Of Woman Born Motherhood as Experience and Institution

Of Woman Born  Motherhood as Experience and Institution Author Adrienne Rich
ISBN-10 9780393348101
Year 1995-04-17
Pages 352
Language en
Publisher W. W. Norton & Company

Adrienne Rich's influential and landmark investigation concerns both the experience and the institution of motherhood. The experience is her own—as a woman, a poet, a feminist, and a mother—but it is an experience determined by the institution, imposed on all women everywhere. She draws on personal materials, history, research, and literature to create a document of universal importance.

Natural Health After Birth

Natural Health After Birth Author Aviva Jill Romm
ISBN-10 0892819308
Year 2002-01
Pages 272
Language en
Publisher Inner Traditions / Bear & Co

From herbal tips to yoga exercises, this compete guide to postpartum wellness provides essential advice for adjusting to the many challenges facing women during the first year after giving birth.

Queer Difficulty in Art and Poetry

Queer Difficulty in Art and Poetry Author Jongwoo Jeremy Kim
ISBN-10 9781315469805
Year 2017-01-20
Pages 196
Language en
Publisher Taylor & Francis

Augmenting recent developments in theories of gender and sexuality, this anthology marks a compelling new phase in the scholarship on queer visual studies. Navigating notions of silence, misunderstanding, pleasure, and even affects of phobia in artworks and texts, the authors in this volume propose new and surprising ways of understanding the difficulty - even failure - of the epistemology of the closet. Moreover, treating 'queer' not as an identity but as an activity, this book represents a divergence from previous approaches associated with Lesbian and Gay Studies. Responding to the expansion in scholarship in experiences and understandings of sexual identities and their relationship to art, the authors in this anthology refute the interpretive ease of binaries such as 'out' versus 'closeted' and 'gay' versus 'straight', and apply a more opaque relationship of identity to pleasure. Accepting difficulty and opacity as forms of queer pleasure, this book explores the potential of queer theory in modern and contemporary art and visual culture. The essays range in focus from photography, painting and film to poetry, Biblical text, lesbian humor, and even botany. Evaluating the most recent critical theories and introducing them in close examinations of objects and texts, this is the first book to take up the study of queer visual culture.

This Giving Birth

This Giving Birth Author Julie Ann Tharp
ISBN-10 0879728086
Year 2000-01
Pages 175
Language en
Publisher Popular Press

Compelling essays which underline the central place pregnancy and childbirth hold in women’s writing. Embracing three centuries of prose and poetry, the anthology traces the evolution of American maternity literature, exploring the difficulties mothers faced as they struggled to transform themselves from objects into maternal subjects. Women as diverse as Anne Bradstreet, Anne Sexton, Sharon Olds, Kate Chopin, Toni Morrison, and Louise Erdrich all labored to reclaim the birthing process by giving voice to experiences and emotions long devalued by a patriarchal culture. Their voices resonate throughout this collection.

The Birth of China Seen Through Poetry

The Birth of China Seen Through Poetry Author Hong-Mo Chan
ISBN-10 9789814462310
Year 2011-03-24
Pages 264
Language en
Publisher World Scientific

