Soccer IQ Vol 2

Soccer IQ   Vol  2 Author Dan Blank
ISBN-10 0989697711
Year 2014-04
Pages 122
Language en

Dan Blank offers a treasure chest of useful tips to make you a smarter soccer player.


SoccerIQ Author Dan Blank
ISBN-10 1469982471
Year 2012-06-05
Pages 130
Language en
Publisher CreateSpace

Learn the mindset to play soccer.

Soccer IQ Presents Possession

Soccer IQ Presents    Possession Author Dan Blank
ISBN-10 098969772X
Year 2015-04-10
Pages 160
Language en
Publisher Soccerpoet LLC

POSSESSION is a step by step explanation of coaching points and on-field exercises for possession soccer. In this installment of the best-selling Soccer iQ series, Coach Dan Blank again distinguishes himself as soccer's finest how-to author, providing coaches with connect-the-dots solutions for teaching possession soccer. POSSESSION provides essential coaching philosophies that break down the art of keeping the ball. It includes dozens of training exercises as well as the mistakes that a coach can expect his players to make during those exercises - and the solutions to correct those mistakes. Filled with simple diagrams, POSSESSION is an easy-to-read guide for coaches who desperately want to help their teams keep the darn ball!

Soccer Smarts for Kids

Soccer Smarts for Kids Author Andrew Latham
ISBN-10 1623156904
Year 2016-02-17
Pages 174
Language en
Publisher Rockridge Press

The only soccer book for players ages 11 to 15 combining expert advice with essential soccer techniques for improving their skills. As a youth soccer coach for more than twenty years, Coach Andrew Latham sets kids up for success in Soccer Smarts for Kids with his no-fluff, easy-to-understand strategies and cover-to-cover tips--from goal setting and staying fit to pre-game prep and mental motivation. Coach Latham preps young players to be their best by sharing soccer secrets, exercises, and tricks for kids to develop their skills on the field, with: Basic to advanced techniques so kids can move at their own pace Player profiles highlighting six superstar soccer players (including Lionel Messi and Alex Morgan) Playbook essentials featuring color photos and custom diagrams Need-to-know terms to crack the code of fundamental soccer definitions Soccer fans will improve their game, play smarter, and have more fun with Soccer Smarts for Kids.

Soccer Speed

Soccer Speed Author Dick Bate
ISBN-10 9781450473613
Year 2014-09-06
Pages 216
Language en
Publisher Human Kinetics

Soccer Speed addresses all aspects of speed, including physical conditioning, tactical skills, and mental strategies, with 36 drills and small-sided games. Players will learn to retain and regain possession, change direction quickly, master one-touch passing and receiving, and employ strategies to unbalance the opposition.

The Soccer Book

The Soccer Book Author David Goldblatt
ISBN-10 1465417494
Year 2014
Pages 400
Language en
Publisher Dk Pub

A visual guide to soccer looks at the sport's skills, rules, tactics, coaching, teams, players, records, and competitions.

The Soccer Goalkeeping Handbook 3rd Edition

The Soccer Goalkeeping Handbook 3rd Edition Author Alex Welsh
ISBN-10 9781472907059
Year 2014-05-22
Pages 176
Language en
Publisher A&C Black

The Soccer Goalkeeping Handbook is the authoritative and comprehensive coaching guide to the most important position on the soccer field. It identifies the components that form the essential skills of any goalkeeper, and how these work within the five goalkeeping roles: shot stopping, dealing with crosses and with through balls, distribution and organisation. How the goalkeeper influences play with his presence is also vital. The handbook takes any keeper or coach through the physical, mental, technical and tactical attributes required. A full set of training drills and exercises are provided, focusing on game-specific behaviour to reinforce good habits. All are fully illustrated with a list of essential coaching points. As the modern game has evolved, so has the role of the goalie. This new edition addresses the need for the goalkeeper to be an effective reader of the game and an intelligent distributor of the ball, both as a means of retaining possession and initiating counter-attacks. It also covers how the player can reinforce self-belief for good performance, and how versions of the small-sided game (five-a-side, futsal) can develop technique. Whether experienced or aspiring, this is essential reading for all goalkeepers and coaches.

