SINGULARITY deconstructs and reassembles the hidden energy that unites all internal martial arts training, and teaches radically simple experiential methods for understanding and maximizing the universal power. Key movements and essential insights from Tai Chi, Xing Yi, Daito Ryu Aiki-Jujutsu and other arts are assembled into three exceptionally effective regimens of internal conditioning. Each regimen consists of a primary drill and a cluster of related supplemental extensions that deepen and massively intensify the energy experience of each. The work is supported by voluminous references to the writings and teachings of legendary old-time masters of the internal arts. Is this an 'advanced' book? Yes and No. Yes - in the simple sense that some terminology from prior works is used - though everything is explained as needed here too. No - in the most important sense that you can do every drill in this book without any background in other materials, in fact, without any background in energy martial arts at all. The drills are profound in their effects but extremely simple, safe, and pleasant to perform. There are no long sequences of memorized movements, and the drills do not require a large practice space, a long time commitment, or any special equipment and clothing. They can be performed by anybody of any degree of athletic ability - including none whatsoever. But despite their simplicity and ease, they will develop your internal energy fundamentals more deeply, strongly and quickly than many full systems that require decades of expensive, onerous drudgery. This book will be a revelation for students of Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Aikido, or Kung Fu and for anybody else who is seeking an adventure of inner exploration and power enhancement. Table of Contents Introduction The ARC Model The AIKI Enigma The AIKI Training Condition The ARC Drills ACCUMULATE Core Drill: Relaxation Santishi Inner Activation Hips The Forward Arm Flow Hip Check REBOUND Core Drill: Grounding Cat Step Shiko (A) - Work Stages Cat Step Shiko (A) - Energetic Experience Cat Step Shiko (B) - Preliminaries Cat Step Shiko (B) - Method Cat Step Shiko (B) - Energetics The Daling Throttle Grip Forearm Pressure Mode The Short Fist Wave High Foot Raise Angled Leg Extension Friction Step Shiko Tai Chi Quiet Standing Opening Raise Hands Stepping Turn Repulse Monkey The AIKI Singularity CATCH Core Drill: Extension Bengquan External Mechanics Energetics Fist Closing Fist Angling Arrow Concept Bengquan Wheel NULLIFICATION Defensive Nullification Offensive Nullification Comeback Nullification Conclusion APPENDIX A: Jade Pillow APPENDIX B: Tai Chi Mahamudra Bibliography


Center Author Ron Meyer
ISBN-10 158394012X
Year 2000
Pages 111
Language en
Publisher Frog Books

Employing a question-and-answer format, Center: The Power of Aikido outlines the five elements of power that the aikido enthusiast must use to succeed, and it explains strategic applications of movement that give the practitioner the advantage. Moving beyond techniques and forms, this engaging, hands-on book explores the underlying dynamics of moving energy through the body and manipulating the energy of the aggressor.

The Transformative Power of Performance

The Transformative Power of Performance Author Erika Fischer-Lichte
ISBN-10 9781134047505
Year 2008-06-05
Pages 240
Language en
Publisher Routledge

In this book, Erika Fischer-Lichte traces the emergence of performance as 'an art event' in its own right. In setting performance art on an equal footing with the traditional art object, she heralds a new aesthetics. The peculiar mode of experience that a performance provokes – blurring distinctions between artist and audience, body and mind, art and life – is here framed as the breeding ground for a new way of understanding performing arts, and through them even wider social and cultural processes. With an introduction by Marvin Carlson, this translation of the original Ästhetik des Performativen addresses key issues in performance art, experimental theatre and cultural performances to lay the ground for a new appreciation of the artistic event.


