Resistance Band Workout

Resistance Band Workout Author James Milligan
ISBN-10 1856487245
Year 2004
Pages 128
Language en
Publisher Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

The first full Resistance Band workout book—the revolutionary stress-free way to a healthy body. Highly effective, superbly portable, easy to store, and astonishingly inexpensive: no wonder exercisers looking for great results increasingly select resistance bands for their strength training. This rubber band-like piece of equipment works every bit as well as weights for toning muscles—and even better for stretching them. And there’s no need to go to the gym to use these powerful tools. With the incredible range of carefully photographed routines shown here (all conveniently color-coded for level, to match the color-coded bands), it’s simple to target every area of the body. Legs, arms, chest, abs: it’s all covered, with accurate body maps that show the muscle groups each exercise works on. Pick and choose from the wide array and put them together for a complete workout. Try resisted squats, hip extensions, shoulder presses, frontal raises, triceps push-downs, as well as warm-ups and cool-downs;, moves for alignment and posture; anywhere routines; and sports specific exercises. You’ll get awesome results.

The Scientific and Clinical Application of Elastic Resistance

The Scientific and Clinical Application of Elastic Resistance Author Phillip Page
ISBN-10 0736036881
Year 2003
Pages 352
Language en
Publisher Human Kinetics

Gain a solid base in the science behind elastic resistance exercise and learn the latest clinical applications for rehabilitation and fitness. The Scientific and Clinical Application of Elastic Resistanceis the most comprehensive guide to elastic resistance exercise. With this expansive reference, students and clinicians will learn how to deliver the most effective clinical and home exercise programs for patients and clients as well as tailor individual programs to improve physical conditioning and sport-specific abilities. The book's 430 photographs show how to perform a variety of exercises using elastic resistance bands and tubing. The companion CD-ROM (which can be purchased separately from the link below when it is available) contains all the exercises in the book, making it one of the most complete collections of elastic resistance exercises available. The CD-ROM is set up in the PhysioTools platform and allows users to order, edit, and download exercise programs, as well as -sort exercises by body part, sport/activity, or special population for quick reference; -develop protocols of elastic resistance exercises; and -provide clean-printed handouts with instructions for patients. The Scientific and Clinical Application of Elastic Resistancepresents a broad range of easy-to-access information organized into five parts: scientific applications, exercise applications for different areas of the body, training applications, sport-specific applications for 10 different sports, and special populations.

Tamilee Webb s Original Rubber Band Workout

Tamilee Webb s Original Rubber Band Workout Author Tamilee Webb
ISBN-10 0894800566
Year 1985-12-12
Pages 138
Language en
Publisher Workman Publishing Company

Demonstrates a series of aerobic exercises which feature the added resistance of specially designed rubber bands, and suggests a variety of routines; includes rubber resistance band

The American Physical Therapy Association Book of Body Repair and Maintenance

The American Physical Therapy Association Book of Body Repair and Maintenance Author Steve Vickery
ISBN-10 9781466820654
Year 1999-04-15
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher Holt Paperbacks

The new standard in fitness books, featuring hundreds of at-home stretches and exercises. At last, the first complete, fully illustrated compendium of stretching and exercises for every part of the body, backed by the experience and medical and scientific authority of the American Physical Therapy Association. Each exercise in the book has been prepared and reviewed by a special editorial board, chaired by Dr. Marilyn Moffat, president emeritus of the APTA, and widely considered to be the preeminent expert in the field. Broken down into three major sections, The American Physical Therapy Association Book of Body Repair and Maintenance first offers illustrated descriptions of the structure and mechanics of each major body part, explaining what can go wrong and how to properly care for that area. A middle section provides general information on posture, body mechanics, weight control, aerobic conditioning, and maintenance programs. Each chapter references the main part of the book, the catalog of exercises.

Make the Pool Your Gym

Make the Pool Your Gym Author Karl Knopf
ISBN-10 9781612430140
Year 2012
Pages 103
Language en
Publisher Ulysses Press

Featuring more than 75 exercises for all parts of the body and 200 step-by-step photos, this guide shows how to get the same strength-building, calorie-burning benefits or normal exercises in the water. Original.

Beat Osteoporosis with Exercise

Beat Osteoporosis with Exercise Author Karl Knopf
ISBN-10 9781612435749
Year 2016-04-18
Pages 144
Language en
Publisher Ulysses Press

PREVENT BONE LOSS AND DECREASE THE RISK OF INJURY WITH THIS FULLY-ILLUSTRATED WORKOUT GUIDE As you get older, osteoporosis is a big concern. Luckily, there are things you can do to keep it from adversely affecting your life. Featuring more than 100 step-by-step exercises divided into detailed fitness plans, Beat Osteoporosis with Exercise guarantees that, regardless of your current fitness level, you can radically improve all aspects of your health, including: • Preventing bone loss • Increasing mobility • Avoiding fractures • Building strength • Lowering risk of injury • Improving balance • Fixing posture As these exercises become a regular habit, you’ll have an improved and sustainable quality of life while engaging in your favorite physical activities, such as golf, hiking, fishing, tennis or even salsa dancing. This book's safe, age-appropriate, customizable approach to exercise offers stability to your bones while lowering risk of injury.

Get Stronger by Stretching with Thera Band

Get Stronger by Stretching with Thera Band Author Noa Spector-Flock
ISBN-10 0871272431
Year 2002
Pages 175
Language en
Publisher Dance Horizons

Learn how to strengthen the body using the method favored by physical therapists. Three sample exercise programs and complete instructions for choosing, using, and caring for the Thera-Band are included in this guide.