Checkpoints Author Brian Mills
ISBN-10 9781612913766
Year 2014-02-27
Pages 208
Language en
Publisher Tyndale House

Society today rejects the idea of absolute truth and is openly hostile toward God. For boys who want to be more like Christ, going through adolescence in this culture is like crossing a minefield without a map. They need parents and youth workers to engage with them early and equip them with the skills needed to thrive. Checkpoints plots a course through this enemy territory that not only steers young men toward godliness but also explains how to avoid potential pitfalls. Checkpoints honestly talks about the core issues boys face, opening a vital dialogue between fathers and sons, pastors and students. Key takeaways:Created by student pastors with 20+ years in ministry8 lessonsWritten in a devotional styleGuys spend just 15 minutes each day to prepare them for their small group time.

Comprehension Checkpoints

Comprehension Checkpoints Author Mark Fletcher
ISBN-10 0732997569
Year 2004
Pages 80
Language en
Publisher Macmillan Education AU

"The fifth title in this six book series will assist students to develop a wide range of factual, inferential and literal comprehension skills.It provides a handy reference chart on the inside cover that lists the learning focus of every activity.This book also includes the following: activities which can be used independently or to reinforce vocabulary and comprehension work a wide range of literary and factual text types.

Travels with Checkpoints

Travels with Checkpoints Author Oran Burke
ISBN-10 9780957268906
Year 2012-09
Pages 96
Language en
Publisher ORBB LTD

"The captain had lost control of his spittle, which landed on my face as he spoke. He was also dribbling a bit. Plainclothes-man was trying to shout over the captain while the younger policeman just sat there smiling drunkenly, sporadically pointing at his lapel and saying 'Politsia'. I was mostly silent now as opening my mouth would have resulted in a stream of saliva down my throat, and I didn't feel our friendship had reached that level yet." Travelling to any country involves some contact with the representatives of the government, be they police, army or immigration officers. Usually these officials are friendly and helpful but occasionally don't act as expected. Oran Burke has encountered a few too many of the latter type, from a cash-loving Uzbek doctor to a casually dressed Bolivian border guard. His journeys have taken him through remote desert checkpoints and busy land crossings, coming into contact with an assorted bunch of people who've both helped and hindered his passage. These meetings regularly gave an insight into the bureaucratic workings of a country but, above all, taught him to sit back when a drunken Kyrgyz policeman speaks.


Checkpoints Author Marilyn Levy
ISBN-10 9780827608702
Year 2008-10-06
Pages 159
Language en
Publisher Jewish Publication Society

Tensions in 2002 Jerusalem have not interfered much with sixteen-year-old Noa's life, and she is even forming a friendship with a Palestinian Muslim girl, but the Passover suicide bombing in Netanya changes Noa's family forever and transforms her faith, politics, and friendships.

Ergonomic Checkpoints

Ergonomic Checkpoints Author International Labour Office
ISBN-10 9789221094425
Year 1996
Pages 273
Language en
Publisher International Labour Organization

Prepared in collaboration with the International Ergonomics Association, this book presents a compilation of 128 illustrated ideas which identify practical and inexpensive solutions to ergonomic problems in the workplace. The checkpoints can be used either to check working conditions on the spot or at the design stage, and are suited to a wide variety of premises. Each checkpoint indicates an action, explains why it is necessary, gives advice on its implementation and other relevant information. Ergonomic issues covered include: materials storage and handling; hand tools; machine safety; improving workstation design; lighting; premises; control of hazardous substances; welfare facilities; and work organisation.

Checkpoints in Cyberspace

Checkpoints in Cyberspace Author Roland L. Trope
ISBN-10 1590314298
Year 2005
Pages 495
Language en
Publisher American Bar Association

This book maps the risk points that are emerging for cross-border corporate transactions in the digital and Internet eras and in the new enforcement environment, and explains the best practices to avert liability in cross-border transactions.

Cambridge Checkpoints VCE Text Guides Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Cambridge Checkpoints VCE Text Guides  Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte Author George Marotous
ISBN-10 9781107297692
Year 2013-09-01
Language en
Publisher Cambridge University Press

Cambridge Checkpoints VCE Text Guides are an invaluable digital resource for all students of senior English. This guide for Area of Study 1 will help you develop the confidence you need to write essays throughout the year, and to build your skills in reading and responding in readiness for the end of year exam. Cambridge Checkpoints VCE Text Guides for Area of Study 1 offer you: • Detailed character analysis • Discussion of themes, ideas and values • A focus on the language features and conventions of your text • Revision questions • Sample topics • Practice essays and essay writing tips • Comprehensive reference lists

The Seven Checkpoints Student Journal

The Seven Checkpoints Student Journal Author Andy Stanley
ISBN-10 9781582291789
Year 2001-04-01
Pages 206
Language en
Publisher Simon and Schuster

Gives every teenager the knowledge and encouragement he or she needs to face the world and remain true to Jesus, outlining seven basic principles that they need to maintain in their lives in order to be victorious in their faith.