My Sister s Voice

My Sister s Voice Author Martin Boyce
ISBN-10 1520704267
Year 2017-03-08
Pages 102
Language en

In this debut collection of 13 short stories, literary award-winner, Martin M. Boyce, explores the struggle between private and public selves, writing as a gay man from the Caribbean island of Barbados. Bold, brooding and humorous are these often lyrical soliloquies which extend past superficial musings into the realm of honest revelations, including urgent, universal social commentaries about fighting approval addiction to find peace through self-acceptance.

Buller Men and Batty Bwoys

Buller Men and Batty Bwoys Author Wesley Eddison Aylesworth Crichlow
ISBN-10 0802089429
Year 2004-01
Pages 230
Language en
Publisher University of Toronto Press

In Buller Men and Batty Bwoys, Wesley Crichlow focuses primarily on the lives of nineteen Black gay and bisexual men in Toronto and Halifax, seeks to give voice to those who have been displaced, and explores the process of self-definition in the context of racial, ethnic, and sexual conformity. Crichlow's perceptive study brings to the foreground several concepts, including the role of homophobia in Black identity, and the problematics of Black 'heteronormativity,' in relation to Black men who engage in same-sex practices. In his sociological analysis, Crichlow introduces to the discipline Audre Lorde's unique literary genre, "biomythography," which emphasizes the connections between the creation of culture and community (through mythology and story-telling) and the creation of personal identity (through names, labels, and group membership). At the same time, he problematizes and celebrates the multiple differences among the men he interviewed as he aims to broaden the study of Black history, Queer Studies, and culture in a Canadian context by bringing sexuality into the various theories that attempt to generalize experience. Buller Men and Batty Bwoys offers the reader critical insight into the complex lives of Black gay and bisexual men in Canada. Equally important, Crichlow's research makes a substantial and original contribution to the limited body of academic work in this area.

Australian Dictionary of Biography 1891 1939 Gil Las

Australian Dictionary of Biography  1891 1939  Gil Las Author Bede Nairn
ISBN-10 0522842739
Year 1983-01-01
Pages 677
Language en
Publisher Melbourne University

Since 1962 the Australian Dictionary of Biography has been prepared by its staff in the Research School of Social Sciences at the Australian National University. It provides concise, informative and fascinating descriptions of prominent men and women of this country who contributed their vision and energies to a growing nation. Each entry is prepared by a leading scholar. The subjects come from all walks of lifeandmdash;from premiers, generals and bishops, through artists, actors and authors, farmers, engineers and schoolteachers, to prostitutes, thieves and murderersandmdash;providing a cross-section of Australian society. This magnificent cumulative work continues to be a valuable and popular reference tool for all libraries, large and small.

Memories and Adventures

Memories and Adventures Author Arthur Conan Doyle
ISBN-10 9781108044042
Year 2012-02-16
Pages 434
Language en
Publisher Cambridge University Press

First published in 1923, this autobiography explores Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's life from his school years to literary success and beyond.

My Sisters Voices

My Sisters  Voices Author Iris Jacob
ISBN-10 9781466832596
Year 2002-04-03
Pages 272
Language en
Publisher Holt Paperbacks

In the tradition of the bestselling Ophelia Speaks, a collection of provocative essays by teenage girls of color My Sisters' Voices is a passionate and poignant collection of writings from teenage girls of African American, Hispanic, Asian American, Native American, and biracial backgrounds. With candor and grace, they speak out on topics that are relevant not only to themselves and their peers but to anyone who is raising, teaching, or nurturing young women of color. As adolescents, women, and minorities, these young authors represent a demographic that has had no voice of its own, a group often spoken for but rarely given the opportunity to be heard. Now these young women have a chance to stand up and be counted, to present their own unique perspectives in fresh and astonishing ways. Here you'll find a Native American girl writing about the bumps in her relationship with her best friend, who's white; a Korean American girl who wishes she could help her mother understand that it's okay to socialize with boys as well as girls; and a biracial girl who feels she must be the designated spokesperson for blacks when she's around whites, for whites when she's around blacks, and for biracial people around everyone. These personal and inspiring stories about family, friendship, sex, love, poverty, loss, and oppression make My Sisters' Voices essential reading for young women of all backgrounds.

Writing the Walls Down

Writing the Walls Down Author Helen Klonaris
ISBN-10 0985110597
Year 2015-08-31
Pages 272
Language en
Publisher Trans-Genre Press

Writing the Walls Down is a multi-genre gathering of US and international voices in an effort to generate a cross cultural and nuanced dialogue that not only examines the power of walls to divide, but walls as sites of resistance, (re)connection, and community.

