Florida s Birds

Florida s Birds Author David S. Maehr
ISBN-10 1561643351
Year 2005
Pages 359
Language en
Publisher Pineapple Press Inc

This illustrated guide to Florida's birds includes full-color illustrations and detailed descriptions of each species, and covers such topics as exotic and endangered species; bird conservation and study; finding, attracting, and feeding birds, bird problems, and the care of sick and injured birds.

Birds of Florida Field Guide

Birds of Florida Field Guide Author Stan Tekiela
ISBN-10 159193107X
Year 2005-02-24
Pages 345
Language en

This is it: Floridaís ultimate bird-watching set! Use the remarkable field guide to identify 140 of your stateís bird species. Utilize the CDs, and learn to identify them by sound. It comes all together in one field-friendly package!

Birds of Florida

Birds of Florida Author Bill Pranty
ISBN-10 9768200065
Year 2006
Pages 384
Language en
Publisher Lone Pine International

324 species of birds are grouped and color coded for quick identification, with a 12 page comparative reference guide at the beginning of the book.

Common Coastal Birds of Florida and the Caribbean

Common Coastal Birds of Florida and the Caribbean Author David W. Nellis
ISBN-10 156164191X
Year 2001-03-01
Pages 311
Language en
Publisher Pineapple Press Inc

This book is for those who enjoy that precarious and ever-changing zone where the sea meets the land and want to understand the birds that frequent this special habitat in Florida and the islands to the south. Author David Nellis reveals the birds found along the beaches, among the mangroves, even up the rocky Caribbean cliffs. From the many birds that may be encountered along the coast, Dr. Nellis has selected 72 of the most common ones, including a few that, though less abundant, capture our interest. Each bird has its own ecological niche--manifested by its nesting, feeding, roosting, and migration habits--and territorial competition between species is a constant. This book shows the great variety of specialization behaviors developed by these birds to adapt to this unique environment. Over 250 photographs, mostly by the author, show many features of these birds and their habits never before so fully illustrated.

Backyard Birds of Florida

Backyard Birds of Florida Author Bill Fenimore
ISBN-10 1423603524
Year 2008
Pages 95
Language en
Publisher Gibbs Smith

BACKYARD BIRDS IS AN EXCITING SERIES of books that explores the top twenty-five backyard birds most commonly found in each state. It includes a profiled size scale that allows the reader to quickly identify the correct bird, and each bird entry is accompanied by a stunning color photograph and specific description, including identification marks, behavior, habitat, and nesting style-even the song the bird makes! As an added feature, author Bill Fenimore also provides expert tips for building the ultimate backyard bird sanctuary, from creating birdbaths and planting proper foliage to offering a bird's favorite foods.

At Water s Edge

At Water s Edge Author Roger Bansemer
ISBN-10 CORNELL:31924062861202
Year 1993-01-01
Pages 128
Language en
Publisher Taylor Pub

Here are more than 150 stunning portraits of Florida's birds in all their habitats at water's edge, from the hushed and hidden swamps to th eopen shores and beaches.

American Birding Association Field Guide to Birds of Florida

American Birding Association Field Guide to Birds of Florida Author Bill Pranty
ISBN-10 193562248X
Year 2014-12-01
Pages 368
Language en
Publisher Scott & Nix Incorporated

From the dunes and great river swamps of the Panhandle, the flat woods, scrubs, dry prairies, and wetlands of the Peninsula to the coral reefs of the Keys, the Sunshine State provides habitats for an amazing variety of birds. Florida is rich in protected and preserved habitats, including 11 National Parks, 171 State Parks and Trails, and 100 important Bird Areas. Conservation organizations maintain many sanctuaries for wildlife throughout Florida, attracting birds and providing access for visitors to enjoy the outdoors. Written by expert birder Bill Pranty and filled with crisp, gorgeous color photography by Brian E. Small, American Birding Association Field Guide to Birds of Florida is the perfect companion for anyone learning more about the natural history and diversity of the state’s birds and when and where to see them.

Sibley s Back Birds of Florida

Sibley s Back  Birds of Florida Author David Sibley
ISBN-10 1935380117
Year 2009-02-01
Pages 12
Language en
Publisher Steven m Lewers & Assoc

Written and illustrated by David Allen Sibley, America's most widely respected bird illustrator and ornithologist, this FoldingGuide¿ offers instant access to just what backyard birdwatchers need to know. 78 land bird species are covered, including multiple illustrations, descriptive captions, size, range, and seasonal presence. All parts of the state are included.

Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Florida

Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Florida Author Roger Tory Peterson
ISBN-10 9780544022898
Year 2012-10-02
Pages 480
Language en
Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Identifying a bird is just a tap away with the Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Florida. Peterson's art, conveying each bird's essence, and the innovative Peterson Identification System, are all at the casual bird watcher's disposal. 460 species are in this visual treasure chest. Arrows point to the key field marks that distinguish each species, and range maps tell users where and when to find the birds. Add in descriptions of habitats, vocalizations, similar species, and an easy-to-use index, and a bird watcher is fully prepared to enjoy the natural wonders of Florida.

Birds Of Florida

Birds Of Florida Author Stan Tekiela
ISBN-10 1591931053
Year 2005-04
Pages 368
Language en
Publisher Adventure Publications

This companion to Birds of Florida audio CDs arranges birds by prominent coloring. Each species gets a double page, with photos on one page and description on the other. When a bird has multiple color phases, like the northern cardinal, it will appear in multiple sections. Book and CDs are sold, and may be used, together or separately.

Birds of Florida

Birds of Florida Author Todd Telander
ISBN-10 9780762776245
Year 2012-02-01
Pages 104
Language en
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield

Each Falcon Field Guide to birds introduces the 180 most common and sought-after species in a state. Conveniently sized to fit in your pocket and featuring full-color, detailed illustrations, these informative guides make it easy to identify birds in a backyard, favorite parks, and wildlife areas. Each bird is accompanied by a detailed listing of its prominent attributes and a color illustration showing its important features. Birds are organized in taxonomic order, keeping families of birds together for easy identification. This is the essential source for the field, both informative and beautiful to peruse.