In Danger

In Danger Author Pier Paolo Pasolini
ISBN-10 087286507X
Year 2010-08-01
Pages 250
Language en
Publisher City Lights Publishers

In Danger reveals the literary life of internationally renowned filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini

Althusser and Pasolini

Althusser and Pasolini Author Agon Hamza
ISBN-10 9781137566522
Year 2016-06-01
Pages 202
Language en
Publisher Springer

Agon Hamza offers an in-depth analysis of the main thesis of Louis Althusser’s philosophical enterprise alongside a clear, engaging dissection of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s most important films. There is a philosophical, religious, and political relationship between Althusser’s philosophy and Pier Paolo Pasolini’s films. Hamza teases out the points of contact, placing specific focus on critiques of ideology, religion, ideological state apparatuses, and the class struggle. The discussion, however, does not address Althusser and Pasolini alone. Hamza also draws on Spinoza, Hegel, Marx, and Žižek to complete his study. Pasolini’s films are a treasure-trove of Althusserian thought, and Hamza ably employs Althusserian terms in his reading of the films. Althusser and Pasolini provides a creative reconstruction of Althusserian philosophy, as well as a novel examination of Pasolini’s film from the perspective of the filmmaker’s own thought and Althusser’s theses.

Pasolini Requiem

Pasolini Requiem Author Barth David Schwartz
ISBN-10 9780226335025
Year 2017-05-10
Pages 720
Language en
Publisher University of Chicago Press

Since its appearance in 1992, Barth David Schwartz's biography of Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922-1975) has been the standard reference and starting point for anyone embarking on a study of Pasolini in English, situating the multimedia artist within twentieth-century Italian and world culture. Pasolini was unique among his contemporaries--Federico Fellini, for example, didn't write novels, Giorgio Bassani did not direct films, and Eugenio Montale did not write popular journalism. Although Pasolini excelled at all of these genres, he was first and foremost a poet (see Chicago's bilingual edition of his selected poems from 2014). Whatever he was doing, Pasolini's poetry informed all aspects of his creative life, from his plays to his visual art, from his films to his political essays. In this second edition, which includes a new Afterword that contains material that has come to light since the early 1990s and revelations about Pasolini's last days, Schwartz introduces this multimedia artist to a new generation of scholars and students trying to negotiate the complexities of the Italian cultural landscape. As Susan Sontag wrote, Pasolini is "indisputably the most remarkable figure to have emerged in Italian Arts and letters since the Second World War." This new edition, revised and updated throughout, is a natural companion to our volume of poetry and, with the poems, will be a perennial seller for years to come.

The Selected Poetry of Pier Paolo Pasolini

The Selected Poetry of Pier Paolo Pasolini Author Pier Paolo Pasolini
ISBN-10 9780226121161
Year 2014-08-20
Pages 456
Language en
Publisher University of Chicago Press

Most people outside Italy know Pier Paolo Pasolini for his films, many of which began as literary works—Arabian Nights, The Gospel According to Matthew, The Decameron, and The Canterbury Tales among them. What most people are not aware of is that he was primarily a poet, publishing nineteen books of poems during his lifetime, as well as a visual artist, novelist, playwright, and journalist. Half a dozen of these books have been excerpted and published in English over the years, but even if one were to read all of those, the wide range of poetic styles and subjects that occupied Pasolini during his lifetime would still elude the English-language reader. For the first time, Anglophones will now be able to discover the many facets of this singular poet. Avoiding the tactics of the slim, idiosyncratic, and aesthetically or politically motivated volumes currently available in English, Stephen Sartarelli has chosen poems from every period of Pasolini’s poetic oeuvre. In doing so, he gives English-language readers a more complete picture of the poet, whose verse ranged from short lyrics to longer poems and extended sequences, and whose themes ran not only to the moral, spiritual, and social spheres but also to the aesthetic and sexual, for which he is most known in the United States today. This volume shows how central poetry was to Pasolini, no matter what else he was doing in his creative life, and how poetry informed all of his work from the visual arts to his political essays to his films. Pier Paolo Pasolini was “a poet of the cinema,” as James Ivory says in the book’s foreword, who “left a trove of words on paper that can live on as the fast-deteriorating images he created on celluloid cannot.” This generous selection of poems will be welcomed by poetry lovers and film buffs alike and will be an event in American letters.

