Fianc and Marriage Visas

Fianc   and Marriage Visas Author Ilona Bray
ISBN-10 9781413322972
Year 2016-08-04
Pages 400
Language en
Publisher Nolo

The book that’s helped thousands of couples around the world You’re engaged or married to a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, and all you want is the right to be together in the United States. Should be simple, right? It’s not. The pile of application forms can be overwhelming, the bureaucracy isn’t helpful, and delays are inevitable. This book will help you succeed. Discover the fastest and best application strategy. Avoid common—and serious—mistakes. Prepare for meetings with officials. Prove your marriage is real—not a fraud. Deal with the two-year testing period for new marriages. The 9th edition covers the expanded provisional waiver opportunity, and changes to application processes. It also provides checklists and sample forms throughout. Use this book if you are living in the United States or overseas and: your fiancé is a U.S. citizen your spouse is a U.S. citizen, or your spouse is a U.S. permanent resident.

How to Get a Green Card

How to Get a Green Card Author Ilona Bray
ISBN-10 9781413322569
Year 2016-07-14
Pages 352
Language en
Publisher Nolo

Only a few categories of people are eligible for U.S. green cards (lawful permanent residence), and many who apply for them are denied. This book helps everyday people figure out whether they match one of the most likely green card categories, such as through family relationships, asylum, the visa lottery, and more. The book takes readers step by step through the difficult application process, with the help of handy checklists of required forms and documents, tips for avoiding mistakes and dealing with legal complications and bureaucratic holdups, and sample forms. This edition is completely revised to reflect the latest laws, contact information, and fees, plus critical new procedural information and expanded opportunities for binational same-sex couples based on recent Supreme Court action. This book is not appropriate for people seeking temporary visas or work-related green cards.

The Complete Marriage Green Card Kit

The Complete Marriage Green Card Kit Author Marcus Campana
ISBN-10 0615829945
Year 2013-06-04
Pages 148
Language en

Get Your Marriage-based Green Card and Live in the U.S. with Your American Spouse. "This book is very detailed and has everything that you need." Timothy W. "The Marriage Green Card Kit is so helpful." Su-Ching L. You want to become a permanent resident of the U.S. but bureaucratic process and paper work feels overwhelming. Your case is simple, so you may not need to spend thousands of dollars on an attorney. What you need is a guide on how to fill out the right documents the right way, how to organize them, and what to expect each step of the way.You will find that and more in a clear and to-the-point presentation including: GUIDEBOOK A complete manual spilling the details of each question and clarifying the purpose of each form in a compact and easy-read-format. You'll find... Step-by-step instructions for completing every form with example entries Time saving tips and common mistakes to avoid How to assemble your application for faster approval Preparing for the interview and Biometrics appointment with sample questions A helpful chart of all required documents and more! CHECKLISTS These checklists demystify the requirements and give you the confidence and peace of mind that you did everything correctly. Complete checklist for your initial application What to bring to the Biometrics appointment What to bring to the interview What to include with your I-751 petition EXAMPLE ENTRIES Your very own cheat sheets that help you navigate the often confusing forms. See EXACTLY what USCIS is asking for and just replace the examples with your information TEMPLATES Time-saving templates that will help you plug-in your information to ensure your success! Translator's Certificate Continuation Sheet Employer Letter Advance Parole Letter Cover Letter

Becoming a U S Citizen

Becoming a U S  Citizen Author Ilona Bray
ISBN-10 9781413323054
Year 2016-09-21
Pages 360
Language en
Publisher Nolo

Everything you need to become a naturalized U.S. citizen For a green card holder, taking the next step to U.S. citizenship offers a host of benefits. But the application process itself can be long and confusing. With Becoming a U.S. Citizen, you can save months, or even years. Best of all, you’ll know that you are taking each needed step in the most efficient way. Learn how to: make sure you are eligible for citizenship understand the risks and rewards of applying fill out application forms study for the citizenship exam interview successfully deal with any setbacks help family members immigrate enjoy your status as a U.S. citizen Becoming a U.S. Citizen also shows how you may be able to take advantage of special benefits and procedures if you have a disability, are in the military, or are the spouse of a U.S. citizen. This new edition reflects current and proposed laws, as well as new fees and procedures.

