Patents Demystified An Insider S Guide to Protecting Ideas and Inventions

Patents Demystified  An Insider S Guide to Protecting Ideas and Inventions Author Dylan O. Adams
ISBN-10 1634251679
Year 2015-12-07
Pages 320
Language en

For tinkers, entrepreneurs, investors and any business with products or processes that can be patented, Patents Demystified provides an easy-to-understand insider guide to patents, patent law, and the patent application process. Based on the author s first-hand experience with both successful and failed companies of all sizes, readers learn the secrets of maximizing patent protection on any budget, with strategies that can be tailored to companies with any business plan or product. Instead of being intimidated and confused by patents, readers will discover how to proactively work with a patent attorney to craft a customized patent strategy, thereby taking the mystery out of what can be an arduous and complicated process."

The ABA Consumer Guide to Obtaining a Patent

The ABA Consumer Guide to Obtaining a Patent Author Richard W. Goldstein
ISBN-10 1634256077
Year 2016-10-07
Pages 186
Language en

Reading this book will help you understand how to work the patent system to your advantage, and how to work effectively with the patent attorney who will represent you.

Patents Simplified

Patents  Simplified Author Fatih Ozluturk
ISBN-10 0615891705
Year 2013-09-01
Pages 108
Language en
Publisher Ideamill IP, LLC

Intellectual property is one of the most valuable assets of an innovative company. By their nature as legal documents, patents can be complicated; and, patenting process can be confusing. Especially entrepreneurs, small companies, and individual inventors are at a disadvantage because of the specialization and resources needed. This book covers the most important topics related to patents and patent applications, gives you a step-by-step roadmap of patent prosecution, and also explains the international patent applications as well as the recent changes that the America Invents Act brought.

The Art of the Patent

The Art of the Patent Author Kevin Prince
ISBN-10 0983964009
Year 2011-09-01
Pages 210
Language en

Most patents are what you would expect from a government doucment: downright boring. Yet the drawings on some are absolutely amazing, with beautiful line-art drawings that show in stunning detail the inner workings of everything from farming machines to airplanes to rockets. Join us on a tour of some of the best patent drawings ever created, as well as a glimpse of some of our most historically significant patents, spanning over 200 years of patent art.Since patent dratsman are not listed on patent documents, the artwork they create remains annonymous. This book brings out the best of those. With some interesting discussion on tools the draftsman use, and some of the more important patent drafting rules issued by the US Patent & Trademark Office, this book will be appreciated by anyone interested in mechanical drawings, line-art illustrations, and fascinating milestones in patent history. Kevin Prince, an inventor and US Patent Agent, has collected a unique set of patent art over five years as a patent researcher, taking note along the way of thoses patents having exceptional artwork. Now he's brought this collection to the public, showcasing masterfully illustrated inventions from over two centuries. You will be surprised at what some of these artists created--many with just a pen and paper--as far back as 1794 with Eli Whitney's Cotton Gin.

The Civil Law Tradition

The Civil Law Tradition Author John Henry Merryman
ISBN-10 0804755698
Year 2007-05-21
Pages 173
Language en
Publisher Stanford University Press

This is a concise history and analysis of the civil law tradition, which is dominant in most of Europe, all of Latin America, and many parts of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. This new edition deals with recent significant events - such as the fall of the Soviet empire and the resulting precipitous decline of the socialist legal tradition - and their significance for the civil law tradition.

Secrets from an Inventor s Notebook

Secrets from an Inventor s Notebook Author Maurice Kanbar
ISBN-10 1571780998
Year 2001
Pages 192
Language en
Publisher Council Oak Books

When the fuzz from his sweater was pulled off by a brick wall he was leaning against, Maurice Kanbar had a brainstorm. Soon he had patented, produced and successfully promoted the D-Fuzz-It sweater comb, and made his first fortune at the age of twenty-two. In this engaging “master class” Kanbar’s real world hits and misses illustrate the concrete steps every inventor must follow to successfully take his product to market.


Cybersecurity Author Peter W. Singer
ISBN-10 9780199918119
Year 2014
Pages 224
Language en
Publisher Oxford University Press

An authoritative, single-volume introduction to cybersecurity addresses topics ranging from phishing and electrical-grid takedowns to cybercrime and online freedom, sharing illustrative anecdotes to explain how cyberspace security works and what everyday people can do to protect themselves. Simultaneous.

Decolonizing Methodologies

Decolonizing Methodologies Author Linda Tuhiwai Smith
ISBN-10 9781848139534
Year 2013-10-10
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher Zed Books Ltd.

'A landmark in the process of decolonizing imperial Western knowledge.' Walter Mignolo, Duke University To the colonized, the term 'research' is conflated with European colonialism; the ways in which academic research has been implicated in the throes of imperialism remains a painful memory. This essential volume explores intersections of imperialism and research - specifically, the ways in which imperialism is embedded in disciplines of knowledge and tradition as 'regimes of truth.' Concepts such as 'discovery' and 'claiming' are discussed and an argument presented that the decolonization of research methods will help to reclaim control over indigenous ways of knowing and being. Now in its eagerly awaited second edition, this bestselling book has been substantially revised, with new case-studies and examples and important additions on new indigenous literature, the role of research in indigenous struggles for social justice, which brings this essential volume urgently up-to-date.