The Street Kids

The Street Kids Author Pier Paolo Pasolini
ISBN-10 9781609453183
Year 2016-08-30
Pages 240
Language en
Publisher Penguin

The Street Kids is the most important novel by Italy's preeminent late-20th Century author and intellectual, Pier Paolo Pasolini. A powerful, groundbreaking contemporary classic, The Street Kids is now available in a new translation by Ann Goldstein, translator of Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan Novels. Set in Rome during the post-war years, the Rome of the "borgate," outlying neighborhoods beset by poverty and deprivation, The Street Kids tells the story of a group of adolescents belonging to the urban underclass. Living hand-to-mouth, Riccetto and his friends eek out an existence doing odd jobs, committing petty crimes and prostituting themselves. Rooted in the neorealist movement of the 1950s, The Street Kids is a tender, heart-rending tribute to an entire social class in danger of being forgotten. Pasolini's novel was heavily censored, criticized by professional critics, and lambasted by much of the general public upon its publication. But its undeniable force and vitality eventually led to it being universally acknowledged as a masterpiece.

Drive in Cinema

Drive in Cinema Author Marc James Léger
ISBN-10 9781783204854
Year 2015-06-10
Pages 310
Language en
Publisher Intellect Books

Drive in Cinema offers Žižek-influenced studies of films made by some of the most engaging and influential filmmakers of our time, from avant-garde directors Jean-Luc Godard, Werner Herzog, Alexander Kluge, Pier Paolo Pasolini and Věra Chytilová, to independent filmmakers William Klein, Oliver Ressler, Hal Hartley, Olivier Assayas, Vincent Gallo, Jim Jarmusch and Harmony Korine. These essays in critical cultural theory present interdisciplinary perspectives on the relations between art, film and politics. How does filmic symbolization mediate intersubjective social exchange? What are the possibilities for avant-gardism today and how does this correspond to what we know about cultural production after capitalism’s real subsumption of labour? How have various filmmakers communicated radical ideas through film as a popular medium? Drive in Cinema pursues Lacanian ethics to avenues beyond the academic obsession with cultural representation and cinematic technique. It will be of interest to anyone who is concerned with film’s potential as an emancipatory force.


Pasolini Author Stefania Benini
ISBN-10 9781442648067
Year 2015-09-09
Pages 336
Language en
Publisher University of Toronto Press

Benini illuminates the radical politics embedded within Pasolini s adoption of Christian themes."

Pier Paolo Pasolini Poems

Pier Paolo Pasolini  Poems Author Pier Paolo Pasolini
ISBN-10 0374524696
Year 1996-04-30
Pages 231
Language en
Publisher Macmillan

A bilingual collection of poetry by the distinguished Italian filmmaker includes all of Pasolini's major poems, written between 1954 and 1970, along with an autobiographical essay. Reissue.

First Freire

First Freire Author Carlos Alberto Torres
ISBN-10 9780807755334
Year 2014-05-09
Pages 208
Language en
Publisher Teachers College Press

In his new book, Carlos Alberto Torres, an internationally renowned critical theorist of education, explores the early writings of Paulo Freire whose ideas have had a tremendous and long-lasting impact on the world of pedagogy and politics. Torres analyzes Freire's works, from the 1960s and 1970s, before Freire gained worldwide recognition for his Pedagogy of the Oppressed. Offering an in-depth look into the formative thinking of Freire, Torres identifies how his ideas produced frameworks for educating global citizens, building community and mutual respect, creating social responsibility, instilling an appreciation for diversity, promoting multiple literacies, and social justice education. This volume is the result of more than 3 decades of research with access to Freire's personal library and the archives of the Paulo Freire Institute, as well as the author's extensive conversations with Paulo Freire over two decades--Dr. Torres was Freire's adviser during his tenure as Secretary of Education in the Municipality of São Paulo, Brazil, 1989-1991.