Love Marriage and Green Cards

Love  Marriage and Green Cards Author Stephen J. Zawacki
ISBN-10 1581127014
Year 2000-12-01
Pages 108
Language en
Publisher Universal-Publishers

If you are thinking about moving to the United States as the spouse of an American citizen, this book is for you. While most immigration books can only be understood by lawyers, this book is different. The author, an immigration lawyer, describes the American immigration process using everyday English and many examples. Chapter One describes what is a marriage in the eyes of the American immigration system. Chapters Two through Five cover specific time frames in the immigration-processing of a marriage-based visa: Courtship and Marriage, Forms Preparation, The Marriage Interview and Denials. Chapter Six discusses fiancé visas - what they are and how they work. Chapter Seven provides some typical "questions and answers" to marriage-related immigration topics.

U S Immigration Made Easy

U S  Immigration Made Easy Author Ilona Bray
ISBN-10 9781413323689
Year 2017-01-30
Pages 688
Language en
Publisher Nolo

Many people have misconceptions about the complex tangle that is U.S. immigration law. Even a prospective immigrant with simple questions about who is eligible to come to the U.S. on a permanent or temporary basis will find the rules hard to interpret, and even harder to act upon. U.S. Immigration Made Easy demystifies the system, discussing almost every possible way to legally enter, live in, or stay in the United States. Learn how the immigration system really works and find out whether you qualify for: a work visa a student visa asylum or refugee status a green card through family, employment, or in some other category Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) a U visa, and more. Get tips on dealing with paperwork, government officials, delays and denials. Plus, you'll get step-by-step instructions on filling out and filing application forms, and learn the best way to approach the enormous U.S. government bureaucracy. Thoroughly updated and revised, this edition covers the latest changes in immigration law, including expansion of the new “provisional waiver of unlawful presence” to family members of lawful permanent residents living in the U.S.), the latest average processing times, and much more.

Nolo s Essential Guide to Buying Your First Home

Nolo s Essential Guide to Buying Your First Home Author Ilona Bray
ISBN-10 9781413323450
Year 2016-12-30
Pages 448
Language en
Publisher Nolo

Get insights from real estate professionals to help you determine when is the best time for you to buy a house. The authors show you how to research the market, decide what you want-- and what you can afford-- and ways to protect yourself with inspections and insurance.

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After Author Dr. Lawrence I. Sank
ISBN-10 9781626527454
Year 2014-06-10
Pages 146
Language en
Publisher Hillcrest Publishing Group

No relationship is perfect. From deciding when to go to sleep to whether or not to have children, "Happily Ever After" will help you prepare for the decisions, large and small, that every couple faces. In this interactive workbook, Dr. Lawrence Sank shares insights from more than 40 years of working with couples, sharing vignettes from his work as a marriage counselor. "Happily Ever After" will help couples: Understand the challenges of marriage Develop and refine their communication skills Enhance their problem-solving skills, ability to empathize, and capacity to give and receive Promote emotional and physical intimacy Find ways to preserve romance and passion in daily life Appreciate the marital bond as it matures Whether married, engaged, or simply in a committed relationship, this book will help you better understand both yourself and your partner, and pave the way to "Happily Ever After.""

Use of Force Investigations

Use of Force Investigations Author Kevin R. Davis
ISBN-10 9781470500139
Year 2012-09-21
Language en
Publisher Responder Media

A comprehensive manual on the legal and practical aspects of police use of force investigations designed for street officers, front-line supervisors, investigators, attorneys, police unions and agency administrators. Suitable for basic academy and inservice training this manual contains information on constitutional parameters, teaching use of force, agency policy, street application, reporting and investigating incidents of the use of deadly or nondeadly force by police officers in the United States.

Immigration Law and Procedure in a Nutshell

Immigration Law and Procedure in a Nutshell Author David Weissbrodt
ISBN-10 9781640200920
Year 2017-06-22
Pages 858
Language en
Publisher West Academic

This compact, comprehensive title offers a thorough overview of the history, constitutional basis, statutory structure, regulatory provisions, administrative procedure, and ethical principles related to immigration law and practice. Updated to reflect developments since the 2016 Presidential election, it is valuable both as a teaching and a practice reference.