Playing Out of Your Mind A Soccer Player and Coaches Guide to Developing Mental Toughness

Playing Out of Your Mind  A Soccer Player and Coaches Guide to Developing Mental Toughness Author Dr Alan Goldberg
ISBN-10 1591641659
Year 1997-03
Pages 80
Language en
Publisher Reedswain, Incorporated

With patience, a little hard work and consistent practice, you can train yourself to develop the mind of a champion. Mental toughness can be learned! You can do it! This book provides you with all the strategies you need to become a mentally tough soccer player. Remember, if you have a dream to go as far as possible in this sport, you have to train your mind as well as your body. Great soccer players do not leave the mental side of their performance to chance. This is why they always seem to come through regardless of the odds against them or the pressure of the moment. Start right now to train yourself to systematically think and act like a champion! Use this book as a tool. Mental training, like physical training, is an ongoing process. You have to continually work at all aspects of your game to establish and maintain the competitive advantage.

Coaching Soccer

Coaching Soccer Author Bert Van Lingen
ISBN-10 1890946044
Year 1997
Pages 219
Language en
Publisher Reedswain Inc.

This book is used throughout Holland as the foundation for coaching soccer. Chapters include: What is Coaching, Reading the Game, The Dutch Concept, Teaching Techniques, What is 4 v 4, Why 7 v 7, Goalkeeping Training, Tasks & Fundamentals within the Team. 218 pages. The emphasis throughout is on the creation of optimal learning situations. A must for every coach`s library.

Soccer Tough

Soccer Tough Author Dan Abrahams
ISBN-10 0957051190
Year 2012-08-01
Pages 180
Language en
Publisher Bennion Kearny Limited

"Take a minute to slip into the mind of one of the world's greatest soccer players and imagine a stadium around you. Picture a performance under the lights and mentally play the perfect game." Technique, speed and tactical execution are crucial components of winning soccer, but it is mental toughness that marks out the very best players - the ability to play when pressure is highest, the opposition is strongest, and fear is greatest. Top players and coaches understand the importance of sport psychology in soccer but how do you actually train your mind to become the best player you can be? Soccer Tough demystifies this crucial side of the game and offers practical techniques that will enable soccer players of all abilities to actively develop focus, energy, and confidence. Soccer Tough will help banish the fear, mistakes, and mental limits that holds players back. Soccer psychology consultant Dan Abrahams shares the powerful techniques that have helped him develop reserve team players to become international players, and guided youth team players from slumps to first team contracts. Covering the mental triumphs of some of the world's leading players - Soccer Tough will help you become the best player you can be. Soccer Tough is for amateur and professional players of all levels, as well as coaches. This book explores how the best soccer players in the world think and gives the reader step-by-step ways to do the same.

Coaching Outside the Box

Coaching Outside the Box Author Paul S. A. Mairs
ISBN-10 0615700128
Year 2012
Pages 171
Language en

This book demonstrates what coaches should and should not be doing with young players in the sport and enables you to identify if effective coaching is taking place."Any parent whose child is playing youth soccer should read this book as the information is going to have a powerful impact on your child's experiences, development, and ultimately their success in the sport. This book is an essential tool for any club, coach, or parent who is truly focusing on player development." Manchester United Youth Academy Coach - Dean Whitehouse Using insightful anecdotes, personal experiences, and perspectives of numerous development experts, they passionately provide the reader with a clear and compelling breakdown of critical issues involved with youth development. Holding nothing back, they unveil the damaging problems that currently exist in U.S. youth soccer due to high numbers of administrators, coaches, and parents demonstrating misguided and outdated beliefs, and/or harboring ulterior motives that are simply not beneficial for the players' best interests. They emphasize how conventional thinking in youth soccer leads to so many youngsters encountering negative experiences during their formative years and is a major driver as to why 70-80% of young players drop out of the sport at a young age before they have even had the opportunity to unlock their true potential. In this book, Mairs and Shaw reveal how coaches and parents can positively impact young players' involvement. They demonstrate how to ignite young players' passion for the sport and arm players with the powerful tools which will help them become successful players in the long-term.

Nutrition for Soccer Players

Nutrition for Soccer Players Author Enrico Arcelli
ISBN-10 1890946176
Year 1998-01-01
Pages 136
Language en
Publisher Reedswain Inc.

A guide to increased performance looks at how the body uses energy and examines when and what to eat and drink when training and competing.