No paradise for workers

No paradise for workers Author Kenneth D. Buckley
ISBN-10 UCAL:B4451547
Year 1988-06-30
Pages 296
Language en
Publisher Oxford University Press, USA

The first of two volumes offering a radical history of capitalism in Australia, this book analyzes the social and political relations of the economic system that British imperialists first imposed on the original Australians 200 years ago: from the country's beginnings as a colonial prison to the consolidation of pastoral capitalism and emergence of the organized working class and the incipient manufacturing industry that preceded World War I.

Not Paradise

Not Paradise Author Anna Rosner Blay
ISBN-10 9781442997622
Year 2009-08-05
Pages 324
Language en

How do you collect the shattered pieces of a broken mirror and put them back together. without the reflections of your own fractured face leering back at you? How can you handle these jagged fragments and not suffer deep cuts that bleed?' Anna Roarer Bay. author of Sister. Sister (shortlisted in the Age Book of the Year and the New South Wales Premier's Awards), draws together the moving and revealing stories of four women who emerged from the honors of the Holocaust and strove to reconstruct their shattered lives on the opposite side of the globe, in the safe, sun-filled bad of Australia. She explores their tenacity to hold on to life and keep moving forward and entwines their stories with her own personal journey beyond the loss and despair of a broken marriage to weave a compelling and fascinating inquiry into how we understand the past where we find the courage and resilience to continue in the fact of suffering and hardship, and how we can discover a way forward. beyond trauma, to a fife of hope and fulfilment.

Paradise Is Not Heaven

Paradise Is Not Heaven Author Rick Lane
ISBN-10 1456788086
Year 2011-11-17
Pages 248
Language en
Publisher AuthorHouse

The book imagines that a number of planets support life similar to that on earth, and one has been destroyed by the human race. The Creator decides that the planet should be revived, and the book follows the actions and thoughts of the gods involved in the regeneration.

Not Quite Paradise

Not Quite Paradise Author Adele Marie Barker
ISBN-10 9780807000618
Year 2010-01
Pages 303
Language en
Publisher Beacon Press

Chronicles the author's travels in Sri Lanka, focusing on the differences between daily life there and in the United States, and the devastation suffered by the nation's people after the 2004 tsunami.

No Hunger In Paradise

No Hunger In Paradise Author Michael Calvin
ISBN-10 9781473537910
Year 2017-04-20
Pages 464
Language en
Publisher Random House

*Award-winning author of The Nowhere Men and Living on the Volcano is back to complete his football trilogy with a new book that tells the inside story of becoming a professional footballer.* “What’s your dream, son?” A six year-old boy, head bowed, mumbles the eternal answer: “Be a footballer....” Steadman Scott, football’s most unlikely talent scout, smiles indulgently, and takes him in from the street. He knows the odds. Only 180 of the 1.5 million boys who play organised youth football in England will become a Premier League pro. That’s a success rate of 0.012 per cent. How and why do the favoured few make it? What separates the good from the great? Who should they trust – the coach, the agent or their parents? Michael Calvin provides the answers on a journey from non-league grounds to hermetically sealed Premier League palaces, via gang-controlled sink estates and the England team’s inner sanctum. He interviews decision makers, behavioural specialists, football agents and leading coaches. He shares the hopes and fears of players and their parents. He exposes bullying and a black economy in which children are commodities, but remains true to the dream.

Parables from a Not Quite Paradise NV 89154

Parables from  a Not Quite  Paradise  NV 89154 Author William N. Thompson
ISBN-10 9781410791894
Year 2003-12-01
Pages 176
Language en
Publisher AuthorHouse

The Earth, filled with the sickness of hate and violence, blew up in the year 2039, leaving thousands of residents already on the Moon, and Mars, and satellite islands circling the Earth as "orphans of the storm." Youthful travelers of different races and religious cultures on a marvelous space ship called The Moon Glow, find a refreshing fellowship in which they question whether organized religion might have been able to stem Earth's demise. What if they had all been more faithful to their teachings? Romance, adventure, and travel in space and on the Moon, along with a lot of soul-searching, now combine with a strange visitor, who travels instantaneously by Thought Transference, and is part of a Spirit People culture in a far universe. He too, has found the message of the Creator, and offers them the assurance that they are not alone! Christian, Jew, and Moslem confront the inconsistencies of the various Faith groups, and try also to deal with racial prejudice. They are forced to admit that some of this may have been a part of the incendiary fuse that set off the nuclear destruction of nearly eleven billion people.

Not Yet a Workers Paradise

Not Yet a Workers  Paradise Author
ISBN-10 9781564324764
Year 2009
Pages 31
Language en
Publisher Human Rights Watch

This 32-page report documents the Vietnamese government's crackdown on independent trade unions and profiles labor rights activists who have been detained, placed under house arrest, or imprisoned by the Vietnamese government in violation of international law. The report calls on donor governments and foreign firms investing in Vietnam to press the government to treat workers properly.

Paradise Now and Not Yet

Paradise Now and Not Yet Author Andrew T. Lincoln
ISBN-10 0521609399
Year 2004-12-23
Pages 292
Language en
Publisher Cambridge University Press

The author analyses passages in Paul's letters where the concept of heaven plays a significant role, and discusses the relation of the concept to the background of his thought, his views of history, of the cosmos, of the destiny of humanity, and of the nature of Christian existence.