In The Plex

In The Plex Author Steven Levy
ISBN-10 9781416596714
Year 2011-04-12
Pages 432
Language en
Publisher Simon and Schuster

Written with full cooperation from top management, including cofounders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, this is the inside story behind Google, the most successful and most admired technology company of our time, told by one of our best technology writers. Few companies in history have ever been as successful and as admired as Google, the company that has transformed the Internet and become an indispensable part of our lives. How has Google done it? Veteran technology reporter Steven Levy was granted unprecedented access to the company, and in this revelatory book he takes readers inside Google headquarters—the Googleplex—to show how Google works. While they were still students at Stanford, Google cofounders Larry Page and Sergey Brin revolutionized Internet search. They followed this brilliant innovation with another, as two of Google’s earliest employees found a way to do what no one else had: make billions of dollars from Internet advertising. With this cash cow, Google was able to expand dramatically and take on other transformative projects: more efficient data centers, open-source cell phones, free Internet video (YouTube), cloud computing, digitizing books, and much more. The key to Google’s success in all these businesses, Levy reveals, is its engineering mind-set and adoption of such Internet values as speed, openness, experimentation, and risk taking. After its unapologetically elitist approach to hiring, Google pampers its engineers—free food and dry cleaning, on-site doctors and masseuses—and gives them all the resources they need to succeed. Even today, with a workforce of more than 23,000, Larry Page signs off on every hire. But has Google lost its innovative edge? With its newest initiative, social networking, Google is chasing a successful competitor for the first time. Some employees are leaving the company for smaller, nimbler start-ups. Can the company that famously decided not to be evil still compete? No other book has ever turned Google inside out as Levy does with In the Plex.

Not So Obvious

Not So Obvious Author Jeffrey Schox
ISBN-10 1466269812
Year 2011
Pages 182
Language en

An Introduction to Patent Law and StrategyThis book was written by Jeffrey Schox for his course "Patent Law and Strategy for Innovators and Entrepreneurs" at Stanford University. After an introduction to intellectual property, it answers the questions: How does the patent system work? What is an invention? Is the invention patentable? When should the patent application be filed? Does the invention infringe any patents? and Who owns the patent application?The book was written before the passage of the America Invents Act ("AIA"), which transforms the U.S. patent system from a "first-to-invent" system to a "first-inventor-to-file" system. This transformation, which will affect less than 10% of the book, does not take effect until March 2013. The author plans to revise this book in September 2012.

Patent It Yourself

Patent It Yourself Author David Pressman
ISBN-10 9781413322576
Year 2016-07-20
Pages 672
Language en
Publisher Nolo

Attorney David Pressman and updater Thomas Tuytschaevers take you through the entire patent process, providing scrupulously updated information and clear instructions to help you: determine if you can patent your invention understand patent law evaluate the commercial potential of your idea perform your own patent search file a provisional patent application prepare a formal patent application respond to patent examiners amend an application enforce and maintain your patent market and license your invention Thoroughly updated to reflect the latest changes in intellectual property law, this edition provides the latest U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rules and forms. It includes up-to-date discussions of the new "first to file" rule, which has to revolutionized patent law.

A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking

A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking Author Dan O'Hair
ISBN-10 9781319019716
Year 2015-09-29
Pages 336
Language en
Publisher Macmillan Higher Education

This best-selling brief introduction to public speaking offers practical coverage of every topic typically covered in a full-sized text, from invention, research and organization, practice and delivery, to the different speech types. Its concise, inexpensive format makes it perfect not only for the public speaking course, but also for any setting across the curriculum, on the job, or in the community. This newly redesigned full-color edition offers even stronger coverage of the fundamentals of speechmaking, while also addressing the changing realities of public speaking in a digital world. It features fully updated chapters on online presentations and using presentation software, and a streamlined chapter on research in print and online.

Internet and the Law

Internet and the Law Author Aaron Schwabach
ISBN-10 9781851097319
Year 2006
Pages 395
Language en
Publisher ABC-CLIO

Focusing on laws relating to intellectual property and freedom of expression, this book covers legal issues relating to information technology and the Internet. Exploring such legal battles as A & M Records v Napster and Apple Computer v Franklin Computer, it allows readers a look into stories of trade secrets, music theft, and industrial espionage.

Pinkalicious and Aqua the Mini Mermaid

Pinkalicious and Aqua  the Mini Mermaid Author Victoria Kann
ISBN-10 006241075X
Year 2016-05-03
Pages 24
Language en
Publisher HarperFestival

A brand-new adventure starring Aqua, from the New York Times bestselling book Aqualicious! Aqua, the mini-mermaid, shares her special places with Pinkalicious and Peter, including a cove filled with sparkling sea glass and rainbow-colored shells. The friends are worried, though, when they see fins approaching. Fortunately, the fins don’t belong to sharks. It’s a pair of dolphins. Pink, of course! This 24-page 8x8 comes with a sheet of beautiful stickers.