Erratum A Recital of the Chinese Poems - Hear what they sound like The book introduces Chinese culture to readers of English, using poetry from the various periods rendered into English verse to bring back to life past Chinese society as it developed from about 1000 B.C to the form we see today. With China's increasing importance on the world stage today, many readers, no doubt, would want to learn more about its ancient culture. However, to learn about a culture from its history alone, especially one as long as that of China, is time-consuming and requires a historian's expert skill. This book offers the general reader a direct glimpse into the human core of it via the universally accessible channel of poetry. It provides an outline of Chinese history from prehistoric times to the present printed mostly on left-hand pages, accompanied on the right by a selection of Chinese poems of the corresponding periods translated into English verse by the author. The poems total about eighty in number and come mostly from the classical phase dating from around 1000 B.C. to 1200 A.D. Contents:The Spring and Autumn PeriodThe Warring StatesThe Qin DynastyThe Han DynastyWei, Jin and the Northern and Southern DynastiesThe Tang DynastySong and Its Preceding Five DynastiesRoundoffAppendices:Timeline and MapsHistorical Sources, Original PoemsA Recital of the PoemsCaptions of IllustrationsGlossary of Chinese Names and Terms Readership: Anyone interested in China, history, poetry, culture, or literature. Keywords:China;History;Poetry;CultureKey Features:Unique combination of Chinese history and poetry woven into an easily readable organic wholeCan be read through as a story with the poems serving as illustrations for the historical narrativeCan be kept and enjoyed as a short anthology of Chinese poetry set in its historical backgroundReviews: “In tracing the poetic footprints in Chinese history, the author combines the precision of a scientist …, the refined taste of a lettré, the concern of a humanist …, and the acute sense of rhyme and rhythm of a creative writer … In viticultural terms, the author has selected grapes from an excellent vineyard and transformed them into mellow wine for your appreciation.” Yau Shun-chiu Emeritus Director of Research The French National Scientific Research Centre (CNRS) “Rarely is there an anthology of Chinese poetry Translator one single individual, not a team, and yet comprehensive in its selection. Chan Hong-Mo has done it … by treating poetry with not only inspired translation but also a sense of history that would transport modern-day readers back into the original context of each poem. This bridge brings together, too, the poetic traditions of east and west, in sentiments as well as musical patterns … ” E. S. P. Almberg-Ng Professor Formerly of the Department of Translation in the Chinese University of Hong Kong “This book is a gem. What a novel idea to view Chinese history through the eyes of its most famous poets. The poems are well chosen and expertly translated … I thoroughly enjoyed and learnt much from this articulate and artistic book, written with scholarship and devotion.” Sir David Todd Emeritus Professor University of Hong Kong “ … We meet, across this great span of time, the real people who make history come alive: the soldier returning home as an old man to find his village deserted, the young man tempted away from work by a girl ‘with spring time in her heart’, … and many others. We could not get better proof that human emotions were the same centuries ago as they are now … Dr Chan's fluent translations enable us to appreciate the beauty of the poems …” Janet Morgan District Councillor The Vale of White Horse, Oxford “ … The book gave me the opportunity to learn about the country, its people, history and culture. It manages to be both condensed in contents, and easy to read, being written in a style accessible even to readers, like me, whose mother tongue is not English … The most striking feature is that, in reading these poems …, you make discoveries about life in your own country, which shares similar worries and joys …” Jose Bordes Chaired Professor (catedratico) in theoretical physics at the University of Valencia, Spain

Lucille Clifton

Lucille Clifton Author Mary Jane Lupton
ISBN-10 0275984699
Year 2006
Pages 172
Language en
Publisher Greenwood Publishing Group

A lively and timely biography of an African American poet and children's writer who also served as Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets.

The All Write Winsome Collection of Poetry and Prose

The All Write Winsome Collection of Poetry and Prose Author Winsome Mary Payter
ISBN-10 9781681811574
Year 2016-03-08
Pages 240
Language en
Publisher Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency

The All-Write Winsome Collection of Poetry and Prose by Winsome Mary Payter is diverse in content. Although it is fiction, many of the stories and poems in the book are based on observing true life. There are almost 100 poems and stories, providing an entertaining read for all ages. Some are exciting, some are uplifting, and one is written from an animal’s point of view. One story is about a young Iraqi woman caught up in the Twin Towers disaster and how she eventually overcomes her fear.

True Love Poems

True Love Poems Author Ramon Luis Olmos
ISBN-10 9781499007060
Year 2014-05-13
Pages 338
Language en
Publisher Xlibris Corporation

Love is an incredible spiritual emotion that expresses real care for someone. It enables one person to uplift another. May your ability to Love expand beyond horizons of joy. Love is the liberating experience that enables any individual to act in ways that edify others. Friendship, joy, care-all lead to authentic Love. Love leads us to greatness, for ourselves and our Loved one. May this collection of poems edify you to your highest calling: The calling to care for another person, truly, from the heart. Love can grow to be the healing power in your life. Agape and Filos Loves are expressed in this book, with a hint of Eros Love. May your life be filled with True Love and poetry.

An Anthology of Jewish Russian Literature

An Anthology of Jewish Russian Literature Author Maxim D. Shrayer
ISBN-10 9781317476962
Year 2015-03-26
Pages 992
Language en
Publisher Routledge

This definitive anthology gathers stories, essays, memoirs, excerpts from novels, and poems by more than 130 Jewish writers of the past two centuries who worked in the Russian language. It features writers of the tsarist, Soviet, and post-Soviet periods, both in Russia and in the great emigrations, representing styles and artistic movements from Romantic to Postmodern. The authors include figures who are not widely known today, as well as writers of world renown. Most of the works appear here for the first time in English or in new translations. The editor of the anthology, Maxim D. Shrayer of Boston College, is a leading authority on Jewish-Russian literature. The selections were chosen not simply on the basis of the author's background, but because each work illuminates questions of Jewish history, status, and identity. Each author is profiled in an essay describing the personal, cultural, and historical circumstances in which the writer worked, and individual works or groups of works are headnoted to provide further context. The anthology not only showcases a wide selection of individual works but also offers an encyclopedic history of Jewish-Russian culture. This handsome two-volume set is organized chronologically. The first volume spans the nineteenth century and the first part of the twentieth century, and includes the editor's extensive introduction to the Jewish-Russian literary canon. The second volume covers the period from the death of Stalin to the present, and each volume includes a corresponding survey of Jewish-Russian history by John D. Klier of University College, London, as well as detailed bibliographies of historical and literary sources.