Brown Girl Brownstones

Brown Girl  Brownstones Author Paule Marshall
ISBN-10 9780486118604
Year 2012-03-06
Pages 272
Language en
Publisher Courier Corporation

Set in Brooklyn during the Depression and World War II, this 1953 coming-of-age novel centers on the daughter of Barbadian immigrants. "Passionate, compelling." — Saturday Review. "Remarkable for its courage." — The New Yorker.

Eat Pray Eat

Eat Pray Eat Author Michael Booth
ISBN-10 9781446499412
Year 2011-10-31
Pages 304
Language en
Publisher Random House

'The next Bill Bryson.’ New York Times World-weary, distracted and more often than not the worse for wine, Michael Booth really needed to make some major changes to his life. Instead, he embarks on an over-ambitious, self-indulgent attempt to write the definitive book on Indian food, taking his wife and two young children in tow. They criss-cross India, from mist-shrouded Delhi to Mumbai and the slums of Dharavi, meeting the locals and samplying different cuisines along the way. However, his plan is derailed as he spirals deeper into his metaphysical middle-aged malaise, finally unravelling amid the sweltering heat of the Keralan backwaters. Fortunately, his wife takes control and enrolls her disintegrating husband in a hardcore yoga boot camp, enlisting a wise meditation guru who helps him chart a path towards enlightenment. But will Booth's cynicism and untrammelled appetites prove his undoing? Can he regain his balance, conquer his anxieties and face up to life as a husband and father?

Imagine this

Imagine this Author Sade Adeniran
ISBN-10 UOM:39015076156614
Year 2007
Pages 331
Language en

'Imagine This' is a fictional memoir of a British born girl growing up in an African village.

The Culture of Gender and Sexuality in the Caribbean

The Culture of Gender and Sexuality in the Caribbean Author Linden Lewis
ISBN-10 9780813031200
Year 2003
Pages 338
Language en
Publisher University Press of Florida

"A major contribution to the scholarship of gender and sexuality in the Caribbean."--A. Lynn Bolles, University of MarylandThis volume provides an engaging interdisciplinary approach to the study of gender and sexual relations in the Caribbean.

Blackbeard the Pirate King

Blackbeard  the Pirate King Author J. Patrick Lewis
ISBN-10 0792255852
Year 2006
Pages 32
Language en
Publisher National Geographic Books

A collection of biographical poems separates the myth from fact about the real-life adventures of the eighteenth century pirate Edward Teach, known through lore as Blackbeard.

A Map to the Door of No Return

A Map to the Door of No Return Author Dionne Brand
ISBN-10 9780385674836
Year 2012-08-07
Pages 240
Language en
Publisher Vintage Canada

A Map to the Door of No Return is a timely book that explores the relevance and nature of identity and belonging in a culturally diverse and rapidly changing world. It is an insightful, sensitive and poetic book of discovery. Drawing on cartography, travels, narratives of childhood in the Caribbean, journeys across the Canadian landscape, African ancestry, histories, politics, philosophies and literature, Dionne Brand sketches the shifting borders of home and nation, the connection to place in Canada and the world beyond. The title, A Map to the Door of No Return, refers to both a place in imagination and a point in history -- the Middle Passage. The quest for identity and place has profound meaning and resonance in an age of heterogenous identities. In this exquisitely written and thought-provoking new work, Dionne Brand creates a map of her own art. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Michael Tolliver Lives

Michael Tolliver Lives Author Armistead Maupin
ISBN-10 9781446497647
Year 2012-03-13
Pages 336
Language en
Publisher Random House

Michael Tolliver, the sweet-spirited Southerner in Armistead Maupin's classic Tales of the City series, is arguably the most beloved gay character in fiction. Now, almost twenty years after ending his groundbreaking saga of San Francisco life, Maupin revisits his all-too-human hero, letting the 55-year-old gardener tell his story in his own voice. Having survived the plague that took so many of his friends and lovers, Michael has learned to embrace the random pleasures of life, the tender alliances that sustain him in the hardest of times, Michael Tolliver Lives follows its protagonist as he finds love with a younger man, attends to his dying fundamentalist mother in Florida, and finally reaffirms his allegiance to a wise octogenarian who was once his landlady. While Maupin insists that this book is not, strictly speaking, a continuation of Tales of the City, a reassuring number of familiar faces appear along the way. As usual, the author's mordant wit and ear for pitch-perfect dialogue serve every aspect of the story-- from the bawdy to the bittersweet. Michael Tolliver Lives is a novel about the act of growing older joyfully and the everyday miracles that somehow make that possible.

The Village of Round and Square Houses

The Village of Round and Square Houses Author Ann Grifalconi
ISBN-10 UOM:39015012183961
Year 1986-05-30
Pages 32
Language en
Publisher Little Brown & Company

A grandmother explains to her listeners why in their village on the side of a volcano the men live in square houses and the women in round ones.