Lillian in Love

Lillian in Love Author Sue Katz
ISBN-10 0991312244
Year 2017-01-02
Language en
Publisher Consenting Adult Press

"I've never been involved with a woman before, but Sarah has identified as a lesbian all her life. The word is as common to her as 'widow' is to me." Lillian's life at 84 is tumultuous. She is moving to Manor House senior housing to be near Sarah, abandoning the demands of her own home, which has been colonized by her children. How will she and Sarah deal with the reactions of relatives, ex's, and neighbors to their romance? How do two old women negotiate new love? Will slow-dancing and pot brownies help smooth the way? WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING ABOUT LILLIAN IN LOVE I started reading Lillian in Love this afternoon. It's now 7:00pm. What a lovely day it has been. I couldn't stop reading except to pee and smoke a joint. At 86, maybe I'll fall in love, like Lillian, just one last time. --Betty Dodson, artist, author, and PhD sexologist Humor, good sex, enticing characters, familial drama -this 76-year-old reader enjoyed it all. Katz breaks new ground with verve, compassion, and sensuality. --Joan Nestle, archivist, activist, and award-winning author, including A Fragile Union In this era of insult and repression, we all need a good read with a happy ending. Settle on the sofa and pick up Lillian in Love now. This is less a coming-out story than a letting-go of the obstacles to the full expression of our being. --Verandah Porche, poet and performer, whose books include Sudden Eden, Glancing Off, and The Body's Symmetry Timely and important, this is a novel not to be missed. A great read. --Elizabeth Woodcraft, author of Beyond the Beehive and A Sense of Occasion If you worry that sex has an expiration date, you'll be reassured and inspired by Lillian in Love. Katz doesn't sugarcoat the hard realities of the characters' present and past. Fortunately, she also doesn't skip the good parts! --Joan Price, senior sex advocate and author of The Ultimate Guide to Sex After 50: How to Maintain - or Regain! - a Spicy, Satisfying Sex Life It's a really delightful read, and not just for those of us pushing old age. Sue Katz is a terrific writer and here she's at the top of her game. --Richard Schweid, journalist and author, most recently of Invisible Nation: Homeless Families in America

Surpassing the Love of Men

Surpassing the Love of Men Author Lillian Faderman
ISBN-10 0688133304
Year 2001-07-24
Pages 496
Language en
Publisher Harper Collins

A social history of love relationships and passionate friendships between women also chronicles changing male attitudes toward lesbianism

Lillian Gish

Lillian Gish Author Stuart Oderman
ISBN-10 9781476613697
Year 1999-12-01
Pages 408
Language en
Publisher McFarland

With a theatrical career spanning nearly 100 years, Gish saw motion pictures evolve from flickers to blockbusters. Usually playing someone needing to be rescued or protected, her trademark delicacy and vulnerability belied a strong and complex woman whose fatherless childhood taught her frugality, love for her mother and her sister, Dorothy, and a distrust of men. The author, who was her friend, chronicles the hardships, heartaches, and fierce determination that shaped her all her days. With rare photographs and intimate recollections of Lillian, Dorothy, and many other important figures.

Feng Shui Fundamentals

Feng Shui Fundamentals Author Lillian Too
ISBN-10 1862041164
Year 1997
Pages 58
Language en
Publisher Element Books Limited

Activate romance luck within your home, and let feng shui add spice to your love life.

Lillian on Life

Lillian on Life Author Alison Jean Lester
ISBN-10 9781848549555
Year 2015-01-29
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher Hachette UK

'I absolutely loved it. A delight . . . so fresh and clever and subversive' Kate Atkinson 'I completely loved Lillian on Life. What a great voice, what energy and wit . . . very original and often extremely funny' Karen Joy Fowler Lillian, a single, well-travelled woman of a certain age, wakes up next to her married lover and looks back at her life. It's not at all the life she expected. Walking the unpaved road between traditional and modern options for women, Lillian has grappled with parental disappointment, society's expectations and the vagaries of love and sex. As a narrator she's bold and witty, and her reflections - from 'On Getting to Sex' to 'On the Importance of Big Pockets' or 'On Leaving in Order to Stay' - reverberate originally and unpredictably. In Lillian on Life, Alison Jean Lester has created a brutally honest portrait of a woman living through the post-war decades of change in Munich, Paris, London and New York. Her story resonates with the glamour and energy of those cities. Charming, sometimes heartbreaking, never a stereotype, Lillian is completely herself; her view of the world is unique. You won't soon forget her.

