Compact Cabins

Compact Cabins Author Gerald Rowan
ISBN-10 9781603422406
Year 2010-02-27
Pages 216
Language en
Publisher Storey Publishing

In the woods, on a mountaintop, or at the water’s edge, a small cabin can fulfill big dreams. With attention to efficient living and minimizing energy footprints, Gerald Rowan provides 62 designs for compact and creative buildings that are flexible enough to fit whatever your needs may be. Rowan includes detailed floor plans with plenty of modular elements that make the designs adaptable and easy to recreate with cost-effective, low-maintenance materials. Make the most of the cabin you call home, regardless of its size.

Compact Houses

Compact Houses Author Gerald Rowan
ISBN-10 9781603428613
Year 2013-10-28
Pages 208
Language en
Publisher Storey Publishing

Discover the huge possibilities of a small house! Whether you’re building from scratch or retrofitting an existing structure, these 50 innovative floor plans will show you how to make the most of houses measuring 1,400 square feet or less. Gerald Rowan presents creative and efficient layouts that use every inch of space, with tips on fully maximizing closets, porches, bathrooms, attics, and basements. From reorganizing a small storage area to building a brand-new home, you’ll find a detailed design to fit your family’s needs.

Big Book of Small House Designs

Big Book of Small House Designs Author Don Metz
ISBN-10 9781603762823
Year 2012-09-19
Pages 368
Language en
Publisher Hachette UK

75 unique designs for attractive, efficient, environmentally friendly homes. Now available in paperback, this collection of 75 plans for small homes offers more than 500 usable blueprints and other illustrations for a variety of living spaces suitable for every environment and style, from a New England farmhouse to a sophisticated townhouse in the city to a Santa Fe ranch. The designs include site drawings, floor plans, elevation drawings, section drawings, perspective drawings, and exploded views. A brief introduction to each home describes its setting, the philosophy behind the design and its intended use, materials used, recommended landscaping, and more. Many of the homes come with money-saving and environmentally sound features such as solar panels and water heaters, wood stoves, ceiling fans, airlock entries, wind power alternatives, and natural gas heaters.

Small Log Homes

Small Log Homes Author Robbin Obomsawin
ISBN-10 1586850431
Year 2001-04-01
Pages 87
Language en
Publisher Gibbs Smith

An accomplished construction manager and author Includes 15 plans for building log cabins. Original.

Houses Apartments Under 1000 Square Feet

Houses   Apartments Under 1000 Square Feet Author Yuri Caravaca Gallardo
ISBN-10 177085214X
Year 2013
Pages 255
Language en
Publisher Firefly Books Limited

A showcase of the best in contemporary compact residential architecture. The world is becoming more urbanized and densely populated. There is a virtually inexhaustible demand that is pushing up housing prices. Urban land is more precious. As well, changes in family structure, more single-person households, a desire to save money, reduce our climate footprints and live more simply have made microdwellings the fastest growing type of residence. To be successful as an enjoyable living space, however, a microdwelling must synthesize the best of contemporary architecture: functionality, efficiency and sustainability. The inhabitants' current and potential needs must be reconciled with physical, legal and budget limitations. The aim is to create spaces that improve quality of life and represent the resident's personality. Houses and Apartments Under 1000 Square Feet is a collection of more than 50 projects ranging from 215 to 958 square feet in size, along with a small selection of furniture. It aims to showcase the most significant examples of contemporary compact residential architecture. Each home is profiled over two to six photo-filled pages. Drawings include floor layouts, cutaways and landscaping plans. The houses and apartments are from around the world and represent a broad variety of architectural styles, functional applications, materials, natural environments and lifestyles. Due to the physical and budgetary limitations in this kind of house, one of the most important considerations is furniture, so a brief selection of furnishings has been included to complete this book. This is a stunning, cutting-edge source of inspiration and practical information for architects, designers, and homeowners.

The The Log Cabin Book

The The Log Cabin Book Author Oliver Kemp
ISBN-10 9780486810782
Year 2016-10-19
Pages 240
Language en
Publisher Courier Dover Publications

"This vintage guide from over a century ago offers timeless, practical advice on building log cabins. Plans and directions for simple structures are easy enough for amateurs to follow. Well-illustrated advice ranges from selecting a site to safe, efficient methods of cutting down trees for building materials to furnishing and decorating interiors"--


Cabins Author David R. Stiles
ISBN-10 1552093735
Year 2001
Pages 240
Language en
Publisher Willowdale, Ont. : Firefly Books

Illustrated guide to designing and building a wilderness cabin, cottage or camp.

Cottage Cabin and Vacation Home Plans

Cottage  Cabin and Vacation Home Plans Author
ISBN-10 0376010614
Year 2003
Pages 256
Language en
Publisher Sunset Publishing Company

Whether nestled in a stand of pines, bordering a mountain lake, or basking in the sun by the sea, a vacation home provides a welcome retreat from the hectic pace of daily life. These distinctive designs offer flexible plans that are perfect for everything from hideaway cabins and retirement cottages to seaside getaways.