Majorca Paradise Not Lost

Majorca  Paradise Not Lost Author Chuck Maisel
ISBN-10 9780595360222
Year 2005
Pages 196
Language en
Publisher iUniverse

For two unforgettable years, writer Chuck Maisel and aspiring painter Carroll Graham lived the dream of a lifetime. Living in a timeless village on the Mediterranean island of Majorca, the two friends discover that fantasy can truly become reality.In this charming memoir, Chuck recalls the high humor and deep profundity of daily life on a foreign island, the heart-swelling beauty of place and people, and the wonderful events that brought him maturity, wisdom, joy, and eternal memories.Meet a captivating cast of characters that includes famous authors, painters, and a movie actress. But those most cherished are the island natives: Margarita, Toni, Pepe, Gaspar, Catalina, and others of the wise and delightful populace.Join the fun and fulfillment of an adventure crammed with the emotional warmth of Under the Tuscan Sun, the wit of A Year in Provence, and the joyous idiosyncrasies of living on an island. Enjoy a beautiful world where serendipity is the norm and still excites seekers of adventure today to Majorca island. "This delightful memoir is Chuck Maisel's best argument for the thoughtful and well-planned bliss-following that is necessary at some point in each of our lives-not to escape reality but to rediscover it with enthusiasm."-Greg Sarris, Author of Watermelon Nights and both the novel and the screenplay of Grand Avenue produced by Robert Redford


Ivrrac Author Peter Robert Jordan
ISBN-10 9780473154097
Year 2009-08
Pages 367
Language en
Publisher Trentsworth Press

A Psychological Intrigue Set in Alpine New Zealand by New Kiwi Author Peter R. Jordan. Simon, a convicted serial killer of the rich, undergoes treatment at a fledgling private criminal rehabilitation firm, IVRRAC. Simon is then sent to the alpine village of Trentsworth, a town full of rich socialite women, to ascertain whether he is cured of his murderous impulses or not. During his stay in Trentsworth, Simon falls in love with his neighbour, Kyndrea, the only child of a rich widower. After a time he realises there is no way she would be able to love him due to his past. Through this anguish he discovers that the rehabilitation process has failed and he is still able to exact his revenge with dramatic and unexpected results. During the aftermath of his actions he is informed what the anagram IVRRAC stands for and the awful truth that IVRRAC has its own dark secrets and Trentsworth is not at all what it seems. "One mistake, one tiny error in that psych report, the treatment won't hold and that will spell disaster. Suicide, massacre or most likely both! I'll stay with him and watch events carefully, but I won't be held responsible."

Paradise Discourse Imperialism and Globalization

Paradise Discourse  Imperialism  and Globalization Author Sharae Deckard
ISBN-10 9781135224011
Year 2009-12-04
Pages 264
Language en
Publisher Routledge

This comparative study, the first of its kind, discusses paradise discourse in a wide range of writing from Mexico, Zanzibar, and Sri Lanka, including novels by authors such as Malcolm Lowry, Leonard Woolf, Juan Rulfo, Wilson Harris, Abdulrazak Gurnah, and Romesh Gunesekera. Tracing dialectical tropes of paradise across the "long modernity" of the capitalist world-system, Deckard reads literature from postcolonial nations in context with colonial discourse in order to demonstrate how paradise begins as a topos motivating European exploration and colonization, shifts into an ideological myth justifying imperial exploitation, and finally becomes a literary motif used by contemporary writers to critique neocolonial representations and conditions in the age of globalization. Combining a range of critical perspectives—cultural materialist, ecocritical, and postcolonial—the volume opens up a deeper understanding of the relation between paradise discourse and the destructive dynamics of plantation, tourism, and global capital. Deckard uncovers literature from East Africa and South Asia which has been previously overlooked in mainstream postcolonial criticism, and gestures to how the utopian dimensions of the paradise myth might be reclaimed to promote cultural resistance.

Longing for Paradise

Longing for Paradise Author Mario Jacoby
ISBN-10 1894574176
Year 2006
Pages 229
Language en
Publisher Inner City Books

The longing for freedom from conflict, suffering and deprivation is an eternal human dream of great emotional power. It is the dream of total happiness, embodied in almost all cultures as the myth of Paradise. The author, a Jungian analyst, begins with a discussion of the psychological connection between the idea of Paradise and the crucially decisive quality of the Mother-infant relationship in determining a child's development.

The Other Side of Paradise

The Other Side of Paradise Author Staceyann Chin
ISBN-10 1439159378
Year 2009-04-14
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher Simon and Schuster

No one knew Staceyann's mother was pregnant until a dangerously small baby was born on the floor of her grandmother's house in Lottery, Jamaica, on Christmas Day. Staceyann's mother did not want her, and her father was not present. No one, except her grandmother, thought Staceyann would survive. It was her grandmother who nurtured and protected and provided for Staceyann and her older brother in the early years. But when the three were separated, Staceyann was thrust, alone, into an unfamiliar and dysfunctional home in Paradise, Jamaica. There, she faced far greater troubles than absent parents. So, armed with a fierce determination and uncommon intelligence, she discovered a way to break out of this harshly unforgiving world. Staceyann Chin, acclaimed and iconic performance artist, now brings her extraordinary talents to the page in a brave, lyrical, and fiercely candid memoir about growing up in Jamaica. She plumbs tender and unsettling memories as she writes about drifting from one home to the next, coming out as a lesbian, and finding the man she believes to be her father and ultimately her voice. Hers is an unforgettable story told with grace, humor, and courage.