Women in the Age of Shakespeare

Women in the Age of Shakespeare Author Theresa D. Kemp
ISBN-10 9780313343049
Year 2010
Pages 263
Language en
Publisher ABC-CLIO

This book offers a look at the lives of Elizabethan era women in the context of the great female characters in the works of William Shakespeare. * Includes over 30 excerpts from letters and diaries, plays, poems, educational and religious treatises, and legal documents from the 16th and 17th centuries * Presents photos of actors playing female Shakespearean characters, including Emma Thompson, Claire Danes, Sarah Bernhardt, and Peggy Ashcroft

Batman 6

Batman 6 Author Scott Snyder
ISBN-10 1401252303
Year 2015-05-01
Pages 224
Language en
Publisher Dc Comics

In the wake of the death of his son Damian, Batman is in danger of losing his humanity. However, the foes of this grief-ridden Dark Knight mean to strike him when he's at his weakest. Has Batman's worst foe become... Bruce Wayne? Plus, three pivotal chapters from the epic ZERO YEAR storyline! From the critically acclaimed, New York Times #1 best-selling creative team of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo comes the next genre-defining graphic novel in their monumental run. Collects BATMAN #0, #18-20, #28, #34 and BATMAN ANNUAL #2.

An Outline of English Literature

An Outline of English Literature Author Granville Calland Thornley
ISBN-10 IND:39000000821384
Year 1984
Pages 216
Language en
Publisher Addison Wesley Longman ELT Division (a Pearson Education Company)

A survey of the English prose, poetry and drama of Great Britain and Ireland from earliest times to the 1980s.

Return to Rome

Return to Rome Author Francis J. Beckwith
ISBN-10 9781441203908
Year 2009-01-10
Pages 144
Language en
Publisher Brazos Press

What does it mean to be evangelical? What does it mean to be Catholic? Can one consider oneself both simultaneously? Francis Beckwith has wrestled with these questions personally and professionally. He was baptized a Catholic, but his faith journey led him to Protestant evangelicalism. He became a philosophy professor at Baylor University and president of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS). And then, in 2007, after much prayer, counsel, and consideration, Beckwith decided to return to the Catholic church and step down as ETS president. This provocative book details Beckwith's journey, focusing on his internal dialogue between the Protestant theology he embraced for most of his adult life and Catholicism. He seeks to explain what prompted his decision and offers theological reflection on whether one can be evangelical and Catholic, affirming his belief that one can be both. EXCERPT It's difficult to explain why one moves from one Christian tradition to another. It is like trying to give an account to your friends why you chose to pursue for marriage this woman rather than that one, though both may have a variety of qualities that you found attractive. It seems to me then that any account of my return to the Catholic church, however authentic and compelling it is to me, will appear inadequate to anyone who is absolutely convinced that I was wrong. Conversely, my story will confirm in the minds of many devout Catholics that the supernatural power of the grace I received at baptism and confirmation as a youngster were instrumental in drawing me back to the Mother Church. Given these considerations, I confess that there is an awkwardness in sharing my journey as a published book, knowing that many fellow Christians will scrutinize and examine my reasons in ways that appear to some uncharitable and to others too charitable.

Reading Shakespeare s Sonnets

Reading Shakespeare s Sonnets Author Don Paterson
ISBN-10 9780571263998
Year 2012-01-19
Pages 528
Language en
Publisher Faber & Faber

Shakespeare's Sonnets are as important and vital today as they were when first published four hundred years ago. Perhaps no collection of verse before or since has so captured the imagination of readers and lovers; certainly no poem has come under such intense critical scrutiny, and presented the reader with such a bewildering number of alternative interpretations. In this illuminating and often irreverent guide, Don Paterson offers a fresh and direct approach to the Sonnets, asking what they can still mean to the twenty-first century reader. In a series of fascinating and highly entertaining commentaries placed alongside the poems themselves, Don Paterson discusses the meaning, technique, hidden structure and feverish narrative of the Sonnets, as well as the difficulties they present for the modern reader. Most importantly, however, he looks at what they tell us about William Shakespeare the lover - and what they might still tell us about ourselves. Full of energetic analysis, plain-English translations and challenging mini-essays on the craft of poetry - not to mention some wild speculation - this approachable handbook to the Sonnets offers an indispensable insight into our greatest Elizabethan writer by one of the leading poets of our own day.

Love Between Women

Love Between Women Author Bernadette J. Brooten
ISBN-10 0226075923
Year 1998-11-01
Pages 412
Language en
Publisher University of Chicago Press

In the most important work on gay and lesbian history since John Boswell's pioneering Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality, Brooten examines female homoeroticism and the role of women in the ancient Roman world. Contrary to the widely held opinion which views Roman women as passive, submissive partners to men, this profound text contends that female homoeroticism was widespread among women of ancient times. 12 halftone illustrations.

Egyptian Mummies

Egyptian Mummies Author Bob Brier
ISBN-10 9780688146245
Year 1996-03-14
Pages 352
Language en
Publisher Harper Collins

Egyptian Mummies results from research done in preparation for the mummification of a human body, the first to be done in the Egyptian style in two thousand years. Through these studies, noted Egyptologist Bob Brier has unearthed the gripping stories of grave robberies and stolen mummies, the forgotten language of the pharaohs, and the tombs of the royal mummies. In an easily accesible and lively style, Brier uncovers the complete historical context of ancient Egyptian culture and offers a fascinating contemporary interpretation of it. Illuminating their mysteries, myths, sacred rituals, and heiroglyphic writing, Egyptian Mummies brings the ancients to life.


Heterosyncracies Author Karma Lochrie
ISBN-10 9781452907383
Year 2005
Pages 178
Language en
Publisher U of Minnesota Press

Reveals the lack of historical basis for heterosexuality as the norm.

The Whisper King

The Whisper King Author Wil Radcliffe
ISBN-10 1944703314
Year 2017-05-21
Language en

When David Kinder agreed to lead the Whisper King's army into war, he was promised answers to all of his questions. That included "the knowledge that burns." But this truth may even be too much for the Prince of the Shadow Mountains, for mortal and immortal alike have succumbed to the madness it ignites. Even as David wrestles with matters of the mind and spirit, a physical threat looms in the form of the Amathair, a homicidal creature from the end of time. With thousands upon thousands of skeletal Dearmad troops at its command, the Amathair threatens to annihilate all of reality.Only monsters stand against this threat. And only David Kinder, heir to the Whisper King, can lead them to victory... or damn them to ruin.------"The Whisper King books startled me with their invention and humanity. Destined to be a classic."-- Weston Ochse, Award-winning author ofSEAL Team 666 and Grunt Life