Justice and care

Justice and care Author Virginia Held
ISBN-10 UOM:39015034537889
Year 1995-11-09
Pages 234
Language en
Publisher Westview Pr

This compact anthology traces the exploration of the relationship between the ideals of justice and care—a discussion at the core of contemporary feminist ethics. In addition to compiling the most influential previously published work, Justice and Care offers two important new chapters by Alison Jaggar and Sara Ruddick.

Martin Buber and Feminist Ethics

Martin Buber and Feminist Ethics Author James William Walters
ISBN-10 0815630107
Year 2003
Pages 140
Language en
Publisher Syracuse University Press

In light of the recent emphasis on the new morality, antifoundationalism, and postmodernism in ethics, the dialogical ethics of Martin Buber merits close examination. A groundbreaking contribution to Buber studies, this work analyzes the ethics of care against the backdrop of contemporary feminist thought."

Emotions Ethics and Authenticity

Emotions  Ethics  and Authenticity Author Mikko Salmela
ISBN-10 9789027288752
Year 2009-11-30
Pages 237
Language en
Publisher John Benjamins Publishing

The relationship of emotions, ethics, and authenticity constitutes a nexus of philosophical and psychological problems with wide interdisciplinary relevance. What is the proper role of emotions in moral behavior and theory; are emotions reliable guides to our authentic personal values; and finally; what does it mean to be authentic in one's emotions, assuming that there is such thing as emotional authenticity in the first place? The various contributions of this book seek to answer these vexing but rarely discussed questions, offering a broad intellectual tour that ranges from philosophy to psychology, sociology, and gender studies.

First Philosophy Values and Society

First Philosophy  Values and Society Author Andrew Bailey
ISBN-10 155111657X
Year 2004-08-06
Pages 340
Language en
Publisher Broadview Press

First Philosophy: Values and Society brings together classic and ground-breaking readings on ethics and social and political philosophy. Mindful of the intrinsic difficulty of much of the material, the editor has provided comprehensive introductions both to the central topics and to each individual selection. By providing a detailed discussion of the historical and intellectual background to each piece, he aims to enable readers to approach the material without unnecessary barriers to understanding. In an introductory chapter, the editor provides a brief introduction to the nature of philosophical enquiry, to the nature of argument, and to the process of reading and writing within the academic discipline of philosophy.

Human Rights Fifty Years On

Human Rights Fifty Years On Author Tony Evans
ISBN-10 0719051037
Year 1998-11-15
Pages 237
Language en
Publisher Manchester University Press

This book offers a critical reappraisal of the project for universal human rights. The twentieth, thirtieth and fortieth anniversaries of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights were all marked by the publication of volumes that celebrated achievements in the field of human rights. Many of these took a self-congratulatory line that emphasized progress on the protection of human rights, ignoring the facts of torture, genocide, structural deprivation and the routine exclusion of some groups from political, economic and social participation. This book brings together some of the leading critics of the current project for universal human rights, including Noam Chomsky and Johan Galtung, as a counterweight to triumphalist approaches on the fiftieth anniversary of the Declaration.

Feminist Morality

Feminist Morality Author Virginia Held
ISBN-10 0226325938
Year 1993-11-15
Pages 285
Language en
Publisher University of Chicago Press

How is feminism changing the way women and men think, feel, and act? Virginia Held explores how feminist theory is changing contemporary views of moral choice. She proposes a comprehensive philosophy of feminist ethics, arguing persuasively for reconceptualizations of the self; of relations between the self and others; and of images of birth and death, nurturing and violence. Held shows how social, political, and cultural institutions have traditionally been founded upon masculine ideals of morality. She then identifies a distinct feminist morality that moves beyond culturally embedded notions about motherhood and female emotionality. Examining the effects of this alternative moral and ethical system on changing social values, Held discusses its far-reaching implications for altering standards of freedom, democracy, equality, and personal development. Ultimately, she concludes, the culture of feminism could provide a fresh perspective on—even solutions to—contemporary social problems. Feminist Morality makes a vital contribution to the ongoing debate in feminist theory on the importance of motherhood. For philosophers and other readers outside feminist theory, it offers a feminist moral and social critique in clear and accessible terms.

