Rechenka s Eggs

Rechenka s Eggs Author Patricia Polacco
ISBN-10 0613003934
Year 1996-03-19
Language en
Publisher Turtleback Books

An injured goose rescued by Babushka broke the painted eggs intended for the Easter Festival in Moscva. The injured goose lays 13 marvelously colored eggs to replace them, including one final miracle in egg form, before returning to her own kind.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences Author Amy Jo Bain
ISBN-10 1563086794
Year 2001
Pages 293
Language en
Publisher Libraries Unlimited

Everything you need to create exciting thematic science units can be found in these handy guides. Developed for educators who want to take an integrated approach, these guides contain resource lists, reading selections, and activities that can be easily pulled together for units on virtually any science topic. Chapters identify and describe comprehensive teaching resources (nonfiction) and related fiction reading selections, then detail hands-on science and extension activities that help students learn the scientific method and build learning across the curriculum.

Babushka s Doll

Babushka s Doll Author Patricia Polacco
ISBN-10 9781442498662
Year 2013-11-26
Pages 40
Language en
Publisher Simon and Schuster

Babushka's doll was special. She had played with it only once, when she was a little girl like her high-spirited granddaughter, Natasha. Now Babushka is going to the store and it's Natasha's turn to take the little doll down from the high shelf. When the naughty doll comes to life -- and is even more rambunctious than the little girl herself -- Natasha finds out why playing once with Babushka's doll is enough! Patricia Polacco's beautiful illustrations capture the warmth, humor, and timeless spirit of her magical tale.

Babushka Baba Yaga

Babushka Baba Yaga Author Patricia Polacco
ISBN-10 0606168443
Year 1999-01-01
Pages 30
Language en
Publisher Turtleback

The villagers are afraid of her, so the legendary Baba Yaga disguises herself as an old woman in order to know the joys of being a grandmother.

Writing Sense

Writing Sense Author Juli Kendall
ISBN-10 9781571104427
Year 2006-01-01
Pages 214
Language en
Publisher Stenhouse Publishers

Writing is all about making meaning. The prospect of teaching writing to a classroom full of students—some who speak English and some who don't, can be overwhelming. When students learning English are at different levels, the task is even more challenging. Juli Kendall and Outey Khuon experimented with Ellin Keene's “Thinking Strategies Used by Proficient Learners” and found that by integrating writing and reading instruction their English language learners become stronger writers. Writing Sense outlines the classroom conditions necessary for successful writing instruction with English language learners, whether in writing workshop and/or small-group instruction. It includes 68 classroom-tested lessons for grades K–8 that show kids at all levels of language acquisition how to make connections, ask questions, visualize (make mental images), infer, determine importance, synthesize, monitor meaning and comprehension, and use fix-up strategies. Like the authors' earlier book, Making Sense, the five main sections are geared to the stages of language proficiency, and lessons are divided into “younger” and “older” students, spanning kindergarten through to grade eight. There are extensive lists of suggested books for mentor texts as well as lists of mentor authors to facilitate teachers' planning and instruction.

Mama Panya s Pancakes

Mama Panya s Pancakes Author Mary Chamberlin
ISBN-10 1905236646
Year 2006
Pages 40
Language en
Publisher Barefoot Books

How many people did we invite for pancakes tonight? Adika, skipping two steps ahead, sang his reply, All of our friends, Mama.

Boo It s Halloween

Boo  It s Halloween Author Wendy Watson
ISBN-10 0618130578
Year 2001-08-20
Pages 32
Language en
Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

A family gets ready for Halloween, preparing costumes, making goodies for the school party, and carving jack-o'lanterns. Halloween jokes and rhymes are interspersed throughout the text.

The Story of the Easter Robin

The Story of the Easter Robin Author Dandi Daley Mackall
ISBN-10 9780310734482
Year 2013-03-19
Pages 32
Language en
Publisher Zondervan

In the center of the nest lay one perfect egg, the color of a spring sky. The father robin sat on a branch nearby, guarding his family. Tressa spotted raccoon tracks below and a blue jay eyeing the nest. “Gran, how are we going to keep the egg safe?” “We’ll have to leave that one to the Creator,” Gran said. Robins have built a nest on the window ledge at Grandmother’s house! Tressa is thrilled—and concerned. What will happen to the sky-blue egg laid by the mother robin? As more eggs appear, Tressa witnesses the daily drama of the robins’ nest and learns how God cares for all creatures. Besides watching the birds, there are Easter eggs to color. And there is a very special story to hear—a tale of long ago about one small bird with a very big heart. How did the robin get its red breast? Tressa is about to find out as Gran tells her the story of the Easter robin. Brought to life with colorful, tender illustrations, The Story of the Easter Robin will captivate and teach your child about compassion and faith.

Pysanky Eggs

Pysanky Eggs Author LightBurst LightBurst Media
ISBN-10 0692658939
Year 2016-03-08
Pages 96
Language en
Publisher Lightburst Media

Pysanky Eggs: Easter Coloring Book features 40 Easter egg illustrations for you to color and enjoy. The illustrations include both modern images and images based on traditional Ukrainian Pysanky egg designs. The coloring pages offer a good variety of detail making this a great coloring book for both older kids and adults. Pick a page that jumps out to you and let the fun begin! 40 hand drawn images, no stock photos Images printed single sided Detailed images make this a perfect coloring book for both older kids and adults Great gift for Easter or people that like Pysanky Eggs

Introduction to Poultry for Youth

Introduction to Poultry for Youth Author Francine Bradley
ISBN-10 1601074484
Year 2007
Pages 54
Language en
Publisher UCANR Publications

This fun publication from the California 4-H program provides an outline so that youth can learn about birds through experiential learning. Includes materials for youth who do not own birds as well as those who do.

The Itsy Bitsy Duckling

The Itsy Bitsy Duckling Author Jeffrey Burton
ISBN-10 9781481486569
Year 2017-01-17
Pages 16
Language en
Publisher Simon and Schuster

A fun and playful springtime twist on the popular nursery rhyme “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”! The itsy bitsy duckling swam in the waterway. Down came the rain and chased the snow away. Out came the sun as birds began to sing. The cold winter was over. At long last it was spring! The itsy bitsy duckling is ready for springtime as the other animals wake up from their long winter naps.

Chicken Sunday

Chicken Sunday Author Patricia Polacco
ISBN-10 0698116151
Year 1992
Pages 32
Language en
Publisher Puffin

To thank Miss Eula for her wonderful Sunday chicken dinners, three children sell decorated eggs to buy her a beautiful Easter hat.

The First Easter Bunny

The First Easter Bunny Author Frrich Lewandowski
ISBN-10 0964643928
Year 1999-02-01
Pages 24
Language en
Publisher Paulist Press

A rabbit witnesses the death and resurrection of Jesus and becomes the first Easter bunny.

Easter in the Garden

Easter in the Garden Author Pamela Kennedy
ISBN-10 0824955773
Year 2008-01-01
Pages 32
Language en
Publisher Ideals Childrens Books

In Jerusalem, a little boy who works with his father, a gardener, experiences the sadness of hearing that his family's friend, Jesus, has died and the elation of knowing that He has risen.

Isabel s House of Butterflies

Isabel s House of Butterflies Author Tony Johnston
ISBN-10 1578051282
Year 2005-09-01
Pages 32
Language en
Publisher Gibbs Smith

Eight-year-old Isabel hopes that her plan will spare her favorite tree, keep the butterflies coming, and provide an income for her poor family in Mexico.