Juice Author Scott Meredith
ISBN-10 1478260696
Year 2012-09-08
Pages 334
Language en
Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

JUICE Radical Taiji Energetics describes the entire process of generating maximal internal power (qi) through the slow motion martial art of Chinese Taijiquan (T'ai Chi Ch'uan). All aspects of cultivation and deployment of Taiji's spirit energy are described in accessible terms. This book explains that the great past Taiji masters were not pointing at mere physical structure or mechanical principles in their teachings. Rather, they have left us a legacy of ecstatic internal energy methods that are unwrapped, unraveled, and demystified in this book. The presentation is clear, engaging, and profound, and includes working solo, working with a partner, and mastering the Taiji sword. JUICE is an essential companion for anybody from the raw beginner to the long-term veteran practitioner or teacher of Taiji. Which feels better, crack cocaine or Taiji energy? Why is spirit power (not physical structure) Taiji's true engine of mastery? Whether you're a seasoned player or merely Tai-curious, JUICE will hand you the hidden master keys to TAIJI (T'ai Chi Ch'uan) Contents include: The BRUTE level of internal energy; Taiji's MISSING BASIC for universal energy permeation; The ARC OF STEEL for Taiji's Full Body Activation; The SURGE and the STATE; The real purpose and method of Taiji's PUSH-HANDS exercise; The TAILOR'S TOUCH for supreme sensitivity; YINJECTION and YINFUSION for power emission; The SHELL and its SPIKE, SLIDE, SLURP, and NUDGE power concepts; Taiji's energy meta-tool: the Chinese STRAIGHT SWORD; and much more. JUICE isn't a photo-sequence textbook, illustrating a set of dance poses. JUICE doesn't blandly re-parrot the arcane Chinese philosophy from which Taiji emerged. This book lays out the specific mental "settings" that super-charge any style of Taiji and explains how to use Taiji for personal energy cultivation - with effects that anyone can experience immediately. Whether you currently practice Taiji or you're just thinking of getting into it, you should read JUICE before taking another step.

Radical Xingyi Energetics

Radical Xingyi Energetics Author Scott Meredith
ISBN-10 1500669202
Year 2014-08-01
Pages 223
Language en
Publisher CreateSpace

RADICAL XINGYI ENERGETICS presents the classical Chinese internal martial art of Xingyiquan as MARTIAL NEI GONG, using stylized striking techniques to cultivate internal energy. This book is the first to explicitly link the concrete movements of the Xingyi techniques and drills to the internal energetic results and experiences. The core movements and principles that will enable you to generate the Sharp Energy and the Surge Energy are presented in detail. The Five Element Fists of Hebei Xingyiquan and three key Animals styles from the Twelve Forms are covered. This minimal selection is intentional, as these moves are exactly what's needed to feel the energy. In order to accelerate development, supplemental energy practices are included: BENG QUAN (Crushing) Variations (AN JING, Reverse, Truncated, etc.) SHEN JING Infusion Drill Set CHANG GUN Single Staff Drill Set CHANG GUN Double Staff Drill Set TONGBEI Drill Set There is also complete analysis of Xingyi's 2 internal energies and new translations of carefully targeted selections from Xingyi master writings. Most bad reviews of Amazon products open with: 'NOT WHAT I EXPECTED'. I am now going to spare you that awful letdown. This book does NOT present these: Combatives & Self Defense Full Set of Animal Techniques Combative Weapons Linking Choreography An Shen Pao Body Conditioning This is not the complete art of Xingyiquan. That's one feature you can cross off your list. Second thing to forget about: This book does not present anything that will be of immediate use for street, sport, or stage (self-defense, UFC, dance videos). If you need that, forget this. It's only eight techniques, supported by many unconventional energy drills, plus original analysis of Xingyi energy framework, with reference to the writings of the great Xingyi masters. RADICAL XINGYI ENERGETICS covers the experience of the two energies and how they are felt through the several dozen simple drills of this minimal, bare-metal art. Though the physical approach uses the common mechanics of the Xingyi Five Element Fists and Twelve Animals, the principles are unconventional, based on an exotic interpretation of the art seen through the lens of an old Chinese master teacher under whom the author trained more than 40 years ago. The author has done his best to make the material learnable from stand-alone use of the book. However, everybody has a different learning style, and learning internal movement arts from a book is extremely difficult. RXE partially overlaps with the author's DVD “Xing Yi Quan” which teaches the same Five Element Fists and the same Three Animal forms, but lacks the special drills and the detailed energy commentary. However, many of the supplemental energy drills are presented on the author's free YouTube channel, so you may wish to assemble whatever you can for free. If you have even the smallest doubt whether this book is a good buy, if you have any reason to wonder at all if this is going to work for you, listen to your doubts and do not buy it. Save your time and money and spare me the 1-star review. I know you can see the stupidity of proceeding despite this warning, wasting your time and money, then slamming the product with a 1-star review whining the usual: "HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT. NOT WHAT I EXPECTED." That just damages all of us. (Though you should realize that if you only accept what you expect, you'll never learn anything.) The upside is that if you train according to the radical energetic principles of this book, giving it a fair chance, it's likely that you will begin to feel the electric jolt of the "obvious energy" and the overwhelming flood of the "concealed energy" for yourself, as many others have.

