Embracing a Feeling Heart

Embracing a Feeling Heart Author Wendy J. Mahill
ISBN-10 9781613791486
Year 2011-03
Pages 190
Language en
Publisher Xulon Press

Embracing a Feeling Heart is a Christ-centered curriculum for people who would like to learn about the role that emotions play in our lives. God created people to feel a wide array of emotions, which give us valuable information about our hearts. Because of the fall, we tend to mishandle, misread, repress, suppress, avoid, or deny feelings, which make us great pretenders and experts at deceit. If you've been taught that emotions are unimportant or wrong to feel and express or you have experienced shame over the emotions you experience, this book will give you new insights that will give you the freedom to experience all the emotions you were created to feel. This book can also help you learn to live a more authentic life, experience a deeper sense of community by helping you to form heart connections, and give you a deeper understanding of the Creator.Wendy J. Mahill is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors, a lay counselor at Riverlakes Community Church in Bakersfield, California, and the director of Passionate Heart Ministries. She's written two other books used in this ministry. Growing a Passionate Heart is designed to help survivors of childhood sexual abuse and Growing a Courageous Heart is designed to help women struggling with eating disorders. For more information visit our website www.passionateheartministry.com.In Embracing a Feeling Heart, Wendy Mahill gives feelings a voice. In this epic journey of healing through feeling, Wendy pours out her personal testimony in each chapter helping to bring about greater relevance, awareness, and understanding. I whole heartedly recommend Wendy's book. Through this curriculum and the power of Christ, healing steps can be taken from denying a wounded heart to Embracing a Feeling Heart.Tim Hardy, MFTPastor of Care MinistriesLaurelglen Bible Church

Feeling Our Way

Feeling Our Way Author Regina Bogle
ISBN-10 1943190097
Year 2016-10-25
Pages 502
Language en

Tenderness, the gift of a loving heart, ideally greets us at birth and guides our walk through life. Unfortunately, many of us give up hope for tenderness as we grow, except perhaps in our most intimate moments. Worse, we cast aside all thought of extending this gift to ourselves. Yet our feelings need the care of a tender heart if we are to thrive in our challenging, insensitive world. Our feelings serve as messengers of information; the heart is their best interpreter. Yes, our tender heart can be hurt, but it can also heal us. Sadly, when we avoid our painful feelings and separate the hurting from the healing, we feel our heart broken in two. We then interpret feelings through the judgments of an inner critic whose barrage includes both our feeling responses to life and relationships and those feelings derived from empathy--the ability to sense the inner physical and emotional states of others. Confusion, anxiety, and depression follow while their source remains hidden. Feeling Our Way: Embracing the Tender Heart integrates neurological, psychological, energy medicine, and spiritual perspectives to provide reader-friendly information, insights, and tools for those wanting to heal their tender, broken heart. This work honors feeling as pathway to the sacred and an essential aspect of our evolving human potential.

Embracing an Aching Heart

Embracing an Aching Heart Author Jennifer Brooks
ISBN-10 9781615793709
Year 2009-09
Pages 76
Language en
Publisher Xulon Press

A massive underground network of slavery cloaked in darkness and drenched in despair exists in our world today. Human trafficking is the second largest and fastest growing criminal industry in the world. This modern day slavery is a global problem and the United Nations believes it has reached epidemic proportions over the past decade. The Body of Christ cannot remain silent while countless victims suffer unimaginable brutality. This compelling Bible Study will educate you on the facts of human trafficking, equip you with a Biblical perspective on how God views this criminal activity, and empower you with an understanding of how God has called His people to respond. Ideal for small group study, the seven lessons in this book will encourage personal application to conform your thought patterns, attitudes, and actions towards the oppressed in society to the teachings of Scripture. Jennifer Brooks is the founder of Abundance In Him Ministries, Inc. and hosts Abundance In Him radio program. She authored the in-depth, interactive Bible study Stand In Awe, and is a speaker at retreats, conferences, and other ministry events. Truths of Scripture are communicated with passion and sincerity as Jennifer teaches from a heart in love with Jesus and a first-hand perspective of His life changing power. With an unswerving conviction that the Word of God is living and active, personal application is emphasized in all her teachings. Jennifer and her husband Joe have three children and are active members of Tabernacle Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Youngstown, Ohio where Jennifer teaches her much loved adult Sunday School class. Her educational background includes a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing from Youngstown State University.

Radical Acceptance

Radical Acceptance Author Tara Brach
ISBN-10 9781446445426
Year 2012-08-31
Pages 352
Language en
Publisher Random House

In the West, most of us have suffered the fear of not being 'good enough', feeling insecure about our appearance, our sexuality, our intelligence, our spiritual progress or - often most importantly - being worthy of love. When these feelings of insufficiency or self-aversion are strong, we fear abandonment and rejection. Many people have already found the Buddhist perspective on our emotional life to be extremely valuable - and this book will be a major practical contribution to the subject.

An Endless Perspective of Life

An Endless Perspective of Life Author Eric Visconti
ISBN-10 9781617397004
Year 2011-05
Pages 299
Language en
Publisher Tate Publishing

As I taste your joy through the life of your eyes, May I also taste your deepest pain, Your priceless eyes mean everything to me. Your smile is the sweetest, Your laughter riches without measure. Yet just one of your precious tears, My soul values infinitely, Soft diamond falling down your cheek, Sweet symbol without one word, Saying your whole heart is given to me. In this collection of inspiring poems, Eric Visconti explores the themes of love and faith that are at the center of all of our lives. His engaging imagery will draw you in, and his thoughtful consideration of life's complexities will allow you a glimpse of An Endless Perspective of Life.

