Shakespeare Survey

Shakespeare Survey Author Stanley Wells
ISBN-10 0521523850
Year 2002-11-28
Pages 280
Language en
Publisher Cambridge University Press

The first fifty volumes of this yearbook of Shakespeare studies are being reissued in paperback.

James Wright

James Wright Author Frank Graziano
ISBN-10 047208156X
Year 1990-12-01
Pages 152
Language en
Publisher University of Michigan Press

Features poems, an essay, and previously unpublished letters by James Wright, plus excerpts from interviews, memoirs, and elegies

Wonderful Creatures

Wonderful Creatures Author HARUN YAHYA - ADNAN OKTAR ENGLİSH
Language en
Publisher A9 GROUP

There are innumerable kinds of living creatures on the face of the earth. From pets such as cats, which we come across every day, to animals inhabiting virgin forests, every species has wondrous features and amazing skills. For example we are surprised to see how bees can build such perfect honeycombs and can do calculations as if they were expert mathematicians. As we see how considerate a crocodile or a lion is to its young, we wonder how such wild animals can behave so affectionately. We seek an answer to the question how can little birds, which cover thousands of kilometers during a non-stop migration, perform this hard task. The more detailed information we get, the more amazed we become.


Othello Author Philip C. Kolin
ISBN-10 9781136017988
Year 2013-10-28
Pages 470
Language en
Publisher Routledge

First published in 2006. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

A Shared Experience

A Shared Experience Author Laura Mccall
ISBN-10 9780814796825
Year 1998-08-01
Pages 387
Language en
Publisher NYU Press

Winner of the 2012-2013 Asian/Pacific American Librarian's Association Book Award Winner of the 2013 American Sociological Association's Asia and Asian America Section Distinguished Book Award The first half of the twentieth century witnessed a wave of Filipino immigration to the United States, following in the footsteps of earlier Chinese and Japanese immigrants, the first and second “Asiatic invasions.” Perceived as alien because of their Asian ethnicity yet legally defined as American nationals granted more rights than other immigrants, Filipino American national identity was built upon the shifting sands of contradiction, ambiguity, and hostility. Rick Baldoz explores the complex relationship between Filipinos and the U.S. by looking at the politics of immigration, race, and citizenship on both sides of the Philippine-American divide: internationally through an examination of American imperial ascendancy and domestically through an exploration of the social formation of Filipino communities in the United States. He reveals how American practices of racial exclusion repeatedly collided with the imperatives of U.S. overseas expansion. A unique portrait of the Filipino American experience, The Third Asiatic Invasion links the Filipino experience to that of Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Chinese and Native Americans, among others, revealing how the politics of exclusion played out over time against different population groups. Weaving together an impressive range of materials—including newspapers, government reports, legal documents and archival sources—into a seamless narrative, Baldoz illustrates how the quixotic status of Filipinos played a significant role in transforming the politics of race, immigration and nationality in the United States.

The Creatures of Man

The Creatures of Man Author Howard L. Myers
ISBN-10 9781618243843
Year 2003-05-01
Pages 448
Language en
Publisher Baen Publishing Enterprises

NOT ONLY STRANGER THAN YOU IMAGINE, STRANGER THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE In a distant future when humans no longer need spaceships, but hurtle between the stars faster than light, propelled and protected by implants in their bodies, the galaxy has been divided between two battling factions who contend for dominance by economic maneuvering. Each side is determined to overwhelm the other, and is likely to abandon the "Econo-War" for a genuine shooting war if it thinks that defeat is imminent. Only one thing can avert the looming disaster: a talisman of great, almost supernatural power which has been lost for millennia on a minor world called Earth. Here, The Econo-War is collected in one continuous novel-length narrative for the first time, along with other dazzling visions of future worlds: A planet where well-meaning busybodies from Earth try to "cure" the inhabitants of their craving for the exotic drug chocolate ... another planet where insects dimly recall myths of the humans who gave them intelligence before departing for the stars, and wonder if the strange creatures will ever return ... a brilliant concert pianist whose twin is the target of an inexplicable assassination plot which he must foil¾because he and his "twin" share the same brain ... an intelligent weapon which was instructed billions of years ago to obliterate a race, but whose mission was frustrated by a slight malfunction¾until now . . . and much more by a unique and original master of science fiction adventure. "In the 1960s, Myers' stories came pouring out¾almost every one of them excellent, ranging from the chilling to some of the wittiest science fiction stones ever written." ¾Eric Flint and Guy Gordon At the publisher's request, this title is sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management).

