Scotland Global Cinema Genres Modes and Identities

Scotland  Global Cinema  Genres  Modes and Identities Author David Martin-Jones
ISBN-10 9780748686544
Year 2005-09-30
Pages 264
Language en
Publisher Edinburgh University Press

Scotland: Global Cinema is the first book to focus exclusively on the unprecedented explosion of filmmaking in Scotland in the 1990s and 2000s. It explores the various cinematic fantasies of Scotland created by contemporary filmmakers from all over the world--including Scotland, England, France, the United States and India--who braved the weather to shoot in Scotland. Significantly broadening the scope of previous debates, Scotland: Global Cinema provides analysis of ten different genres and modes prevalent in the 1990s/2000s: the comedy, road movie, Bollywood extravaganza, (Loch Ness) monster movie, horror film, costume drama, gangster flick, social realist melodrama, female friendship/US indie movie, and art cinema. These various chapters suggest a wealth of different histories of cinema in Scotland, and uncover the numerous identities--national, transnational, diasporic, global/local, gendered, sexual, religious--created by these approaches. Cinema in Scotland is situated in a global context through analysis of the intersection of transversal flows of filmmaking, tourism, trade and transnational fantasy typical of globalization, as they meet and mingle against the world famous cinematic landscapes of Scotland.

Heritage Film

Heritage Film Author Belen Vidal
ISBN-10 9780231850049
Year 2012-04-03
Pages 144
Language en
Publisher Columbia University Press

This volume provides a comprehensive introduction to the critical debates around the heritage film, from its controversial status in British cinema of the 1980s to its expansion into a versatile international genre in the 1990s and 2000s. This study explores the heritage film in light of questions of national identity in film and television, industry and funding, and history, gender and representation. Using a wide range of examples and including an in-depth analysis of three case studies – Girl with a Pearl Earring (2003), Joyeux Noël (2005) and The Queen (2006) – this book presents the heritage film as a thriving phenomenon at the centre of contemporary European cinema.

Cinema and Nation

Cinema and Nation Author Mette Hjort
ISBN-10 0415208629
Year 2000
Pages 332
Language en
Publisher Psychology Press

Ideas of national identity, nationalism and transnationalism are now a central feature of contemporary film studies, as well as primary concerns for film-makers themselves. Embracing a range of national cinemas including Scotland, Poland, France, Turkey, Indonesia, India, Germany and America, Cinema and Nation considers the ways in which film production and reception are shaped by ideas of national belonging and examines the implications of globalisation for the concept of national cinema. In the first three Parts, contributors explore sociological approaches to nationalism, challenge the established definitions of 'national cinema', and consider the ways in which states - from the old Soviet Union to contemporary Scotland - aim to create a national culture through cinema. The final two Parts address the diverse strategies involved in the production of national cinema and consider how images of the nation are used and understood by audiences both at home and abroad.

Asian Cinemas

Asian Cinemas Author Dimitris Eleftheriotis
ISBN-10 0824830857
Year 2006-01
Pages 473
Language en
Publisher University of Hawaii Press

Asian cinema is an area of increasing interest in Anglo-US film studies while Asian films are now widely distributed and popular with western audiences. The fascination with Asian cinema must be examined in the context of a complex and often problematic relationship between western scholars, students, viewers and Asian films. This book, therefore, examines a number of detailed case studies (such as the films of Ozu, Bruce Lee, Hong Kong and Turkish cinema, Hindi melodramas, Godzilla films, Taiwanese directors and Fifth Generation Chinese cinema) and uses them in order to investigate the limitations of Anglo-US theoretical models and critical paradigms. By engaging the readers with familiar areas of critical discourse (such as postcolonial criticism, 'national cinema', 'genre', 'authorship' and 'stardom') the book aims to introduce within such contexts the 'unfamiliar' case studies which will be explored in depth and detail. The advantage of such an approach is that it works with the dynamics of familiarity/unfamiliarity and resists the temptation to construct Asian cinemas as a gallery of exotic objects that might be particularly fascinating but remain deeply distant and foreign. Book jacket.

Theorizing World Cinema

Theorizing World Cinema Author Lucia Nagib
ISBN-10 9781848854932
Year 2011-12-15
Pages 229
Language en
Publisher I.B.Tauris

This textbook for studies in the field re-places world cinema in the cultural imagery. It also repositions world cinema in a wider discursive space than hitherto and treats it as an object of theoretical enquiry, rather than as a commercial label.

Films and British National Identity

Films and British National Identity Author Jeffrey Richards
ISBN-10 0719047439
Year 1997-09-15
Pages 387
Language en
Publisher Manchester University Press

This book seeks to examine the ways in which the cinema has defined, mythified and disseminated British national identity during the course of the twentieth century. It takes the form of a series of linked essays which examine chronologically, thematically and by specific case studies of films, stars and genres the complexities and ambiguities in the process of evolution and definition of the national identity. It argues for the creation of a distinctive British national identity both in cinema and the wider culture. But it also assesses the creation of alternative identities both ethnic and regional and examines the interaction of cinema and other cultural forms (music, literature and television).