Embracing the End of Life Journey

Embracing the End of Life Journey Author Wendy Jordan
ISBN-10 9781452593081
Year 2014-04-02
Pages 124
Language en
Publisher Balboa Press

Embracing the End-of-Life Journey is a sensitive and inspiring personal account of learning how to be fully present and comfortable with the time we have left with our loved ones as they approach the end of their lives. Author and spiritual teacher Wendy Jordan shares how she learned Reiki energy healing techniques for her own personal healing and comfort after her father’s death, then discovered ways to spiritually journey with her hospice patients, clients, friends and even her beloved dog — creating lasting soul connections. A heart-opening “must read” for family members, caregivers and Reiki practitioners dedicated to supporting the end-of-life journey “This book shows us how to expand our hearts and minds to the remarkable gift of intuitive connection, especially at the end of life.” —Denys Cope, RN, BSN, author of Dying: A Natural Passage “Wendy is a very gifted and spiritual soul who profoundly helped my sister in her transition to the next world. She showed us how to spiritually journey... I now know I can visit with my sister at any time.” —Barbara Ann Savini, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master

Embracing Myself Now Christian fiction novel

Embracing Myself Now  Christian fiction novel Author Shawneda
ISBN-10 9781452445519
Year 2011-12-23
Pages 238
Language en
Publisher SC Creations

Dani wants to love the new woman she has become. Just can't convince her heart, soul and destroyed womb to accept the dreams she's had since childhood may never come true. Jenessa's life was turned upside down by triple negative breast cancer. Keeping it right side up may cost her the identity she's fought to protect for years. Dominique helped her mother face and conquer their past. Now anger and fear threaten her hope for the future. Despair and dread have picked their next prey, Vivian. She has no idea her new sisters in the struggle to defeat breast cancer will help her find an anchor beyond their support group's normal therapy. These four women are discovering it's hard letting go of what was when you never expected what life has become.


One Author Mark J. Arend
ISBN-10 9781456898533
Year 2011-06-25
Language en
Publisher Xlibris Corporation


Embracing Soul Care

Embracing Soul Care Author Stephen W. Smith
ISBN-10 9780825494802
Pages 295
Language en
Publisher Kregel Publications

Enables individuals to find a deeper sense of self by nurturing their souls, focusing on relationships, spiritual and personal growth, healing, and living out God's purpose for their lives. Original.

Healing the Invisible Wounds of the Heart

Healing the Invisible Wounds of the Heart Author Wendy J. Mahill
ISBN-10 1498465587
Year 2016-02-19
Pages 234
Language en
Publisher Xulon Press

This book is her fifth book in the Passionate Heart Series. Her first book, Growing a Passionate Heart, was co-authored with Nancy Keller, MFT, and is curriculum designed to facilitate healing from childhood sexual abuse. Her second book, Growing a Courageous Heart, was written to help women overcome the bondage of eating disorders. Her third book is called Embracing a Feeling Heart, and was written to help people grow in their understanding of the emotions God designed them to experience, and was born out of her own struggle to accept and embrace the emotions God created her to feel. The fourth book, Loving from a Pure Heart, was co-authored with Nancy Keller, MFT, and was designed to help those struggling with dysfunctional relational patterns. This latest book is designed to help people uncover and examine and heal the wounds caused by various kinds of emotional abuse that may be interfering with the life and relationships to which God calls them. Wendy J. Mahill serves as a lay counselor at RiverLakes Community Church in Bakersfield, California. She is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and the director of the Passionate Heart Ministry that provides support groups for women who have survived childhood sexual abuse, who have struggled with eating disorders, who have struggled with painful emotions, and who have struggled with dysfunctional relationships. Wendy has been married for 42 years, is the mother of five grown children, and enjoys being grandmother to six grandchildren who've nicknamed her "Jam." She has personally dealt with painful emotions as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and has taken great strides in overcoming a long-term eating disorder. "

Embracing the Sky

Embracing the Sky Author D.P. Hayes
ISBN-10 9781462839483
Year 2010-04-15
Pages 233
Language en
Publisher Xlibris Corporation

Pastor Frank Denney struggles in secret with the loss of his daughter Elizabeth. His wife Margaret feels she is all alone as she too is burdened that her only child has died. Without the emotional support of Frank, Margaret consequently blames God for her loss and sets out on a quest to find an alternative to her faith. Meanwhile, in the unseen world, demons wreck havoc on the Denney family as well as the citizens of Chicago through deception, gang related violence and political corruption. In a devious plot, these dark entities work relentlessly to deceive and destroy the mortals any way they can. Will their scheme succeed? Will Frank soon realize he may be able to stop some of the works of evil plaguing his city? Or will the enemy prevail?

Healing the Adult Sibling s Grieving Heart

Healing the Adult Sibling s Grieving Heart Author Alan D. Wolfelt
ISBN-10 9781617220647
Year 2008-11-01
Pages 128
Language en
Publisher Companion Press

Compassionate and heartfelt, this collection offers 100 practical ideas to help understand and accept the passing of a sibling in order to practice self-healing. The principles of grief and mourning are clearly defined, accompanied by action-oriented tips for embracing bereavement. Whether a sibling has died as a young or older adult or the death was sudden or anticipated, this resource provides a healthy approach to dealing with the aftermath.