Moral Boundaries

Moral Boundaries Author Joan C. Tronto
ISBN-10 0415906423
Year 1993
Pages 226
Language en
Publisher Psychology Press

First Published in 1993. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Encyclopedia of Ethics

Encyclopedia of Ethics Author Lawrence C. Becker
ISBN-10 9781135350963
Year 2013-10-18
Pages 2032
Language en
Publisher Routledge

The editors, working with a team of 325 renowned authorities in the field of ethics, have revised, expanded and updated this classic encyclopedia. Along with the addition of 150 new entries, all of the original articles have been newly peer-reviewed and revised, bibliographies have been updated throughout, and the overall design of the work has been enhanced for easier access to cross-references and other reference features. New entries include * Cheating * Dirty hands * Gay ethics * Holocaust * Journalism * Political correctness * and many more.

Instrumental Data for Drug Analysis Second Edition

Instrumental Data for Drug Analysis  Second Edition Author Terry Mills, III
ISBN-10 0849395224
Year 1992-09-17
Pages 792
Language en
Publisher CRC Press

Compiled with the most sophisticated chromatographic and spectrometric instruments available, this complete and self-contained seven-volume reference provides forensic, toxicology, and clinical laboratories with up-to-date information on 1,600 drugs and drug-related compounds-one of the largest collections of analytical data generated from a single source. Instrumental Data for Drug Analysis contains timely, quality data presented in a large, easily usable format. It is an essential reference in the libraries of all toxicology, analytical chemistry, and forensic specialists and laboratories.

The Ethics of Care

The Ethics of Care Author Virginia Held
ISBN-10 9780199884551
Year 2005-11-24
Pages 220
Language en
Publisher Oxford University Press

Virginia Held assesses the ethics of care as a promising alternative to the familiar moral theories that serve so inadequately to guide our lives. The ethics of care is only a few decades old, yet it is by now a distinct moral theory or normative approach to the problems we face. It is relevant to global and political matters as well as to the personal relations that can most clearly exemplify care. This book clarifies just what the ethics of care is: what its characteristics are, what it holds, and what it enables us to do. It discusses the feminist roots of this moral approach and why the ethics of care can be a morality with universal appeal. Held examines what we mean by "care," and what a caring person is like. Where other moral theories demand impartiality above all, the ethics of care understands the moral import of our ties to our families and groups. It evaluates such ties, focusing on caring relations rather than simply on the virtues of individuals. The book proposes how such values as justice, equality, and individual rights can "fit together" with such values as care, trust, mutual consideration, and solidarity. In the second part of the book, Held examines the potential of the ethics of care for dealing with social issues. She shows how the ethics of care is more promising than Kantian moral theory and utilitarianism for advice on how expansive, or not, markets should be, and on when other values than market ones should prevail. She connects the ethics of care with the rising interest in civil society, and considers the limits appropriate for the language of rights. Finally, she shows the promise of the ethics of care for dealing with global problems and seeing anew the outlines of international civility.

Global Feminist Ethics

Global Feminist Ethics Author Rebecca Whisnant
ISBN-10 9780742559110
Year 2010
Pages 285
Language en
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield

This volume is fourth in the series of annuals created under the auspices of The Association for Feminist Ethics and Social Theory (FEAST). The topics covered herein—from peacekeeping and terrorism, to sex trafficking and women's paid labor, to poverty and religious fundamentalism—are vital to women and to feminist movements throughout the world.

