Making Nutrition Your Business

Making Nutrition Your Business Author Faye Berger Mitchell
ISBN-10 9780880914406
Year 2010-10-01
Pages 262
Language en
Publisher American Dietetic Associati

This is an essential resource for any dietetics professional considering a switch to private practice, consulting, writing, or speaking. This book discusses what it takes to go solo, how to structure your business, money management essentials, office space tips, how to use technology to rev up your practice, marketing ideas that will get you noticed, and more.

Should I Scoop Out My Bagel

Should I Scoop Out My Bagel Author Ilyse Schapiro
ISBN-10 9781510700697
Year 2016-01-05
Pages 248
Language en
Publisher Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.

"This fun, breezy guide positions the authors as both experts and the reader’s best friends, encouraging, advising, and cheering on." —Publisher's Weekly As a registered dietitian and a health industry expert, Ilyse Schapiro and Hallie Rich are “Dear Abby” meets Sex and the City meets Dr. Oz. They’re realistic in their approach with¬out getting too technical. They know people will cheat on their diets, dine out, consume alcohol, and have (hopefully plenty of) sex. They also know people have questions about it all. (Who doesn’t?) While many people may feel comfortable asking their best friend, they really want expert advice. That’s where Should I Scoop Out My Bagel? will help. Based on their twenty-five years of combined experience in the health field, Schapiro and Rich are able to cover the multitude of questions that constantly top the list, including: Is eating a wrap healthier than eating a bagel sandwich? Is it time to get on the gluten-free bandwagon? I have salads for lunch every day, and I’m still not losing weight. What am I doing wrong? I’m tired of feeling tired. What can I do to lose the urge to snooze? I eat well, so what’s the point of a multivitamin? They reveal the secrets of the experts and the tricks of their respective trades. With so much information and so many “rules” out there, this book gives readers the tools to sort through the BS and know what is truly important and actually relevant to their health.

The MIND Diet

The MIND Diet Author Maggie Moon
ISBN-10 9781612436296
Year 2016-10-04
Pages 224
Language en
Publisher Ulysses Press

AN EASY-TO-FOLLOW GUIDE TO THE NEW BREAKTHROUGH DIET THAT'S SHOWN TO IMPROVE YOUR BRAIN HEALTH Enjoying a high quality of life as you get older means taking care of your brain as much as your body. And research suggests that what you eat today will help (or hurt) your cognitive abilities later. The MIND Diet explains the science behind mental fitness in an approachable and understandable way. More importantly, this helpful guide presents an easy-to-follow program for keeping your mind sharp by eating the right foods and avoiding brain-harming ones. Packed with dishes that are not only delicious but also help improve memory, concentration and mental acuity,The MIND Diet’s healthy recipes include: • Brussels Sprouts Frittata • Sweet Potato Lentil Soup • Pistachio Mint Couscous • Guacamole-Stuffed Tomatoes • Apricot-Glazed Salmon • Tango Fish Tacos • Banana Chocolate Cookies • Roasted Chicken with Fennel

The Health Professional s Guide to Gastrointestinal Nutrition

The Health Professional s Guide to Gastrointestinal Nutrition Author Laura E. Matarese
ISBN-10 0880914505
Year 2015
Pages 356
Language en

"This comprehensive reference work is written by prominent registered dietitian nutritionists and physicians specializing in gastrointestinal nutrition. Topics include: tests and procedures, nutrition assessment, GI tract disorders (inflammatory bowel disease, celiac disease, short bowel syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, and more), liver and pancreatic disorders, treatments and therapeutic interventions, including oncology, surgery, enteral and parenteral nutrition, probiotics, and nutraceuticals, legal and ethical issues. Each chapter emphasizes the essential information that RDNs need to know, such as the etiologies of specific GI disorders, associated nutrition-related problems, the risks and benefits of medical and nutrition interventions, and emerging areas of research. Numerous illustrations, algorithms, and tables are provided to facilitate the reader's understanding of the complexities of GI nutrition."--Back cover.

Cradle to Kindergarten

Cradle to Kindergarten Author Ajay Chaudry
ISBN-10 9781610448666
Year 2017-03-01
Pages 246
Language en
Publisher Russell Sage Foundation