Creatures of the Rock

Creatures of the Rock Author Andrew Peacock
ISBN-10 9780385682602
Year 2014-11-18
Pages 336
Language en
Publisher Doubleday Canada

When you’re the only veterinarian in an area that’s 130 miles long and has a coast on either side, you never know what each new day might bring. A cow giving birth, a colicky horse, an aggressive lynx, caribou in need of pastures new, a polar bear in a bingo hall, a six-hundred-pound boar who won’t like what you’ve been asked to do to him… The only constants for Andrew Peacock are his faithful dog and his passion for his work. When Andrew Peacock made the move from Ontario to Newfoundland, he thought he was kicking off his career as a newly qualified veterinarian with a brief adventure in a novel location. Turns out he was wrong about the duration —he is still in Newfoundland three decades later. But it has certainly been an adventure. A whole series of adventures. In his immense new practice – half the Avalon Peninsula - Andrew was the only vet for miles around, visiting patients (and their owners) on farms, in homes and zoos, and in the wild. A day’s work could include anything from performing a Caesarian section on a cow in a blizzard, to pursuing a moose on the loose, to freeing a humpback whale from a trap designed for cod. And, on the human side, anything from trying to impress a surprisingly large audience of farmers with your first boar castration, to taking care of the distressed owners of a stricken cat, to discouraging farm hands from helping themselves to hypodermic needles. All this against the background of a domestic scene in which Andrew's wife Ingrid--also freshly qualified, as a “human doctor”--shares the adventure of making a new life, fitting in to a well-established community, and in due course of starting a family. Andrew Peacock is a born vet, devoted to the care of animals, and in constant wonder as an observer of their lives. Luckily for the rest of us, he is a born storyteller, too. Creatures of the Rock is a funny, thrilling, unflinching but ultimately heartwarming collection of tales about the connections between people and animals, and people with each other. From the Hardcover edition.

George the Orphan Crow and the Creatures of Blossom Valley

George the Orphan Crow and the Creatures of Blossom Valley Author Helen Fox
ISBN-10 9781785385032
Year 2016-09-07
Pages 117
Language en
Publisher Andrews UK Limited

After his parents are killed, George, the Orphan Crow, starts a new life among the lively creatures of Blossom Valley and the enchanting butterflies that live there. But all is not as it seems... an evil ladybird, envious of the butterflies’ beauty lures them to a remote place with a wicked plan in mind. George becomes suspicious and flies out looking for them. But is he too late? Has the wicked ladybird already put her plan into action? This original, intriguing story is mainly told by the colourful characters that make up the community and will fascinate readers of all ages.

William Powell Frith

William Powell Frith Author Mark Bills
ISBN-10 9780300121902
Year 2006
Pages 180
Language en
Publisher Yale University Press

William Powell Frith (1819-1909) was the greatest British painter of the social scene since Hogarth. His panoramas of nineteenth-century life broke new ground in their depiction of the diverse London crowd, and they are now icons of their age. Frith’s popularity in his lifetime was unprecedented; on six separate occasions special railings had to be built at the Royal Academy to protect his paintings from an admiring public. Derby Day and The Railway Station are nearly as well known today as a century ago, yet the artist who painted them is now neglected. This book explores Frith's place in the development of Victorian painting: the impact of his unconventional private life on his work, his relationships with Hogarth and Dickens, his influence on popular illustration, the place of costume in his paintings, his female models, his painting materials and practice, and much more. The book makes an important contribution to the literature on art in the Victorian era and to our understanding of the nineteenth century.

Mirror Shards Volume One

Mirror Shards  Volume One Author Thomas K. Carpenter
Pages 255
Language en
Publisher Black Moon Books

Explore the edge of augmented reality in thirteen tales from thirteen fantastic authors. When the digital world collides with our real one, bringing all its problems and benefits, mankind will have to relearn what it means to be human. In this glimpse of possible futures, you will go on the hunt to track down a fugitive on the other side of the known Universe. Learn the price of ubiquitous knowledge, or find peace and understanding in the absence of it. Dive deep into the ocean to avert a kidnapping using only the tools at hand. Experience new realities underwritten by an alien love of entertainment. Find hidden truths contained within our smallest gestures. Hide something so valuable, it would drive a man to crime. Or find that sometimes, what it doesn’t hide is what endangers us most.

The Private Life of the Diary

The Private Life of the Diary Author Sally Bayley
ISBN-10 9781783522231
Year 2016-04-21
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher Random House

Diaries keep secrets, harbouring our fantasies and fictional histories. They are substitute boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses and friends. But in this age of social media, the role of the diary as a private confidante has been replaced by a culture of public self-disclosure. The Private Life of the Diary: from Pepys to Tweets is an elegantly-told story of the evolution – and perhaps death – of the diary. It traces its origins to seventeenth-century naval administrator, Samuel Pepys, and continues to twentieth-century diarist Virginia Woolf, who recorded everything from her personal confessions about her irritation with her servants to her memories of Armistice Day and the solar eclipse of 1927. Sally Bayley explores how diaries can sometimes record our lives as we live them, but that we often indulge our fondness for self-dramatization, like the teenaged Sylvia Plath who proclaimed herself 'The Girl Who Would be God'. This book is an examination of the importance of writing and self-reflection as a means of forging identity. It mourns the loss of the diary as an acutely private form of writing. And it champions it as a conduit to self-discovery, allowing us to ask ourselves the question: Who or What am I in relation to the world?


Othello Author Philip Kolin
ISBN-10 9781136536311
Year 2013-01-11
Pages 472
Language en
Publisher Routledge

Including twenty-one groundbreaking chapters that examine one of Shakespeare's most complex tragedies. Othello: Critical Essays explores issues of friendship and fealty, love and betrayal, race and gender issues, and much more.