Rights and Reason

Rights and Reason Author Marilyn Friedman
ISBN-10 9789401594035
Year 2013-06-29
Pages 277
Language en
Publisher Springer Science & Business Media

The papers in this book have been collected in celebration of Carl Wellman, who, after forty-five years, is retiring from teaching. Here I would like to highlight a few of the moments which have shaped Carl as a person and a philosopher. Although his childhood was not unhappy, Carl faced considerable challenges growing up in Manchester, New Hampshire. He ne ver knew his father; he and his mother, Carolyn, had little money; and he fought a long battle with Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, an illness which made hirn more familiar with hospitals than any young person should be. (His mother once told me that there were times when the doctors put Carl in his own hospital room because, while he was too young to be housed with adult men, they did not want the other children to see hirn die. ) Following a year of physician-prescribed rest after high school, the doctors recommended the University of Arizona in the misguided hope that the desert climate might improve his health. In spite of the doctors' hopes, life in Tucson was not easy. The heat takes its toll on everyone, but the desert was especially oppressive for Carl since his unusually sensitive eyes were no match for the intense sun. Still, Carl enjoyed college.

The Sopranos and Philosophy

The Sopranos and Philosophy Author Richard Greene
ISBN-10 9780812698084
Year 2012-03-30
Pages 352
Language en
Publisher Open Court

This collection of essays by philosophers who are also fans does a deep probe of the Sopranos, analyzing the adventures and personalities of Tony, Carmella, Livia, and the rest of television's most irresistible mafia family for their metaphysical, epistemological, value theory, eastern philosophical, and contemporary postmodern possibilities. No prior philosophical qualificationsor mob connections are required to enjoy these musings, which are presented with the same vibrancy and wit that have made the show such a hit.

Moral Understandings

Moral Understandings Author Margaret Urban Walker
ISBN-10 9780199886296
Year 2007-09-13
Pages 328
Language en
Publisher Oxford University Press

This is a revised edition of Walker's well-known book in feminist ethics first published in 1997. Walker's book proposes a view of morality and an approach to ethical theory which uses the critical insights of feminism and race theory to rethink the epistemological and moral position of the ethical theorist, and how moral theory is inescapably shaped by culture and history. The main gist of her book is that morality is embodied in "practices of responsibility" that express our identities, values, and connections to others in socially patterned ways. Thus ethical theory needs to be empirically informed and politically critical to avoid reiterating forms of socially entrenched bias. Responsible ethical theory should reveal and question the moral significance of social differences. The book engages with, and challenges, the work of contemporary analytic philosophers in ethics. Moral Understandings has been influential in reaching a global audience in ethics and feminist philosophy, as well as in tangential fields like nursing ethics; research ethics; disability ethics; environmental ethics, and social and political theory. This revised edition contains a new preface, a substantive postscript to Chapter 1 about "the subject of moral philosophy"; the addition of a new chapter on the importance of emotion in practices of responsibility; and the addition of an afterword, which responds to critics of the book.

Caring Democracy

Caring Democracy Author Joan C. Tronto
ISBN-10 9780814782774
Year 2013-04-12
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher NYU Press

Americans now face a caring deficit: there are simply too many demands on people’s time for us to care adequately for our children, elderly people, and ourselves.At the same time, political involvement in the United States is at an all-time low, and although political life should help us to care better, people see caring as unsupported by public life and deem the concerns of politics as remote from their lives. Caring Democracy argues that we need to rethink American democracy, as well as our fundamental values and commitments, from a caring perspective. The idea that production and economic life are the most important political and human concerns ignores the reality that caring, for ourselves and others, should be the highest value that shapes how we view the economy, politics, and institutions such as schools and the family. Care is at the center of our human lives, but Tronto argues it is currently too far removed from the concerns of politics. Caring Democracy traces the reasons for this disconnection and argues for the need to make care, not economics, the central concern of democratic political life. Joan C. Tronto is a Professor in the Political Science Department at the University of Minnesota. She is the author of Moral Boundaries: A Political Argument for an Ethic of Care (Routledge).