Sutphin Boulevard

Sutphin Boulevard Author Santino Hassell
ISBN-10 9781634763264
Year 2015-07-31
Pages 264
Language en
Publisher Dreamspinner Press

When Michael’s world begins to crumble in a sea of tragedy and complications, can he find solace with his friend Nunzio?

The Neighborhoods of Queens

The Neighborhoods of Queens Author Claudia Gryvatz Copquin
ISBN-10 9780300112993
Year 2007
Pages 265
Language en
Publisher Yale University Press

This up-to-date, intimate portrait of the 99 neighborhoods of Queens is a wonderful tribute to the borough’s past history and present diversity. Detailing the history, people, and cultural activities of each neighborhood, the book is generously illustrated with more than 200 photographs, both contemporary and historical, and over 50 new maps that chart the precise neighborhood boundaries. With two airports (La Guardia and JFK), Shea Stadium, and Aqueduct Racetrack, Queens is a destination for millions of travelers and visitors each year. But those who live in the borough’s neighborhoods know that it offers much more: parks, bridges, colleges and universities, museums, shops, restaurants, and other institutions and sites that testify to its more than 350-year history. From Astoria to Woodside, with points in between, Queens, the most diverse county in the country, offers a cornucopia of cultures, sights, tastes, and sounds. With input from residents, historians, demographers, politicians, borough officials, shopkeepers, and many others, The Neighborhoods of Queens captures the unique character of each neighborhood. The book features practical tips (subway and bus routes, libraries, fire departments, hospitals), quirky and unusual neighborhood facts, and information on famous residents. For anyone who lives in Queens, visits its neighborhoods, or remembers it from earlier times, this book is an unsurpassed treasure.

Hidden Waters of New York City A History and Guide to 101 Forgotten Lakes Ponds Creeks and Streams in the Five Boroughs

Hidden Waters of New York City  A History and Guide to 101 Forgotten Lakes  Ponds  Creeks  and Streams in the Five Boroughs Author Sergey Kadinsky
ISBN-10 9781581575668
Year 2016-03-07
Pages 352
Language en
Publisher The Countryman Press

A guide to the forgotten waterways hidden throughout the five boroughs Beneath the asphalt streets of Manhattan, creeks and streams once flowed freely. The remnants of these once-pristine waterways are all over the Big Apple, hidden in plain sight. Hidden Waters of New York City offers a glimpse at the big city’s forgotten past and ever-changing present, including: Minetta Brook, which ran through today's Greenwich Village Collect Pond in the Financial District, the city's first water source Newtown Creek, separating Brooklyn and Queens Bronx River, still a hotspot for urban canoeing and hiking Filled with eye-opening historical anecdotes and walking tours of all five boroughs, this is a side of New York City you’ve never seen.

Sutphin Boulevard Deutsch

Sutphin Boulevard  Deutsch Author Santino Hassell
ISBN-10 9781634777759
Year 2016-06-07
Pages 291
Language de
Publisher Dreamspinner Press

Michael Rodriguez und Nunzio Medici sind seit zwei Jahrzehnten Freunde. Sie haben alles miteinander geteilt; vom Verlassen ihrer gestörten Familien im Scherbenviertel von South Jamaica in Queens, bis hin zum Unterrichten in einer der schwulenfreundlichsten Schulen in Brooklyn. Zumindest dachten sie so, bis eine schwüle Nacht des Tanzens zu einer unerwarteten Begegnung führt, die für immer ihre Freundschaft verändert. Jetzt sind beiläufige Berührungen und verweilende Blicke mit sexueller Spannung überladen, und Michael kann das Gefühl der Hände seines besten Freundes auf ihm nicht vergessen. Als es sowohl im Beruf als auch zuhause zu Problemen kommt, sucht Michael immer wieder Vergessen in der ungezwungenen Intimität und dem überwältigenden Sex, die er bei Nunzio findet. Aber die Dinge bleiben nicht lange so einfach. Als Michaels Welt anfängt, unter einer Flut aus Tragödie und Komplikationen zusammenzustürzen, weiß er, dass er eine Entscheidung treffen muss: Erlösung auf dem Weg der Selbstzerstörung finden oder die Liebe des Mannes zu akzeptieren, der seit zwanzig Jahren an seiner Seite ist.

Sutphin Boulevard Italiano

Sutphin Boulevard  Italiano Author Santino Hassell
ISBN-10 9781635339093
Year 2017-06-06
Pages 269
Language it
Publisher Dreamspinner Press

Michael Rodriguez e Nunzio Medici sono amici da due decenni. Sono sempre stati sulla stessa lunghezza d’onda: da quando hanno deciso di fuggire dalle loro famiglie disfunzionali del quartiere della classe operaia di South Jamaica, nel Queens, fino a insegnare in una delle scuole più accessibili alla comunità LGBTQ di Brooklyn. O così credono, finché una notte soffocante passata a ballare li porta a un incontro inaspettato che cambierà per sempre la loro amicizia. Ora, i tocchi distratti e gli sguardi prolungati trasudano tensione sessuale, e Michael non riesce a dimenticare cosa si prova ad avere addosso le mani del suo migliore amico. Quando i problemi sul lavoro e a casa si accumulano, Michael cerca una costante via di fuga nella naturale intimità e nella sorprendente affinità che lui e Nunzio condividono a letto. Quella soluzione così semplice, però, non è destinata a durare. Quando il suo mondo comincia a sgretolarsi in un mare di tragedie e complicazioni, Michael sa di dover fare una scelta: rassegnarsi a percorrere la strada verso l’autodistruzione o accettare l’amore dell’uomo che è stato al suo fianco per vent’anni.

Background Check

Background Check Author Redz Johnson
ISBN-10 9781503544321
Year 2015-03-13
Pages 54
Language en
Publisher Xlibris Corporation

I am writing this book to awake the world. Don’t trust anyone, and for the safety of your own life and family, please do a background check before you get to know any man or woman. I have lived a hard life, and through the grace of God, I was blessed to miss death so many times. I know it wasn’t my time, and I believe it wasn’t Takia’s time either or Monica’s, but with these crazy ass men out here carrying bad feelings for their mother and anyone else that hurt them. You can be that victim, ladies, so be careful of how you live your life with these men that we meet and not wondering where there from and who they were before they met you. Be careful, everyone. This is from the deepest of my heart. Be nosy and ask questions, even look them up doing an instant background check just for safety and security of your life and your family’s life.

Jamaica Station

Jamaica Station Author David D. Morrison
ISBN-10 0738576417
Year 2011
Pages 127
Language en
Publisher Arcadia Publishing

Photographs and text trace the history of Jamaica Station in Queens, New York, the hub of the Long Island Rail Road--