Grace for the Afflicted

Grace for the Afflicted Author Matthew S. Stanford
ISBN-10 9780830859030
Year 2012-02-05
Pages 262
Language en
Publisher InterVarsity Press

Each day men and women diagnosed with mental disorders are told they need to pray more and turn from their sin. Mental illness is equated with demonic possession, weak faith and generational sin. Why is it that the church has struggled in ministering to those with mental illnesses? As both a church leader and professor of psychology and neuroscience, Dr. Stanford has seen far too many mentally ill brothers and sisters damaged by well meaning believers who respond to them out of fear or misinformation rather than grace. Grace for the Afflicted is written to educate Christians about mental illness from both biblical and scientific perspectives. Dr. Stanford presents insights into our physical and spiritual nature and discusses the appropriate role of psychology and psychiatry in the life of the believer. Describing common mental disorders, Dr. Stanford asks of each: "What does science say and what does the Bible say about this illness?"

The Afflicted Girls

The Afflicted Girls Author Suzy Witten
Year 2009-10-31
Pages 456
Language en

Something terrible happened in Salem in 1692 . . . but it isn't what you think THE AFFLICTED GIRLS A Novel of Salem by author-researcher Suzy Witten presents a startling new theory of the Salem Village witch-hunts which is certain to put this 300 year old unsettled mystery to rest . . . by expertly guiding readers through The Historical Record to revelation. Part parable, part star-crossed romance, and part supernatural venture, this is an intuitive human history--and inhuman--spun with a modern twist. A controversial debut by a new Historical storyteller. A Walt Disney Studios Fellowship Finalist. Historical Fiction, 456 pages, A Paperback Original (also available as an eBook) from Dreamwand

A Comfort for the Afflicted Christian

A Comfort for the Afflicted Christian Author William S. Plumer
ISBN-10 9781626632332
Year 2017-09-04
Pages 100
Language en
Publisher Puritan Publications

This work concerns dealing with affliction in a manner that glorifies God. Everyone deals with affliction. The question that remains is how well, as a Christian, you deal with it to the glory of God. Sometimes you will get weary. When you get weary you sometimes need a word of instruction, a word of encouragement, a word of comfort, and a word of caution. This is where William Plumer will give you all of these in a tender and pastoral manner. He takes God’s word and applies it to a number of afflictions that Christians regularly deal with such as the death of a loved one, those who speak hatefully against you, spiritual warfare, times of spiritual leanness, and one which many deal with daily, poor health. Not only will he Scripturally deal with those difficulties, but he also includes devotional writings of hymns and poems that are designed to lift the spirits of the saints. Many Christians have lived and died. Their experiences are often our experiences. Plumer shares them in this work. May this devotional instruction on affliction and weariness of soul be a great help to lift your spirit to have high thoughts of God and Christ even amidst daily tribulations. This work is not a scan or facsimile, has been carefully transcribed by hand being made easy to read in modern English, and has an active table of contents for electronic versions.

Curse Of The Afflicted

Curse Of The Afflicted Author David Chill
ISBN-10 9781508074366
Year 2017-04-03
Pages 393
Language en
Publisher Cold Spirit Press

Ned Baker was on top of the world. He had just landed the biggest candidate in the Presidential campaign, and his career as a political pollster looked so bright. Except for this nagging pain in his back. But when Ned learns the reason behind his back pain, the devastation of a stunning cancer diagnosis, his entire world is rocked. And as if things could not get any worse, he becomes embroiled in an assassination plot that threatens to destroy his freedom, his livelihood, and his family. The journey plunges Ned into a dark and uncertain future where he must navigate past corrupt federal law enforcement agents, as well as doctors who disagree on how best to treat his illness. Ned’s courageous battle to prove his innocence and overcome his disease represents a triumph of the human spirit. CURSE OF THE AFFLICTED weaves political intrigue and medical drama together into a compelling story of life, death and redemption.

Afflicting the Comfortable Comforting the Afflicted

Afflicting the Comfortable  Comforting the Afflicted Author Glenn L. Monson
ISBN-10 9781498202466
Year 2015-03-25
Pages 118
Language en
Publisher Wipf and Stock Publishers

A classic theology and a contemporary school of preaching come together in this new work. Glenn Monson, an active Lutheran preacher, has taken the substantial concerns of Law and Gospel theologians and combined them with the insights of the New Homiletic School to come up with a guide to sermon development that helps any preacher deliver Law and Gospel sermons in a contemporary way. The author leads the reader through a step-by-step process in thinking about Law and Gospel preaching from exegesis through sermon design to manuscript writing. Multiple examples from assigned lectionary texts are included, and several sermons are analyzed in detail. This book will be an invaluable friend of any lectionary preacher for whom Sunday is always coming and who longs to preach classic Law and Gospel sermons in a new and fresh way.