The Complete Book of Yiquan

The Complete Book of Yiquan Author C S Tang
ISBN-10 9780857011725
Year 2015-03-21
Pages 416
Language en
Publisher Singing Dragon

With detailed photographs and clear instruction for practice, this is the first book comprehensively to cover the history, development and training methods of this rarely taught esoteric internal martial art. The deceptively simple postures and movements of Yiquan are highly effective for achieving results for both health and combat, making it very appealing to martial artists, and Master Tang here reveals the secrets of a martial art still surrounded in mystery. He also provides a history of the origins and lineage of the Yiquan tradition, as well as detailed information on the stances and movements, weapons, and programs, grading and teaching. This complete guide to Yiquan will be essential for anyone interested in Yiquan or oriental martial and internal arts more generally.

Tai Chi Peng Root Power Rising

Tai Chi Peng Root Power Rising Author Scott Meredith
ISBN-10 1495311058
Year 2014-03-04
Pages 144
Language en
Publisher CreateSpace

Tai Chi PENG Root Power Rising describes the theory and practice of the most characteristic internal energy of the universally popular Chinese Tai Chi Chuan martial art. A full set of practical exercises is presented and illustrated, and the original Chinese source texts that define PENG energy are accompanied by new translations and analysis.

Dance With Heaven Earth

Dance With Heaven   Earth Author Anna Sanner
ISBN-10 9781477220887
Year 2012-07-01
Pages 248
Language en
Publisher AuthorHouse

The texts in this book are inspired by the teachings of Katsuyuki Shimamoto, 8th dan, who has been a Zen priest and aikido teacher for 50 years. the title is taken from a poem that frequently graces his calligraphies: Harmonize with others Harmonize with Heaven and Earth Dance with others Dance with Heaven and Earth Humble and congenial, Katsuyuki Shimamoto is a perpetrator of aikido as a martial art of peace that seeks to create harmony. Influenced strongly by Zen, he emphasizes good posture, calm breathing, universal acceptance, simplicity, and minimalist aesthetics. These short pieces of wisdom taken from aikido and Zen help us understand that living with others is what allows us to live at all. That the right form - including posture, field of vision, and breathing - can change not only our outlook but the outcome, too. That we can neutralize any attack once we learn to accept it. That true victory is to win against our weaknesses, and fighting only serves as a stepping stone towards harmony. That with the right approach, the very life we struggle with can turn into the greatest treasure. Photographer and designer Morteza Ariana has not only given the book a beautiful look but also contributed significantly to conveying its message by adding a visual component to its expression. His breathtaking original photographs resonate with Katsuyuki Shimamoto's sense for Zen aesthetics and clarity of communication. Every text is juxtaposed with one of these images, adding another dimension to its meaning, and often alluding to the contradictory nature of Zen teachings intended to help practitioners overcome the boundaries of reason. Get ready for a book that takes you straight to the heart of the matter. Dance with Heaven & Earth!

