When Fallen Angels Fly

When Fallen Angels Fly Author Vicki Thornberry
ISBN-10 9780976091912
Year 2004-10-01
Pages 360
Language en
Publisher Helm Publishing

CHARLENE is an Eastern Kentucky coalminer's daughter who vows not to drink like her father, swears she will not be stuck in a tumultuous marriage but finds herself in those very situations she vowed would never happen. At a very early age, Charlene falls in love with the mine foreman's wild, irresponsible, yet incredibly handsome son, discovers she is pregnant at seventeen, and learns about life through extreme sorrow. Charlene grows close to BIRDIE, the local weathered old hillbilly, who smokes, drinks, cusses, plays poker like a man, and takes her on a cruise. They have the time of their lives, and the pages are ripe with humor from the episodes of the two cruising on a luxury liner. When Charlene returns, she is traumatized by her husband once again, and leaves in the middle of the night to begin a new life. She moves outside of Cincinnati on the Kentucky side, finds a job, and a small house. Charlene meets ROSIE, her next-door neighbor. As the two become friends, Charlene is introduced to KARMA, Rosie's niece. Eventually all three women develop lifelong, deeper friendships, bringing joy into each other's lives. With baby steps and relapses, we learn that overcoming a past can be done, that humor makes life bearable, and that working, struggling mothers of low income remain poor partly because the government structure completely ignores them. When Fallen Angels Fly is a thoroughly enjoyable book reading experience, replete with laughter, tears, triumph, and tragedy.

Falling Angels

Falling Angels Author Colin Thompson
ISBN-10 9781741664201
Year 2010
Pages 32
Language en
Publisher Random House Australia

Sally, gifted with flight, flies to remote lands and fulfills her dying grandmother's wishes by bringing her snow in the summer, and taking her on a journey to the islands in the winter.

Kevin Lajiness 2013 2014 Song Book

Kevin Lajiness 2013 2014 Song Book Author Kevin Lajiness
Language en
Publisher Kevin Lajiness

So far in 2013-14 I've written and produced four albums and am working on a fifth. Two; "The river" and "Charleena" in 2013 and "The King of The Fire", and "once Upon a Perfect Storm" in 2014, and am working on "I'm in Love With a Dream". Many of my songs are ballads with a natural order theme to them, I try to put meaning to them , tell a story or have the listener stop and take pause. There is a pattern or creative reality expressed in many of them with a philosophical alignment to Native cultures. Subjects include stuff like Eagles ,Rivers ,Storms ,Dreams, Battle, Love, Spirit, Fire, Wonder, Life, Epic Adventure, and Overcoming or Conquering adversity through Natural Living. I find myself in agreement with native philosophy and teachings

The Spurgeon Series 1855 1856

The Spurgeon Series 1855   1856 Author Charles H. Spurgeon
ISBN-10 9781614581895
Year 2012-01-01
Pages 1500
Language en
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group

Known as the "Prince of Preachers," Charles Haddon Spurgeon was among the most prolific and influential pastors of the 19th century. Characterized by profound insights and a passionate call for personal relationships with Christ, Spurgeon's work has stood the tests of time. Beloved even today, Spurgeon's sermons offer you the opportunity to grow in your own faith in a conveniently digital format, designed for your busy life on the go! Updated into modern language, with helpful explanatory footnotes, the text has been carefully proofed to ensure the highest quality and accuracy. Brought to you by the editors who translated the landmark work, Annals of the World, this first series of digital releases from the Spurgeon sermon collection is for the years 1855 and 1856 in one convenient digital file at an unbeatable price! All sermons are unabridged and include references to make it convenient for you to extend your Spurgeon studies. Easy to read and hard to forget, these are sermons of substance that will impact your life today!