Before I Do

Before I Do Author Elizabeth F. Schwartz
ISBN-10 9781620971550
Year 2016-10-04
Pages 224
Language en
Publisher New Press, The

Not long ago, same-sex couples had to jump through endless hoops to make their relationships even close to legal. Happily, those days are over. Same-sex couples no longer have to operate as outlaws—they too can have in-laws! But here’s the rub: many gay and lesbian couples, accustomed to living off-grid, are so thrilled to have the benefits of marriage that they gleefully jump into marriage without fully understanding the consequences. In her first book, Before I Do, leading gay rights attorney Elizabeth F. Schwartz spells out the range of practical considerations couples should address before tying the knot. She explores the rights marriage provides and those it does not. With cameos from some of the most prominent LGBT professionals, Schwartz explains all of the implications of marriage from name changes and getting a license to taxes, insurance, Social Security, and much more. Substantial chapters on estate planning, pre- and post-nuptial agreements, and organizing finances make Before I Do relevant for all couples, young and older, and a crucial handbook for anyone considering marriage—because, as Schwartz explains, just because you can get married does not mean you should.

Satan You Can t Have My Marriage

Satan  You Can t Have My Marriage Author Iris Delgado
ISBN-10 9781616386740
Year 2012-01-03
Pages 160
Language en
Publisher Charisma Media

Access God’s Promises for Your Marriage We fight in a spiritual war that can only be waged with spiritual weapons. Satan and his demons would like nothing better than to disrupt our relationships and break up our families. Every home is a target. We cannot remain passive. Satan, You Can’t Have My Marriage provides an essential guide for anyone who wants to win this spiritual battle. Filled with practical principles and Scripture-based prayers, this book gives you the confidence and faith to stand firm against attacks. You will discover: How to remove Satan’s influence from your relationships What makes marriage work, and what destroys it Mentorship and guidance that no marriage should be without!

The Other Mother

The Other Mother Author Nancy Abrams
ISBN-10 0299164934
Year 1999-09-10
Pages 282
Language en
Publisher Univ of Wisconsin Press

On a spring day in 1993, Nancy Abrams helped her daughter dress for day care, packed her lunch, and said good-bye. Next she drove to court, where she learned that in the eyes of the law she was nothing more than “a biological stranger” to the child she helped bring into the world and raise. That was the last time she would see her daughter or hear her voice for five years. The Other Mother begins as Abrams and her female lover decide to start a family together. With giddy anticipation, they search for a sperm donor, shop for baby clothes and crib, and attend childbirth classes. But despite their high hopes, the relationship begins to fall apart, and they separate when their daughter is a toddler. Problems between the two intensify until, shortly before her daughter’s fifth birthday, Abrams loses custody. In unprecedented depth, Abrams’s compelling narrative examines the social, legal, and political implications of gay and lesbian parenting. Her haunting memoir asks the question, “What makes a mother?” It is a question that biological parents, co-parents, adoptive parents, step-parents, and divorced parents must each answer in their own way. In telling one woman’s story, The Other Mother makes a solid case for legal protections, including marriage, for lesbian and gay families.

Living Together

Living Together Author Frederick Hertz
ISBN-10 9781413323801
Year 2017-07-01
Pages 376
Language en
Publisher Nolo

Find answers you need br> Living together out of wedlock can mean anything, especially in court—unlike married couples, Unmarried couples living together should take certain precautions, whether you've lived together for years on end, or are simply considering the idea. For over 35 years, Living Together has been helping unmarried couples of all ages deal with the big legal and practical issues involved with living together: buying or renting a house; sharing checking accounts, credit cards, and property (or keeping everything separate); having and raising children; writing wills and estate plans; getting authorization to make medical decisions for an ill or injured partner; and breaking up. This book is completely updated for 2017, with the latest laws affecting unmarried couples in a wide variety of areas—family law, debt and credit, real estate, taxes, medical care, insurance, estate planning, and more. Includes dozens of sample forms and contracts, such as an Agreement to Keep Property Separate.

Sheet Music

Sheet Music Author Kevin Leman
ISBN-10 1414340621
Year 2010-09-28
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

For married couples and those engaged to be married, Sheet Music is a practical guide to sex according to God's plan. In his characteristic style, Kevin Leman addresses a wide spectrum of people, from those with no sexual experiences to those with past sexual problems or even abuse. Using frank descriptions, this book has a warm and friendly tone that will help couples overcome awkwardness in discussing an issue important to all married couples.