Small house designs

Small house designs Author Kenneth R. Tremblay
ISBN-10 0882668544
Year 1997-07-01
Pages 201
Language en
Publisher Storey Books

This impressive collection of a variety of award-winning designs for small houses is accompanied by expert commentary, specific technical data, and beautiful exterior photographs.

Your Cabin in the Woods

Your Cabin in the Woods Author Conrad E. Meinecke
ISBN-10 9780316395496
Year 2016-09-06
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher Black Dog & Leventhal

Ever dream of escaping to a cozy cabin in the great outdoors? This unique bind-up of Conrad Meinecke's classic works helps make that a reality, while imparting a deeper appreciation of nature and of building something with your own two hands. For 70 years, readers have been enjoying Meinecke's odes to the simple life, Your Cabin in the Woods and Cabin Craft and Outdoor Living. For the first time, these books are combined into a deluxe two-color vintage package. In writing both practical and inspirational, Meinecke details how to turn your cabin dream into a reality, from choosing land to using tools to the basics of construction. He provides hand-drawn floor plans for a variety of cabins, from a simple two-room to a more complex long house. A number of sections focus on the best way to build fireplaces, both indoors and out. He also provides instructions for basic furniture, lighting, and other touches that make a cabin feel like home. Throughout are Meinecke's thoughts on ways to enjoy your new-found space, from hearty fireplace recipes to the types of wood for a perfect fire and the beauty found in birdsong. Practical as it may be, the book's enduring appeal owes in large part to its warmly engaging tone and firm belief in the restorative power of nature and the satisfaction of hard work. He writes, "Take full enjoyment in the building. Take time out to rest. Most city folks seem always to rush things through. Why? Lay off until tomorrow. Take an afternoon nap. Stop the clock for the weekend. Get off to an early start in the cool of tomorrow morning. You may be crowded in your work in town, but this should be your rest cure, your recreating."

Tiny House Living

Tiny House Living Author Ryan Mitchell
ISBN-10 9781440333248
Year 2014-06-16
Pages 176
Language en
Publisher Betterway Home Books

Tiny House, Large Lifestyle! Tiny homes are popping up across America, captivating people with their novel approach not only to housing, but to life. Once considered little more than a charming oddity, the tiny house movement continues to gain momentum among those who thirst for a simpler, "greener," more meaningful life in the face of society's "more is better" mindset. This book explores the philosophies behind the tiny house lifestyle, helps you determine whether it's a good fit for you, and guides you through the transition to a smaller space. For inspiration, you'll meet tiny house pioneers and hear how they built their dwellings (and their lives) in unconventional, creative and purposeful ways. They'll invite you in, show you around their cozy abodes, and share lessons they learned along the way. Inside you'll find everything you need to design a tiny home of your own: Worksheets and exercises to help you home in on your true needs, define personal goals, and develop a tiny house layout that's just right for you. Practical strategies for cutting through clutter and paring down your possessions. Guidance through the world of building codes and zoning laws. Design tricks for making the most of every square foot, including multi-function features and ways to maximize vertical space. Tours of 11 tiny houses and the unique story behind each. Tiny House Living is about distilling life down to that which you value most...freeing yourself from clutter, mortgages and home maintenance...and, in doing so, making more room in everyday life for the really important things, like relationships, passions and community. Whether you downsize to a 400-square-foot home or simply scale back the amount of stuff you have in your current home, this book shows you how to live well with less.

Log Cabins

Log Cabins Author William S. Wicks
ISBN-10 9781616081843
Year 2011
Pages 151
Language en
Publisher Skyhorse Publishing Inc.

A classic guide to building wooden structures covers everything from a simple lean-to to impressive Adirondack cabins and details location scouting and preparation, building materials, ceilings and floors, chimneys and fireplaces and everything else. Reprint.

The New Small House

The New Small House Author Catherine L. Hutchison
ISBN-10 1627109188
Year 2015-10-13
Pages 224
Language en

On the heels of the recession, there's been a resurgence of interest in small houses (1500 square feet and less) and even smaller retreats (800 square feet and less). Folks appreciate that living smaller is easier on their pocketbook, their time, and the environment. Plus, small houses and retreats are fun. Shelter magazines and newspapers (like the New York Times) are featuring these smaller wonders more and more frequently, and architects are displaying more of them on their websites. Now is the time to re-present fundamental small-house design strategies--complete with whole-house case studies--for homeowners eager to simplify smartly. The opening chapter presents ten clearly defined strategies for creating a great small house (including borrowed view and daylight, multipurpose spaces, pockets for privacy, and using quality materials where it counts), setting the stage for 25 small houses profiled in the second part of the book. The houses are organized by the nature of their location (beach, rural, village, in-town/city) and include new construction and renovations/additions.

The Cabin

The Cabin Author Dale Mulfinger
ISBN-10 9781561586448
Year 2003-04-01
Pages 250
Language en
Publisher Taunton Press

An illustrated look at the surprisingly versatile cabin, with outstanding examples from around the country