Whose Time Is It Anyway

Whose Time Is It  Anyway Author Chet Morelli
ISBN-10 9780595433674
Year 2007-05
Pages 92
Language en
Publisher iUniverse

In the non-fictional essay Whose Time Is It Anyway?, a Christian man gives you his introspective view of the past, present, and future, and how time plays an immense role in how history is written. Author Chet Morelli encourages you to think about and ask yourself many questions as he shares his research on our human ancestors and the resulting inquiries he has discovered in the process. Such questions include, what happens when we die? and has the human race been on Earth for millions of years or just a few thousand? He not only looks into the past but also the present as he explores whether our fast-paced society may have caused our government leaders to make the wrong choices. He also takes an in-depth look into the mind of today's man. Morelli touches on the future as he contemplates the possibility of World War III and what role the three largest religions may play in deciding the important historical events of the coming years. Whose Time Is it Anyway? will help you reflect on our human experience and how time relates to the questions where have we been?, where are we now?, and where are we going? Only time will tell

Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels Author Larry Niven
ISBN-10 0743435826
Year 2002-10-01
Pages 368
Language en
Publisher Baen

Forced to land on the frozen world of Earth when a missile destroys their ship, Alex and Gordon soon find themselves on the run from the authorities, which leads them to the last pro-tech group left on Earth--a group determined to send them back into space in twenty extremely complicated stages.

Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel Author Heather Terrell
ISBN-10 9780062039668
Year 2010-12-28
Pages 336
Language en
Publisher Harper Collins

Heaven-sent? Ellie was never particularly good at talking to boys—oranyone other than her best friend and fellow outcast, Ruth.Then she met Michael. Michael is handsome, charming, sweet. And totallyinto Ellie. It’s no wonder she is instantly drawn to him.But Michael has a secret. And he knows Ellie is hidingsomething, too. They’ve both discovered they have powersbeyond their imagining. Powers that are otherworldly. Ellie and Michael are determined to uncover what theyare, and how they got this way . . . together. But the truth hasrepercussions neither could have imagined. Soon they findthemselves center stage in an ancient conflict that threatensto destroy everything they love. And it is no longer clearwhether Ellie and Michael will choose the same side. In this electrifying novel, Heather Terrell spins agripping supernatural tale about true love, destiny, and thebattle of good versus evil.

Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel Author Lucinda Esperanza
ISBN-10 9780595488629
Year 2008-07
Pages 112
Language en
Publisher iUniverse

Fallen Angel is the uplifting memoir of a loving mother whose troubled son experiences a thirteen-year battle with drug addiction, destructive relationships, and homelessness. Nine years after they married, Lucinda Esperanza and her husband lovingly welcomed their first child Jason into their family. At first, he appeared to be just a hyperactive and stubborn child, but soon after Jason turned thirteen, the family began to experience events beyond their control. Jason's addiction to crystal methamphetamine, heroine, and ecstasy propelled him on a path of self-destruction that included skipping school, running away, living on the streets, and a complete disregard for authority. Together, these three family members learn to walk arm-in-arm through a journey of perseverance, unconditional love, and seemingly endless hurdles with the shared ultimate goal of saving Jason's life and guiding him to use his potential in a positive way. In due course, the smart, observant and street-wise Jason finds the strength to stop the cycle of drug abuse and cleans up his life. Anyone who has lived with or loved someone with an addiction will relate to this mother's retrospective glance back at the challenges she faced as the mother of a son who lost his way.


Warrior Author Kristina Douglas
ISBN-10 9781451655940
Year 2012-04-24
Pages 400
Language en
Publisher Simon and Schuster

A born warrior, archangel Michael is dedicated to the Fallen’s survival. But only one woman understands the seductive hunger that he cannot forsake. There comes a time in every angel’s life . . . Every little girl imagines, now and then, that she’s a princess held captive in a tower. But Victoria Bellona is almost twenty-five. And that whole fairy-tale scenario? That’s her real life. The drop-dead gorgeous man who rescues her is no Prince Charming. He’s the gruff archangel Michael, and he insists that Tory is the Fallen’s only hope for ending Uriel’s vicious rule. She insists he’s crazy. . . . to show his brethren what he’s made of. According to the prophecy, Michael must marry this frustrating, fascinating creature, bed her, and drink her blood. But their fate is a double-edged sword. If they give in to their urgently growing desires, Tory will die in battle. If they refuse, she will die anyway, and with her, all of mankind. Michael is determined to find another solution when a traitorous kidnapper forces him into a deadly confrontation. Even if he can save Tory from Uriel’s ruthless clutches, will they ever really be together? Or is her fatal destiny—and the world’s—written in stone?