The History of Italian Cinema

The History of Italian Cinema Author Gian Piero Brunetta
ISBN-10 0691119880
Year 2009
Pages 385
Language en
Publisher Princeton University Press

The History of Italian Cinema is the most comprehensive guide to Italian film ever published. Written by the foremost scholar of Italian cinema and presented here for the first time in English, this landmark book traces the complete history of filmmaking in Italy, from its origins in the silent era through its golden age in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s, and its subsequent decline to its resurgence today. Gian Piero Brunetta covers more than 1,500 films, discussing renowned masters including Roberto Rossellini and Federico Fellini, as well as directors lesser known outside Italy like Dino Risi and Ettore Scola. He examines overlooked Italian genre films such as horror movies, comedies, and Westerns, and he also devotes attention to neglected periods like the Fascist era. Brunetta illuminates the epic scope of Italian filmmaking, showing it to be a powerful cultural force in Italy and leaving no doubt about its enduring influence abroad. Encompassing the social, political, and technical aspects of the craft, he recreates the world of Italian cinema, giving readers rare insights into the actors, cinematographers, film critics, and producers that have made Italian cinema unique. Brunetta's passion as a true fan of Italian movies comes across on every page of this panoramic guide. A delight for film lovers everywhere, The History of Italian Cinema reveals the full artistry of Italian film.

American History and Contemporary Hollywood Film

American History and Contemporary Hollywood Film Author Trevor B. McCrisken
ISBN-10 0813536219
Year 2005
Pages 227
Language en
Publisher Rutgers University Press

Hollywood has always been fascinated by America's past, but never more so than in the past fifteen years. Bringing exciting new perspectives to how and why Hollywood has sought to repicture American history, this book offers analysis of more than twenty mainstream contemporary films, including The Patriot, Amistad, Glory, Ride with the Devil, Cold Mountain, Saving Private Ryan, The Thin Red Line, Pearl Harbor, U-571, Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July, Heaven and Earth, JFK, Nixon, Malcolm X, Ali, Black Hawk Down, and Three Kings. Both authoritative and engaging, American History and Contemporary Hollywood Film is the first book to comprehensively explore the post-cold war period of filmmaking, and to navigate the complex ways that film mediates history-sometimes challenging or questioning, but more frequently reaffirming traditional interpretations. The authors consider why such films are becoming increasingly integral to the ambitions of a globally focused American film industry. Structured by historical periods, chapters cover significant events and eras such as the American Revolution, slavery and the Civil War, World War II, the sixties and seventies, civil rights and black nationalism, the Vietnam War, and post-cold war global conflicts. The lessons learned from the examples will be illuminating for general readers and college students alike.

Directory of World Cinema

Directory of World Cinema Author Bob Nowlan
ISBN-10 9781783203949
Year 2015-07-29
Pages 372
Language en
Publisher Intellect Books

Scotland, its people and its history have long been a source of considerable fascination and inspiration for film-makers, film scholars and film audiences worldwide. A significant number of critically acclaimed films made in the last twenty-five years have ignited passionate conversations and debates about Scottish national cinema. Its historical, industrial and cultural complexities and contradictions have made it all the more a focus of attention and interest for both popular audiences and scholarly critics. Directory of World Cinema: Scotland provides an introduction to many of Scottish cinema’s most important and influential themes and issues, films and film-makers, while adding to the ongoing discussion concerning how to make sense of Scotland’s cinematic traditions and contributions. Chapters on film-makers range from Murray Grigor to Ken Loach, and Gaelic film-making, radical and engaged cinema, production, finance and documentary are just a few of the topics explored. Film reviews range from popular box office hits such as Braveheart and Trainspotting to lesser known but equally engaging independent and lower budget productions such as Shell and Orphans. This book is both a stimulating and accessible resource for a wide range of readers interested in Scottish film.

Screening Scotland

Screening Scotland Author Duncan J. Petrie
ISBN-10 085170784X
Year 2000-11-01
Pages 250
Language en
Publisher British Film Inst

This title provides an overview of developments within Scottish film making, and looks at the institutional context within which successes such as "Regeneration," "Trainspotting,"" Carla's Song," and "Mrs. Brown" have appeared. It also examines the history of Scottish film production.

Contemporary Russian Cinema

Contemporary Russian Cinema Author Vlad Strukov
ISBN-10 1474407641
Year 2016-04-26
Pages 304
Language en

One of the first books to explore Russian cinema in the new millennium, this volume captures the emergence of a new cinematic sensibility and interprets it through the framework of the symbolic mode. Analysing films by established directors such as Sokurov, Zviagintsev and Zel'dovich, as well as lesser-known filmmakers like Balabanov, Fedorchenko and Kalatozishvili, Contemporary Russian Cinema: Symbols of a New Era explores the particular style of film presentation that has emerged in Russia since 2000, characterized by its use of highly abstract concepts and visual language. Whether directed towards a mystical world, or even towards an afterlife, the symbolic mode defines the emergence of a specific mindscape which has escaped previous representational forms, and is intrinsically linked to Russia's dramatic political and economic development since the turn of the 21st century.

European Identity in Cinema

European Identity in Cinema Author Wendy Ellen Everett
ISBN-10 9781841509167
Year 2005
Pages 119
Language en
Publisher Intellect Books

"While the book's critical essays offer keen insight into the complex identities of European cinema, its combination of breadth and detail, and its interdisciplinary focus and background ensure its wider relevance to anyone interested in questions of contemporary culture and European affairs in general. Its stylistic clarity and freedom from jargon make it readable and accessible."--Jacket.

The Crowded Prairie

The Crowded Prairie Author Michael Coyne
ISBN-10 1860642594
Year 1998-12-15
Pages 239
Language en
Publisher I.B.Tauris

This book employs the Hollywood Western as a medium for examining the many tensions - political, racial, sexual, social and religious - which have beset modern America. The author discusses the changes in the genre itself over the years.

Representing the Rural

Representing the Rural Author Catherine Fowler
ISBN-10 0814335624
Year 2006-09-13
Pages 384
Language en
Publisher Wayne State University Press

A comprehensive and in-depth examination of the role of rural space in the cinema, contributing needed analysis to existing work on space, place, and identity in film.