Lots of Love Sonny

Lots of Love  Sonny Author Lillian Milone
ISBN-10 9781413418927
Year 2003-09-10
Pages 213
Language en
Publisher Xlibris Corporation

Alexander Joseph Milone (Sonny) was the oldest of three children born to Ralph and Lillian Milone. Ralph immigrated to America from the village of Terranova da Sibari in Cosenza, Italy at the age of 17 and later married Caroline (Lillian) Rende. They settled in Brooklyn on East 35th Street where they raised their children, Sonny, Gloria and Mario. Sonny graduated from St. John's Prep and went onto fulfill his dream to attend the University of Notre Dame. In May of 1943, only two years into his college career, Sonny was called upon to serve his Country. Pvt. Alexander J. Milone was assigned to the 115th Infantry, Cannon Company, 29th Division and landed on Omaha Beach at approximately 10 a.m. on June 6, 1944. His unit advanced toward St. Lo, fighting intensely. After capturing the city of St. Lo in mid-July, the 29th Division joined in the Battle for Vire. At the end of August, the 29th took part in the assault on Brest. On the morning of September 18th,1944 enemy officers were led through the 115th lines to arrange for the surrender of Brest. At 0800, all resistance ceased. Just hours later, Pvt. Milone sustained a gunshot wound accidentally incurred while personnel were boarding vehicles preparatory to movement. On September 19th, five days before his 21st birthday, Pvt. Milone's "heart slowed to a complete stop"; the same day, the 29th took a week's rest before their long trip to Germany.


FACTORY SMILES Author Marlon Katsigazi & Janaye Felder
ISBN-10 9781491830376
Year 2014-01-28
Pages 86
Language en
Publisher Author House

Factory Smiles is an inspirational story that combines fantasy and true life, highlighting overcoming adversity and attaining triumph. Go into a journey and discover how people flawed in character turn into torches of hope that overshadow darkness in the world. Factory Smiles teaches us to be ambassadors of hope and love in order to turn a seemingly decaying world around. This fantasy tale is an avenue for healing and a story of triumph. People from all walks of life will enjoy this story, written from a clear and neat mind.

Love Between Women

Love Between Women Author Bernadette J. Brooten
ISBN-10 0226075931
Year 2009-02-15
Pages 446
Language en
Publisher University of Chicago Press

Love Between Women examines female homoeroticism and the role of women in the ancient Roman world. Employing an unparalleled range of cultural sources, Brooten finds evidence of marriages between women and establishes that condemnations of female homoerotic practices were based on widespread awareness of love between women. "An extraordinary accomplishment. . . . A definitive source for all future discussion of homoeroticism and the Bible."—Mary Rose D'Angelo, Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review "[Brooten's] convincing analysis . . . not only profoundly reshapes our understanding of the past, but it should also shape the way in which that past, particularly the early Christian texts with their immense normative weight, will be used for the future."—Anne L. Clark, Journal of Lesbian Studies "Love Between Women gives contemporary debates on sexuality a carefully delineated past. It boldly insists upon a different future, one informed by history but not tyrannized by it."—Susan Ackerman, Lambda Book Report "Fascinating, provocative and lucid. . . . Brooten has made a fundamental contribution to women's and gender studies, gay and lesbian studies, and classics."—Elizabeth A. Castelli, Women's Review of Books Winner of the Lambda Literary Award for Best Lesbian Studies Book, 1997

Lillian Too s Love in a Box

Lillian Too s Love in a Box Author Lillian Too
ISBN-10 0007129564
Year 2002
Pages 87
Language en
Publisher HarperThorsons

By arranging a home according to the principles of Feng Shui, practitioners can encourage good luck and protect themselves from bad using this long-established art. The CD guides readers through the principles of Feng Shui surrounding love and romance, with interactive programs to help find a soul mate, and make any relationship as perfect as it can be.

Lillian Russell

Lillian Russell Author Armond Fields
ISBN-10 9780786438686
Year 1998-12-01
Pages 245
Language en
Publisher McFarland

At a time when serious plays dominated the stages, Lillian Russell was one of the first to popularize musical theater. With her beauty, voice, and grace, she became the symbol of the new American woman. She used those attributes to attain power, social status and wealth, and then went on to become one of the earliest champions of womens equality. Her life and career are covered here in-depth.

No Ordinary Matter

No Ordinary Matter Author Jenny McPhee
ISBN-10 143910459X
Year 2008-06-17
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher Simon and Schuster

Jenny McPhee's critically acclaimed debut, The Center of Things, was hailed by O, The Oprah Magazine as "a smart novel of love, lust, and life's miraculous randomness." The New York Times Book Review called it "an engaging novel about big ideas." In her delightful new novel, No Ordinary Matter, McPhee turns her razor-sharp pen on the offbeat worlds of soap operas, mistaken identities, private detectives, and sibling rivalries as she deftly navigates the territory between coincidence and fate. Veronica Moore writes for a daytime drama while secretly composing a musical and has fallen in love with Alex Drake, who plays a neurologist on her show. Lillian Moore is a neurologist who is pregnant from a one-night stand. Veronica and Lillian have hired Brian Byrd, P. I., to uncover the mystery surrounding their father's death. Before they know it, unexpected answers come crawling out of the woodwork. The sisters meet monthly at the Hungarian Pastry Shop, where they entangle their futures and unravel their pasts, setting the stage for a series of revelations that will change the course of everyone's lives. This fast-paced narrative is full of situations worthy of the steamiest of soaps, and yet McPhee renders this fantastical world delightfully ordinary. No Ordinary Matter is as addictive as a soap opera, as high-kicking as a Broadway show, as insightful as an MRI, and as satisfying as a buttery croissant. With its sly charm and witty sophistication, McPhee's new novel is another sparkling gem from a rising literary star.