Her Fallen Angel

Her Fallen Angel Author Felicity Heaton
ISBN-10 9781909306271
Year 2014-03-27
Language en
Publisher Felicity Heaton

New York Times and USA Today Best-selling paranormal romance author Felicity Heaton presents Her Fallen Angel (Her Angel Romance Series Book 2) An angel accused of a crime he didn’t commit, Lukas has been cast out of Heaven and sentenced to live in the mortal world. For three years, he’s searched for a way to prove his innocence, and for three years, he’s been falling for a beautiful mortal female. When Heaven strips him of his wings, Lukas seeks solace in alcohol, but finds it in Annelie’s arms. Annelie fell for Lukas the moment he walked into her bar. The tall, sensual blond sets her heart on fire with his otherworldly green eyes and wicked smile, but he’s seriously out of her league. A single heated kiss unleashes Annelie’s passion and she seizes her chance and Lukas with both hands, but in the light of day she discovers that he’s not the man she thought he was—he’s an angel. Lukas will stop at nothing to prove both his innocence and his love for Annelie, but when he discovers who framed him and she ends up caught in the crossfire, will he be strong enough to protect the woman he loves and fly away with her into their forever after? Books in the Her Angel Romance Series Book 1: Her Dark Angel Book 2: Her Fallen Angel Book 3: Her Warrior Angel Book 4: Her Guardian Angel Book 5: Her Demonic Angel Book 6: Her Wicked Angel Book 7: Her Avenging Angel Book 8: Her Sinful Angel

Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels Author Walter Dean Myers
ISBN-10 0590409433
Year 1988
Pages 309
Language en
Publisher Scholastic Inc.

Seventeen-year-old Richie Perry, just out of his Harlem high school, enlists in the Army in the summer of 1967 and spends a devastating year on active duty in Vietnam. Reissue.

Death by Demon

Death by Demon Author Laura Prior
ISBN-10 9781492217053
Year 2014-09-03
Pages 330
Language en
Publisher Laura Prior

Mythical creatures stalk the earth while humans remain unaware of their presence. Angels, werewolves, vampires and witches fight amongst themselves for supremacy while remaining veiled in the mystery that surrounds the other-wordly realms. Jasmine has survived torture, rape, heartbreak and betrayal to develop abilities better suited to a powerful angel warrior rather than a young nephilim. Finally becoming the woman she is destined to be, her true nature begins to show, leading her guardian angel to question who she really is. The revelation of a brother she hadn't known existed may be the most difficult thing she has faced yet. With the one thing she has always wanted almost within her grasp, her abilities begin to take over, becoming stronger and more dangerous. With Zach by her side, she is able to hang on to her sanity...but when they are torn apart once again, is there anything he can do to save her? The third installment of the Falling series.

The Kingdom of the Occult

The Kingdom of the Occult Author Walter Martin
ISBN-10 9781418589837
Year 2008-10-21
Pages 752
Language en
Publisher Thomas Nelson Inc

The Kingdom of the Occult delivers the timely followup to Dr. Martin's best-selling The Kingdom of the Cults This book takes Dr. Walter Martin's comprehensive knowledge and his dynamic teaching style and forges a strong weapon against the world of the Occult-a weapon of the same scope and power as his phenomenal thirty-five year bestseller, The Kingdom of the Cults (over 875,000 sold). Chapters include: Witchcraft and Wicca, Satanism, Pagan Religions, Tools of the Occult, Demon Possession and Exorcism, Spiritual Warfare, etc. Features include: Each chapter contains: Quick Facts; History; Case Studies; Theology; Resources