La Giara The Water Jug

La Giara  The Water Jug Author Patricia King Haddad
ISBN-10 9781543903232
Year 2017-05-27
Language en
Publisher BookBaby

La Giara begins in Sicily in 1909, when adolescent Nunzio Minissale’s imperious cutting in line at the town water fountain leads to breaking his aunt’s giara —the water jug. This incident unleashes a lifetime curse that crosses the Atlantic from Sicily to the New World. La Giara becomes a symbol of the family’s rupture and its eventual reunion, challenging three generations of Minissale women. Nunzio thinks he wears the pantaloni in his family until he instigates an incident that prompts his wife and two daughters to disappear suddenly. Leaving behind their successful family bridal business in Philadelphia, they use aliases and take a cross-country train out West. When the now wealthy and determined Nunzio finally locates them, he learns that his “bimbas” are more resourceful than he imagined. Desperate to win them back, Nunzio purchases an impressive mansion where he creates a seemingly charmed lifestyle. However, their fairytale palazzo, full of mirrors, fountains, opera, and singing birds, becomes a gilded cage that the Minissale women long to escape. In this inspiring story, long-shattered relations are eventually healed by Nunzio’s grandchildren, who discover that la giara, their symbolic container of traditions—some broken, some lost, some retained—has endured the cracks and damage caused by the patriarch of their troubled Sicilian family.

Little People Big God

Little People  Big God Author Woodrow Michael Kroll
ISBN-10 0847414728
Year 1999-12-01
Pages 200
Language en
Publisher Back to the Bible Publishing

Motivating and inspiring, this book will invigorate any believer through stories of little-known Bible char-acters used to make an imprint for God. Each chapter includes a character background summary and highlights the person's most memorable accomplishment.

The Best Bike Rides in the Mid Atlantic States

The Best Bike Rides in the Mid Atlantic States Author Trudy E. Bell
ISBN-10 0762700491
Year 1997
Pages 305
Language en

Bikers at every level of skill can enjoy 43 interesting and beautiful bike rides through the nation's mid-Atlantic region. This edition offers: new rides in the scenic northern section of Virginia, with additional new rides in northern and western New York State; new photos and completely updated route information.

Lonesome Dove

Lonesome Dove Author Larry McMurtry
ISBN-10 9781447206149
Year 2011-10-12
Pages 960
Language en
Publisher Pan Macmillan

It begins in the office of The Hat Creek Cattle Company of the Rio Grande. It ends as a journey into the heart of every adventurer who ever lived . . . From the author of The Last Picture Show and Texasville - here is Larry McMurtry's Pulitzer Prize winning masterpiece. A powerful, triumphant portrayal of the American West as it really was. More than a love story, more than an adventure, Lonesome Dove is an epic: a monumental novel which embraces the spirit of the last defiant wilderness of America. Legend and fact, heroes and outlaws, whores and ladies, Indians and settlers - Lonesome Dove is the central, enduring American experience dramatically recreated in a magnificent story of heroism and love; of honour, loyalty and betrayal.

Some Here Among Us

Some Here Among Us Author Peter Walker
ISBN-10 9781408856697
Year 2014-12-04
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing

It is 1967, and as America's allies hesitate over whether to send more troops to Vietnam and the strains of 'All You Need is Love' echo from Abbey Road, students take to the streets of Wellington, New Zealand, to protest the war. Among them are Race, Candy, Chadwick and FitzGerald and their elusive, electrifying friend Morgan Tawhai. They are young and hopeful and the world is all before them. Forty years later, in Washington DC, Race's son Toby is navigating his own path across a landscape still trembling with the reverberations of 9/11. Uncertain whether love is really all he needs, Toby, along with his girlfriend JoJo, watches the centuries-old fragments of a comet fall across the sky while America secretly begins planning to invade Iraq. As Race and his companions move through the first decade of the new millennium, their friendships tested and pulled apart and reconfigured anew, they come to discover that Morgan – who burned as brightly as any comet, who could quote Shakespeare and Sterne, The Iliad and Bob Dylan, and who will forever remain the twenty-year-old they once knew – is both the mystery and the touchstone of their lives. From the shores of New Zealand to the political heart of Washington and to the hills above Beirut, Some Here Among Us is a stunning meditation on youth and promise and loss. It is a novel for our times.

Edith Wilson

Edith Wilson Author James Giblin
ISBN-10 0670830054
Year 1992
Pages 52
Language en
Publisher Viking Press

A biography of the First Lady who gave vital support to her husband, President Woodrow Wilson, and to the nation during and after World War I.

Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt

Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt Author Mark Will-Weber
ISBN-10 1621572102
Year 2014
Pages 398
Language en
Publisher Regnery Pub

Collects anecdotes from the lives of each president on their relationship with alcohol, including Eisenhower's bathtub gin and Grant's New Orleans experience.