Roman Poems

Roman Poems Author Pier Paolo Pasolini
ISBN-10 0872861872
Year 1986-06-01
Pages 145
Language en
Publisher City Lights Books

The Italian film-maker Pier Paolo Pasolini was first and always a poet-the most important civil poet, according to Alberto Moravia, in Italy in the second half of this century. His poems were at once deeply personal and passionately engaged in the political turmoil of his country. In 1949, after his homosexuality led the Italian Communist Party to expel him on charges of "moral and political unworthiness," Pasolini fled to Rome. This selection of poems from his early impoverished days on the outskirts of Rome to his last (with a backward longing glance at his native Frill) is at the center of his poetic and filmic vision of modern Italian life as an Inferno. Pier Paolo Pasolini was born in 1922 in Bologna. In addition to the films for which he is world famous, he wrote novels, poetry, and social and cultural criticism. He was murdered in 1975.

The Divine Mimesis

The Divine Mimesis Author Pier Paolo Pasolini
ISBN-10 1940625076
Year 2014-11-02
Pages 176
Language en

Written between 1963 and 1967, The Divine Mimesis, Pasolini's imitation of the early cantos of the Inferno, offers a searing critique of Italian society and the intelligentsia of the 1960s. It is also a self-critique by the author of The Ashes of Gramsci (1957) who saw the civic world evoked by that book fading absolutely from view. By the mid-1960s, Pasolini theorized, the Italian language had sacrificed its connotative expressiveness for the sake of a denuded technological language of pure communication. In this context, he projects a 'rewrite' of Dante's Commedia in which two historical embodiments of Pasolini himself occupy the roles of the pilgrim and guide in their underworld journey. Densely layered with poetic and philological allusions, and illuminated by a parallel text of photographs that juxtapose the world of the Italian literati to the simple reality of rural Italian life, this narrative was curtailed by Pasolini several years before he sent it to his publisher, a few months prior to his murder in 1975. Yet, many of Pasolini's projects took the provisional form of "Notes toward..." an eventual work, such as Sopralluoghi in Palestina (Location Scouting in Palestine), Appunti per una Oresteiade africana (Notes for an African Oresteia), and Appunti per un film sull'India (Notes for a Film on India). The Divine Mimesis has a kinship to these filmic works as Pasolini himself ruled it 'complete' though still in a partial form. Written at a turning point in his life when he was wrestling with his poetic 'demons, ' the true center of gravity of Pasolini's Dantean project is the potential of poetry to teach and probe, ethically and aesthetically, in reality. "I wanted to make something seething and magmatic," Pasolini declared, "even if in prose." In this first English translation of Pasolini's La divina mimesis, Italianist Thomas E. Peterson offers historical, linguistic, and cultural analyses that aim to expand the discourse about an enigmatic author considered by many to be the greatest Italian poet after Montale. Published by Contra Mundum Press one year in advance of the 40th anniversary of Pasolini's death. * In the history of twentieth-century poetry, there is no other poet besides Pasolini who has more tenaciously interrogated his own 'I, ' more persistently contemplated it, admired it, examined it, analyzed it and dissected it in order then to show its suffering entrails to the world, as they beg for understanding, affection, and pity. - Giorgio Barberi Squarotti *"

The Long Sandy Road

The Long Sandy Road Author Pier Paolo Pasolini
ISBN-10 8869655792
Year 2015-05-04
Pages 236
Language en
Publisher Contrasto Due

An intense text that continues to strike for its depth and poetic sensitivity.

The Quest for Epic

The Quest for Epic Author Sergio Zatti
ISBN-10 9780802093738
Year 2006
Pages 315
Language en
Publisher University of Toronto Press

An original and challenging work, The Quest for Epic documents the development of Italian narrative from the chivalric romance at the end of the fifteenth century to the genre of epic in the sixteenth century.