Early care and education for many children in the United States is in crisis. The period between birth and kindergarten is a critical time for child development, and socioeconomic disparities that begin early in children’s lives contribute to starkly different long-term outcomes for adults. Yet, compared to other advanced economies, high-quality child care and preschool in the United States are scarce and prohibitively expensive for many middle-class and most disadvantaged families. To what extent can early-life interventions provide these children with the opportunities that their affluent peers enjoy and contribute to reduced social inequality in the long term? Cradle to Kindergarten offers a comprehensive, evidence-based strategy that diagnoses the obstacles to accessible early education and charts a path to opportunity for all children. The U.S. government invests less in children under the age of five than do most other developed nations. Most working families must seek private childcare, which means that children from low-income households, who would benefit most from high-quality early education, are the least likely to attend them. Existing policies, such as pre-kindergarten in some states are only partial solutions. To address these deficiencies, the authors propose to overhaul the early care system, beginning with a federal paid parental leave policy that provides both mothers and fathers with time and financial support after the birth of a child. They also advocate increased public benefits, including an expansion of the child care tax credit, and a new child care assurance program that subsidizes the cost of early care for low- and moderate-income families. They also propose that universal, high-quality early education in the states should start by age three, and a reform of the Head Start program that would include more intensive services for families living in areas of concentrated poverty and experiencing multiple adversities from the earliest point in these most disadvantaged children’s lives. They conclude with an implementation plan and contend that these reforms are attainable within a ten-year timeline. Reducing educational and economic inequalities requires that all children have robust opportunities to learn, fully develop their capacities, and have a fair shot at success. Cradle to Kindergarten presents a blueprint for fulfilling this promise by expanding access to educational and financial resources at a critical stage of child development.

Jump Starting a Career in Dietetics and Nutrition

Jump Starting a Career in Dietetics and Nutrition Author Ann Byers
ISBN-10 9781477716991
Year 2013-12-15
Pages 80
Language en
Publisher The Rosen Publishing Group

Nutrition is the study of food composition and the effect of the various components of food on the body. Dietetics is the application of the principles of nutrition to health. This resource explains the training and certification required for dietitians and nutritionists, the types of career choices (clinical, public health, and food service), and possible career paths (practitioner, educator, researcher, administrator, and consultant). Sidebars include the professional experiences of a registered dietitian, dietetic technician, community nutritionist, and a supermarket dietitian. The text assesses clinical nutrition and dietetics, community nutrition, food service systems, nutritional counseling, and careers in business and industry.

Now Launch Your Career

Now  Launch Your Career Author Paul Carpino
ISBN-10 9780595483372
Year 2008-03
Pages 120
Language en
Publisher iUniverse

Now, Discover the Success Secrets of the World's Top Professionals Are you lost and looking for the right career or trying for that "lucky break"? Now, you can gain invaluable advice from top professionals such as, Donald Trump, Mario Batali, Dr. Patch Adams, Richard Simmons, John C. Bogle, Rex Reed, Jim Davis, Jeff Foxworthy, Danny Gans, William Claxton, Peter Bart, Dr. Robert Ballard, Cirque du Soleil CEO Daniel Lamarre and many more. Let the successful contributors in Now, Launch Your Career help guide you to rewarding, interesting and fulfilling careers. Based on the survey techniques developed by Paul Carpino, M.A., career counselor to thousands of college students, Now, Launch Your Career offers personal insight in how to choose and embark on the road to career satisfaction. Now, you'll learn: What the world's top professionals like, enjoy, value and love about their job/career. What the world's top professionals dislike, resent or like least about their job/career. How the world's top professionals decided on, found or launched their job/career. Few achievements can give you the same satisfaction as a rewarding, successful, interesting and fulfilling career. With the personal advice letters in Now, Launch Your Career you can attain one of your greatest goals.


Whole Author T. Colin Campbell
ISBN-10 9781937856250
Year 2013-05-07
Pages 352
Language en
Publisher BenBella Books, Inc.

New York Times Bestseller What happens when you eat an apple? The answer is vastly more complex than you imagine. Every apple contains thousands of antioxidants whose names, beyond a few like vitamin C, are unfamiliar to us, and each of these powerful chemicals has the potential to play an important role in supporting our health. They impact thousands upon thousands of metabolic reactions inside the human body. But calculating the specific influence of each of these chemicals isn’t nearly sufficient to explain the effect of the apple as a whole. Because almost every chemical can affect every other chemical, there is an almost infinite number of possible biological consequences. And that’s just from an apple. Nutritional science, long stuck in a reductionist mindset, is at the cusp of a revolution. The traditional “gold standard” of nutrition research has been to study one chemical at a time in an attempt to determine its particular impact on the human body. These sorts of studies are helpful to food companies trying to prove there is a chemical in milk or pre-packaged dinners that is “good” for us, but they provide little insight into the complexity of what actually happens in our bodies or how those chemicals contribute to our health. In The China Study, T. Colin Campbell (alongside his son, Thomas M. Campbell) revolutionized the way we think about our food with the evidence that a whole food, plant-based diet is the healthiest way to eat. Now, in Whole, he explains the science behind that evidence, the ways our current scientific paradigm ignores the fascinating complexity of the human body, and why, if we have such overwhelming evidence that everything we think we know about nutrition is wrong, our eating habits haven’t changed. Whole is an eye-opening, paradigm-changing journey through cutting-edge thinking on nutrition, a scientific tour de force with powerful implications for our health and for our world.