The Secrets of Aikido

The Secrets of Aikido Author John Stevens
ISBN-10 UOM:39015038527399
Year 1995
Pages 150
Language en
Publisher Shambhala Publications

Aikido, the "Way of Peace", is a martial art aimed at harmonizing the body and spirit with natural forces and universal laws. Stevens explores the hidden secrets and deeper dimensions of Aikido, especially its spiritual aspects as taught by its Founder, Morihei Ueshiba. Includes over 200 carefully selected photos, calligraphies, and other illustrations, including vintage photographs of the Founder himself.


Taijiquan Author Rick Barrett
ISBN-10 1583941398
Year 2006-01
Pages 265
Language en
Publisher Blue Snake Books

Written specifically for the Western practitioner, Taijiquan: Through the Western Gate blends modern science and philosophy with the traditional wisdoms—drawn from classic t'ai chi literature—that underlie Chinese martial arts. Author Rick Barrett authoritatively describes a wide range of movements, practices, and positions in the context of such topics as being in the zone, effortless power and force versus power, the whole-body energetic connection, instant meditation, and energetic coherence. Step-by-step exercises help make this sometimes daunting discipline simple and accessible.

Aikido and Kuzushi

Aikido and Kuzushi Author Nick Waites
ISBN-10 1326415751
Year 2015-09-15
Pages 96
Language en

The Japanese word kuzushi literally means 'undermining' and in the context of martial arts it means destabilising and subsequently unbalancing an attacker as a precursor to the execution of a technique, whether a throw or an immobilisation. The term kuzushi is well-known in Judo circles but, although Aikido techniques also incorporate the use of kuzushi states, in the author's experience they are rarely identified explicitly by Aikido masters, even though observation reveals very clearly that they are utilising kuzushi states effectively. Awareness of kuzushi adds a new dimension to Aikido practice, giving it a rational basis for the effective execution of all techniques, and without relying at all on uke being passively compliant. This book identifies major kuzushi states and shows their implementation for a range of Aikido techniques.


Packing Author Scott Meredith
ISBN-10 151960730X
Year 2015-12-09
Pages 142
Language en
Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

If your mind is not projected into your hands, even ten thousand techniques will be useless - Tesshu Yamaoka (Bodyguard to the Meiji Emperor) Dozens of incredibly effective methods for streaming the internal power of "ki" to and through your arms and hands, for martial arts, healing, calligraphy, or any other purpose. PACKING can be viewed as the most direct sequel to the original Tai Chi classic JUICE Radical Taiji Energetics, in that: It is style-neutral, sampling from a variety of methods It further details the ARC training process But though it picks up directly from JUICE, it also functions entirely stand-alone for anybody from any background or no background who desires to begin working directly with the internal power experience. PACKING presents dozens of straight-forward techniques for igniting the inner hand, drawn from a wide variety of Eastern disciplines. It is a 'Greatest Hits' collection of internal energy drill methods.


Atemi Author Walther von Krenner
ISBN-10 1943155194
Year 2016-03-23
Pages 230
Language en

Atemi: The Thunder and Lightning of Aikido revisits the source of the art by teaching the striking methods that made Ueshiba's techniques so effective. This is the most comprehensive text on striking in Aikido, and it begins with the notion that strikes should not be disregarded in modern dojo. It explores the common (yet mistaken) notion of atemi as a secondary aspect of Aikido, and argues that such an idea is incorrect, since O-Sensei's own teachings reveal that striking is the very core of the art. The authors describe through brilliant and specific examples and clear photographs, how atemi is used in Aikido pins and throws while still keeping with the physical philosophy of the art. The journey continues as they then demonstrate how Ueshiba Morihei and some of his most important students viewed atemi and technique as one, instead of separate aspects of the art. The text is divided into three sections: Shodan (beginner's level), Chudan (intermediate level), and Jodan (advanced level). The final chapters suggest ways that O-Sensei taught his students how to develop internal power, which can be channeled into Aikido's powerful strikes. Atemi: The Thunder and Lightning of Aikido presents a thorough explanation of O-Sensei's teachings and suggests that many practitioners have only scratched the surface of the art's true nature.